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  1. The point of the emulator is to EMULATE THE ACTUAL HARDWARE. Emulators don't emulate extra nonexistant keys. The game only sees what's emulated. There's no way for it to see past that. The entire idea is completely wrong from a computer science standpoint.
  2. Drack

    Nintendo Wii

    After 44 hours, I beat Okami. Wow, what an incredible game.
  3. JUSTIN BAILEY 5E38-4DD4 all caps filter
  4. Projectile + shield camping Dedede is a beast. But you need more than just that.
  5. Drack

    Nintendo Wii

    Wii Okami is fantastic. But that's the game being awesome, not any awesome innovation in controls - It feels like Twilight Princess. Wiimote controls for a game that could be controlled without them. Nifty but unnecessary. However, if you have an HDTV, only the Wii version has 16:9 and progressive scan. No content was added for this version. Just those display features and wiimote controls.
  6. First game to use Nintendo WFC period.
  7. I have broken 8000 online. 八千以上だ! You just need to be faster, that's all Concerning local GP ... you can DO it, you just have to select the tracks manually and you won't earn your license trophies.
  8. All GP cups in all difficulties gold'd and star+ ranked. All Time Trial basic staff ghosts beaten, probably about half of the Expert ghosts are unlocked, none beaten. Destroyed the competition online, in a few hours I got the ranking to 7300 or so (points system starts at 5000). I've got all the characters unlocked but I'm still missing a vehicle - a medium kart. The medium karts available to me are: ---spoilertext below--- Standard Kart M Nostalgia 1 Wild Wing Turbo Blooper Royal Racer ---spoilertext above--- Anyone know what I'm missing and how to get it? ========== EDIT ========== I had to unlock 24 Expert Staff Ghosts for the -->B-Dasher Mk 2<--
  9. Drack


