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  1. So I just went to go clean the toilet seat, and I heard something inside the toilet. It was none other than the beginning of this ReMix! I swear I heard it! So I ran over to the internet in order to review the whole song, due to me literally hearing what sounded like the beginning. This mix is quite versitile. The introduction is very drawn out, yet pretty appropriate in how the left ear sounds during it, mainly. When the melody comes in at 1:10, however, I feel a bit of melodyitus, in that the melody doesn't really seem to fit with the rest of the intro (which sounds more game-boy metroid-like). I know purists of the original like the post above have a completely opposite look (wait, I just looked at his post again and he also said 1:10 didn't fit), but as for me, I've never played this part of the game, so it sounds more like the ending to a Mario game. The softness of this section is well-anticipated, but the start of the "Mario melody" doesn't fit. The rest, I don't really know what to say except that it never gets boring, unless you don't like the genre of the whole piece, which is very one-genre-ish due to the sample sets. Fun.
  2. I was trying to listen to the highly addictive bongoloop stuffs but all the sudden this bass kick starts up and messes things up a little bit. Not a showstopper, but just something I noticed, which could probably be better implemented with a less narrow soundscape. This was actually like the 10th time listening to this song and I just noticed this. I don't care that it sounds "MIDI-ish". Highly enjoyable piece of rhythmic work that doesn't stray far from the original, yet derivative enough for its own merit. Nice job!
  3. I thought 1.5 parts of the vocals were a bit questionable, and wish they would vary up in tone a little bit during some if its repeating, but man that ending piano sounds incredibly good. Someone mentioned reverb issues, and I did heard them for a little bit. Then I stopped. At least, most of the time it isn't an issue, and when I'm just listening to the song for fun, I don't notice anything.
  4. The volume of the many things seem out of place. Overall there's a nice loud air of reverb thing going on which I like. The arrangement is good too, which is what inspired me to come here and review it while listening to it being played on the latest vgdj episode. I still say your Yamato Man mix from VGMix is the best, mainly because the original melody is one of my favorites ever. I highly suggest submitting that here, either as is, or making it more intense. I always have to turn the volume up to max . Other than that, don't stop making music when you can!
  5. It's relaxing, but the background repeats infinitely. I don't know if it would ruin the mood for no reason, but maybe the background during the first half of the song could go to different chords besides the same one over and over.
  6. Added a bunch of stuff. I need to think of more concepts for this song so the ending's not out of place or too soon.
  7. Half of this song sounds really great in concept. Good luck making things less chaotic! Try to pinpoint which samples you don't really like and find better ones. Would provide more views but time is restricted.
  8. And now for something completely different. "Mmmmmmm, nice!" When he says that phrase in the video, it sounds exactly like zircon. (Also, nice video. I could listen to it all day.)
  9. Is that the Mario RPG casino music? Sounds ridiculously improved, and actually listenable, as if that bass-line was meant for that exact surround progression you gave i....WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT'S NEVER GOING TO BE COMPLETE oh I mean continue with your mario 3 mix. And while you're at it, arrange about 5000 more musics plz, and make money somehow. Lots of money, so you never stop making music.
  10. Having heard the main melody about 500 times before, it's gotten a bit boring, so it playing by its lonesome during the beginning wasn't great for me. Due to me knowing how the whole song sounds now, listening to the newly incorporated melody at about the one minute mark, despite it being quite lonesome as well, has me enjoying it now, due to its very remixed nature of "Balcony", so it's appropriate for buildup obviously, whereas I might not have understood it upon first listen. It's not until the Balcony section at 1:30 or so starts playing that the whole song piques my interest, regardless of what listen # I'm on. It reminds me of the calm piano section in Corran's Cave Story mix. Sounds more like a remix of Terra's theme from FF6 at points, with a hint of Metroid Prime atmosphere. I'm not a fan of the great increases in volume. Strings are pretty nice otherwise, and I like the synth solo (that area of the mix sounds like a smooth rendition of some Mega Man song). The song follows no real genre guidelines, which has me really picky picky about things. But ultimAtely (lol) I find the combinations of instruments occasionally to not work out well to my liking; this is teamed with the volume issues. This remix is what it is, but personally I would have liked some additional elements thrown in somewhere, or some kind of other driving force (besides the bass), since as I mentioned before I don't really like the melody. The whole song's not really much of a solo Cave Story mix than it is Cave Story, Mega Man, Secret of Mana (the Balcony source tune and melody in and of themselves reek of SoM), and FF6. Okay okay it's a Cave Story mix . Regardless of any of my possible harshness given with my spoken opinion (perhaps I need to listen with speakers instead, or listen with a higher volume, which would probably be painful given the 2nd half of the song, something I very dislike [the bass is really nice at higher volumes, no matter the section of the song]), I will completely and eagerly await more submissions by DrumUltimA, since I think he's capable of a very wide range of techniques and genres. Edit: actually listening to it with higher volume really makes me not think of the instruments having an out-of-place feeling anymore. However I still feel uncomfortable listening to those strings when they first enter. 1:14-1:19 right ear has some issues. I can somewhat hear some kind of musicality that was trying to be done with it, but it sounds a bit cluttered. Luckily besides the string volume, random singular synth-note volume increase, and possibly cluttered ending, this is pretty much the only "flaw" in production that I can spot, with my highly trained (not) production-noticing ears.