    I'm taking Japanese as my elective at Georgia Tech (majoring in Computer Science) and am on my second semester. I'm seriously learning the language, not just trying to understand games/anime. Really, it's all Grammar, Vocabulary, and Writing. Of those three, I find vocab - not writing - the hardest. There are always so many words to learn. しかし、漢字の勉強が好きですよ。 Then again, I like studying Kanji.
  10. Super Mario Bros 2 has some representation. -->Birdo is an unlockable, as a Medium weight class character<-- Also, I FOUND a reason to use Automatic. It's a way for incredibly bad players to be incredibly good in certain vehicles. The stats on each vehicle matter a huge amount in this game, and there are some vehicles that are nigh impossible to control on manual because they either 1) Don't swing at all when they drift 2) have such horrible handling that turning normally is a waste of time, you HAVE to drift, period. There are 2 unlockable vehicles (and some standard ones too) that are extremely bad or unusal if you select Manual but kick so much ass on Automatic: -->Blue Falcon<-- A light kart that falls under category 2. It has decent acceleration but terrible offroad so skill at controlling the damn thing is paramount to winning with it. But the speed is SO HIGH. I did some time trials as my best medium and heavy bikes (neither of which are unlockable), the Bon Bon for medium and the Wario Bike for heavy. Got some nice times and boosted like crazy. Then I went automatic with this kart and beat those times. It's just too good on Auto for the skill required to use it well on Manual, and I consider myself an great player at this game (all gold trophies in the game and full star ranks through 150cc and half of mirror mode). It even beats the basic staff ghosts, who do drift, ALOT. -->Magikruiser<-- This is an awesome looking bike --> It looks like you're riding on a Magikoopa, complete with the broom as the exhaust. <-- This one falls under Category 1. Its top speed is lower than the kart above, but the acceleration is really high and it's the best offroad vehicle I've seen in the game. Not as fast, but much more resiliant against the barrage of items and rivals you'll get in Grand Prix. Also, the standard medium bike, the Mach Bike and the unlockable -->Nitrocycle<-- are fantastic on Automatic.
  11. It also has weird behavior like JUMPING if you push it in the right direction. I absolutely hate A-sticking.
  12. Sonic Rush? Terrible music Terrible level design Terrible bosses Terrible enemies Aside from that it was fine. Boost system and special stages were pretty neat. I just replayed Sonic 3 and Knuckles for the hundredth or so time. I don't think I'll ever see Sega top it.
  13. Mario Kart Wii has been added to the Database
  14. Yep, it's as if they took Stock out of smash bros and only left in Time. Edit to avoid double posting: Mario Kart Wii has been added to the ClanOCR Database.
  15. The game has been LEAKED and is now in modders' hands. Including mine. Overall it feels more like double dash than like any other mk game. Controls Here are the gamecube controller controls: "Automatic" Left Stick: Steer D-Pad: Nothing or trick/wheelie - untested C-stick: Nothing A: Accelerate B: Nothing X: Rear View Y: Nothing L: Item R: Nothing Z: Rear-view. You can't even drift with this setting. Well, you automatically drift when you turn, but you can't mini turbo. Useful only if your GC controller has broken B and R buttons, or if you have never played a mario kart game before ever. And even then manual would be a better bet. "Manual" Left Stick: Steer D-Pad: Trick/Wheelie C-stick: Nothing A: Accelerate B: Hop and drift X: Rear View Y: Nothing L: Item R: Hop and drift Z: Rear-view There is no reason to use automatic, ever. Drifting/Boosting/Drafting Drift mechanics abandon the "left right left right" boost method .. instead you'll get a boost after drifting for a certain amount of time. This time interval is shorter if you're turning hard, so they definitely made this a turning maneuver. Snaking on straightaways is NOT practical. This has some other important repercussions. Items are more effective now that you can't immediately mini-turbo to re-accelerate after getting hit (though you can wheelie). You can KIND OF snake a little bit with the Wario Bike or other low Drift stat vehicles but not really - Wheelie is more practical if you have a bike. Boosts at the start of the race are MKDS style - start charging the engine between the 2 and the 1 of the countdown. Drafting is HUGE, Like a mushroom but spread out over a longer duration. Tricks and Wheelies Press the Dpad at the start of the jump and you'll do a trick before you land, and get a boost when you do. Reminds me of Snowboard Kids, but unlike Snowboard Kids, you don't fall flat on your face and lose lots of time if you land mid-trick. Doing Dpad-up (only with bikes) makes you do a wheelie. You can cancel it by hopping, otherwise it lasts about 2 seconds, and you get increased speed and way decreased turning. If another driver bumps into you, you will lose a ton of momentum. Use with care, this isn't Moto Racer where you can wheelie all the time. Items There are some new items, like the giant mushroom from new SMB. It makes you huge and a little faster, and you crush people running over them. Also POW block which hits the top 6 placed racers (but never yourself) with about a green shell's worth of delay and makes you drop your items. doesn't work if they're in the air but I haven't been able to hop to avoid it. The Lightning Cloud works like a Gooey Bomb in Brawl. You don't use it, it appears in your item box already active (like a grenade without a pin). Bump into another kart to give it to someone else. Once a period of time has passed, it's a one-person lightning bolt that hits whoever has it. You are WARNED on the heads up display when a hazard is approaching from behind. This includes red shells, blue shells, bullet bills, giant mushrooms, stars, POW blocks, Lightning Clouds. You will still be way in first on the home stretch of the final lap only to get POW blocked, blue shelled, Lightning'd, red shelled, green shelled, and crushed by the lightning user and finish 11th. This JUST happened to me, those hazards in that order. In multiplayer, items can be set to basic, normal, frantic, and off. Basic and Frantic change the frequency of the more powerful items. Tracks The enemies on Peach Beach are much more aggressive. The last track of the mushroom cup is Toad's Factory, with conveyor belts - one section has conveyors pushing you forward in the middle and backwards on the sides, but all the item boxes are on the sides. There are also places with side to side conveyors in an area like the big sliding blocks on the bowser castle MKDS stage. Vehicles At the start of the game, each weight class has access to 3 cars and 3 bikes. Once everything's unlocked each weight class gets 6 cars and 6 bikes. One is the standard kart for their weight class, the second being a more specialized one for their weight class ("offroader" for heavy, "Nostalgia One" for medium, etc.), and finally another, differently specialized one for that weight class. Within a weight class, choosing different drivers just colors the cars differently and may have a small impact on the weight stat. By the way, the driver models in the character select are atrocious. They look worse than double dash's, reminds me of the n64 days... Vehicles have the following stats: Speed Weight Acceleration Handling Drift Off-road Mini-Turbo I'll be editing this post with more impressions.
  16. Sengin is correct. 128 gigs would be the limit of a theoretical 37-bit system, not a 64-bit system. I believe you made the mistake of multiplying the 4GB 32-bit limit by 32 instead of multiplying it by 2^32. Big difference, heh heh.
  17. Nothing I don't need, or that doesn't come back at the flick of a setting. -Every theme except Windows Classic has been removed. -Sound is disabled by default but can be instantly enabled. -Wallpapers that aren't .BMPs can't be set (I have no idea why). -DirectX isn't included but you can install it. -In fact, any kind of graphical acceleration is disabled by default and the setting must be changed. -None of the Windows XP Media Center Edition specific stuff is included. -Internet Explorer is crippled not to browse anywhere except microsoft.com by default, but again can be easily changed (add/remove programs, uninstall the enhanced ie security). -There are a few server-centric things you'll want to change. --Performance (the whole reason non-server users will want 2k3) must be set to prioritize programs instead of background services and system cache if you're using it as a workstation. --By default 2k3 will demand a reason if you want to shut down. This can be disabled.
  18. -Tiers don't matter as much as people think they do. In Brawl, you can kick enormous amounts of ass with any character. My opinion is "Play the character who you're best at, not who everyone else is best at." If tiers mattered so much the character you're best at WOULD be a high tier character no matter what. The fact that that's not the case for most Brawl players proves my point. However, matchups can be quite severe, so I see players maining multiple characters in Brawl moreso than Melee. -Camping, while a QUITE effective tactic, is not > all. You need more than one tactic to go against truly great players. Also, for what it's worth, I detected a bit of sarcasm in Jam's statement you quoted. Both offense and defense are viable in Brawl; some characters are more geared towards one or the other.
  19. Windows Server 2003 outperforms XP all settings equal, from my own tests. Steep price to buy it if you don't need the server features, though. Fortunately I was able to get it free through MSDN Academic Alliance.
  20. WRONG Ever networked 2 Wiis on the same LAN? Ping gives 2-3ms TOPS of network overhead lag between them. Now, play Brawl on those LAN'd Wiis. You'll have about 1/5 of a second, aka 200ms of lag. I've done it, and verified this. My wii was even using a LAN adapter, so no wireless latency either. A lot of online game server admins KICK OUT people with 200ms lag because they lag too much. It's the MINIMUM lag you can have in Brawl. Nintendo fucked up big time. I've played other games (Counterstrike, for example) against people half a world away and still at ~30ms lag. 200ms on a LAN is unacceptable.
  21. Tripping is dumb. It's not a HUGE influence on the game though, unless it's Diddy's bananas causing it in which case it's intentional. Items off in tournament conditions. On if you want 'em in friendly matches. This is not even up for debate. I have beem switching characters so much nowadays, and my old mains and alts have become horrible as a result of playing other characters so much. I don't know WHO I'm maining anymore, but as of now my Dedede wins more often than my Metaknight. Too many awesome characters to try out.
  22. Mostly stopping my music habits once I got to college.
  23. I have the same problem - it says I have one unread PM but when I check, it's the same old PMs I've already seen.
  24. I think you mean Steak, and I'm holding you to that. This post is now archived.
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