  11. Has a major problem with being too loud, but I like the kind of artistic expression that was put into this anyway. I thought the best parts were when this certain melody is playing. It's the melody that's played on a sharp trebley sample in the middle of AmIEvil's remix of this same song. So I thought that could be focused on a bit more, given it has a lot of energy, and seems to be this remix's main drive that would have people remember it, if that's what you're aiming for. The beat that was added in the beginning, compared to its inexistence in your first WIP, has a nice production ring to it. But then I'm not too sure about that dirty synth that comes in. Sounds pretty standard, but doesn't have to go away. 1:26 sounds plain bad. It ruins the highly enjoyable 2nd section of that above-mentioned main melody. I think that long-note synth that's added at that part ruins everything until 1:46. Lovely Cave Story-like effect at 2:21. Afterwards (and before, though I didn't spend much time listening between 1:46 and 2:21) is just okay. Then it gets too cluttered at 2:44. The downward progression soon after is a nice retrospect, but perhaps 2:44's section could be a little better. Despite how surprisingly loud 2:21 is compared to what has been happening prior, 3:13 I find to be quite awesome in intensity. The high pitch at 3:30 is even better. I actually really like these two sections. The main melody comes in again, though I don't think there's good enough focus on it, seeing as how many things overpower it. Maybe some cool personal touch could be implemented to change around the melody (a.k.a. make it more conclusive, like that "call and answer" basic melody 101 that they teach in music theory, regarding melodies) to make this mix really stand out. Since, after all, that main melody stands out enough as it is, like I've been saying all along. 4:48 repeats that bad 1:26 progression. Maybe you could turn 1:26 into a good progression, and 4:48 an even better progression. The ending piano sounds very out of place, and very overdone, but you might be aware of this. Other than that, again, see if you can make things less distorted. I hate mastering songs, myself, so I wouldn't know how, besides changing the volume painstakingly, which always seems to make things sound not like I want it. If that happens, try it anyway, and then come back later. You might just like it better. Either that or try really hard to think why your changes would sound better if you "turned this knob here and turned this other knob there". Hm, this is actually quite fun. Maybe I should provide advice as opposed to remixing altogether!
  12. Take McVaffe's Crystalline Caverns for example. I was going to make a thread to request the Healing song since I was just hearing the remake of it on Twilight Princess. But since this is here....SONG OF HEALING GO It's really simple. So simple that even I can probably make it sound good if I tried. I will try eventually probably. I can't recall any mixes of it at all, whether good or bad. Maybe I downloaded some VGMix version which got erased from my mind from me not liking it or something.
  13. original in-game song: updated WIP:
  14. (I haven't made any progress on my Xenosaga III WIP. If anyone reading this likes the WIPs in this post and doesn't know about my XSIII WIP, PM me and I can link it.) Here's this WIP: WIP1 WIP2 WIP3 This is halfway inspired by Tepid's recent FF10 mix, Via. I heard this song in FF12 in the Japanese version when watching some video of a certain boss (in Giruvegan/Crystal Grande or whatever it's called), thought it was interesting then, and remembered it right away when playing the US version. I think the original is pretty similar to the original song covered by Tepid in FF10, in terms of mysteriousness, so I figured I would think a little similarly. Constantly changing notes is how my brain works anyway. The piano is all I ever remember, and the background rhythm, so that's all I really remix, not so much the progression of the strings and such found during the other parts of the song. But since I'm running out of ideas, I might do something with that. I work in Reason, know nothing about mastering, and just pick samples that sound good. Though actually this time I set up an Equalizer, Mastering Suite, Reverb, and Compression device right off the bat, and basically have each one controlled for a couple samples right now. I should look up some tutorials sometime...
  15. Audity

    Final Fantasy XII

    Right at the beginning of the game. Ally: any. See the bottom of my post
  16. Just sounds like a nice chordstuffs, but given the rest of the notes I'll have to say it's something that Hiroki Kikuta made originally. Like Soukaigi. No thanks I already have a cookie, as you can see. (That's not me.) 0:46-0:47 and all subsequent similar parts sounds like the title screen of Ocarina of Time. And the above person should get used to the electric guitar because it actually sounds really nice to me, when it didn't bef...I already said this 2 times.
  17. Concurred, about the first image. I just watched the trailer twice, really noticed that "scene" the second time even though I already liked it, in the one second it shows, the first time. Then I saw your post and for some reason had 100% perfect confidence that the first image would be what it is. I mainly just like the design of the character, and how mysterious those all those dark looking creatures are actually. This is why I don't like to think of theories. I might come to close to guessing why things are the way they are, therefore making them less mysterious. And that's why my life is better than everyone's.
  18. Audity

    Final Fantasy XII

    I hope those weren't the muffled voice actors he was talking about It's generally good. There are plenty of reviews so I won't go into that. But there are some minor things that frustrated me quite a bit, which I never see anyone mention: --they should have made the faces a different color depending on whether or not you already talked to that NPC before. As it is now there's just too many people to talk to, and half the time you're going to be talking to the same person twice. Maybe I should have stopped at the first sentence since I think it would have been the best idea ever. --there should have been a way to organize the order of the faces in the menu, and who appears on the top of the battle screen. Once again, another very great thing they left out. --there is no way to tell ALL of the stats of equipment in shops. All it tells you is what the magic resistance and defense is. --the on-screen map is way too zoomed in. There should have been a way to zoom out without having to hit select. The L1 and L2 (and L3) buttons aren't even used. --I feel ashamed to even have to type this one: L and R don't do anything while in a menu. This means if you're trying to scroll through a large list you have to hold up or down for way longer than necessary. --there should have been more monsters or a hard mode (this would have added only about 5 trillion times to the gameplay). Half the time you're fighting the same thing(s) over and over again. There's a general sense of dullary throughout the entire game actually. However, a decent argument for that is that it's pretty true to life in that sense. No unnatural bright color happy happy. Oh well. I can't complain about two polar opposites at once. --scenes that don't have the bottom letterbox (for subtitles if you have those on) CAN'T be skipped. Like going down an elevator type thing, or switching those things in the sewers on and off. It's completely pointless to have to keep viewing those things. ally: any -> esuna is the best thing ever ally: any -> pheonix down/arise is the best thing ever These two things basically null the point of having ally: blind -> eye drops, etc., and ally: KO, which is gotten later on in the game as opposed to right away. foe: any -> dispel is very useful I'd imagine, during the beginning and middle of the game. I found out about it too late for me to care about debuffing enemies. I actually found out about all of these way too late. That's really every last thing I could ever complain about. Besides that I didn't think the story was anything amazing. Finally some good voices, though. One less major thing to worry about.
  19. Guitar blends in really well actually, and is the driving highlight of the mix overall. Except for its solo section. (Already posted before this, just wanted to say this.) I didn't like it at first for some reason, which just says how different each subsequent listen has actually been if such a dramatic change in my opinion has occured already.
  20. Just as long as it doesn't turn into vgfrequency a soap opera!
  21. The reverse cymbal near the beginning is too trebley for headphones (and speakers?), and it's all in the right ear for some reason. Makes me have to turn the whole song down. Though luckily I can still enjoy it with headphones, unlike Protricity's ZAMN mix. Besides that, this mix is so much of a mixed bag it's insane. With so much "experimentation" with the chords in the song, teamed up with the very beauty-flowing original as the base for interpretation, half the time it sounds like the best song ever created, and the other half is just interesting or decently good (or bad, depending on your tastes). Recently I've been thinking about how I love parts of songs which seem like they're going into a strange chord progression, but then resolve the final chord in the phrase in a way that sounds completely new and pretty. And this arrangement has quite a bit of that. One thing very true is: a bit too short. In a way it sounds like a song that I would make since I never build anything up. Always gogogo to the next section. Wow. Upon first listen I thought the electric guitar in the 2nd half was annoying. But now I really understand it, along with the whole song. I think most people would have very expected thoughts for a remix of this original, like "wait why is electric guitar in this", so it's very hard to listen to at first. I even thought, during the opening of the song, the drums were pretty basic upon first listen, and that they could have been done without. But now, and by now I mean a simple 15 minutes later, it's perfectly natural. However, while I now understand everything for this particular arrangement, I still wish different ideas could be done with this song. Since it's so short and concise, I think it's missing out on some other very nice interpretations upon the very interpretive source song. Also, as it is now, there's less time to enjoy a very nice idea. I think I need to stop listening to this for today. Everything seems too natural now and less mysterious! Very Ni...wait I've said that like 5 times now.
  22. And what about the rest of the song besides the vocals? There are many other parts of the song. Regardless, I would say they are a little bit excessive at times, but they really give the whole song its structure, since the instrumental breaks that follow them are so well done. I like that part at 1:07 that sounds like this Cave Story song, which just so happened to also have a smooth jazz remix by Rexy. Sonic Story.
  23. It's definitely better quality than most Chrono Symphonic, but I don't like the source material at all. Even though there is mucho expansion from that, I know that every second that it is going to go back to that theme that I don't like. In my opinionz, if you want non-boring orchestral with a good tune, check out Russel Cox's EVO mix. Probably one of the only orchestral mixes I have on the site. I like Nigel Simmons's Castlevania 4 arrangement too, but not as much as the EVO one, on a personal level. Back to this mix: Very nice ending.
  24. So I came back to say that this would really work in the game but that it's not something that I can listen to while HEY Thanks for the comments about your headphones. I really appreciate it. Uh? Nice sarcasm for no reason. Okay no more reviewing your tracks, even though I favor them a lot over many mixes due to their focused and constant-cool sounding nature. Crap I just reviewed all of them. As you can see, I'm mighty confused by your comment. You obviously don't seem to care about reviews if you can't say anything other than that, so I say all Darkesword mixes shouldn't have review threads from now on. How's that sound EH? EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHfux im tired