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    Left 4 Dead

    You can use gas cans and melee, but no nades, no other guns. Also if you go spectator the AI will use any gun you've picked up, and that will rob you of the achievement.
  2. Drack

    Left 4 Dead

    That was great. Thanks Bardic, Bahamut, Scytheful, Dhsu, garian, [ZUZ]Gilgamesh, Sixto, The Damned. Everyone's on the friends list now
  3. Phrygian you say? Look no further than Metroid! Deep Norfair from Super Metroid. This tune was also heard in Metroid Prime as the theme for Magmoor Caverns. There's also some Dorian music available in video games, I just have to remember which games have them.
  4. Drack

    Nintendo Wii

    I would be delighted to see a Wii F-Zero. But without weapons, sheesh. Official reports from Nintendo say that GX didn't sell well enough, so I don't think anything is in the works. Of course the linked article is bullshit.
  5. Just thought I'd like to toss in this video layering the two songs (If it says not available, click the link in the title): Also this link about Mitsuda's commentary on the issue.
  6. If you liked Tiger Heli definitely look into its sequel, Twin Cobra (aka Kyuukyoku Tiger). While it's also on the NES, that was a pretty bad port. Look for the TurboGrafx 16 or arcade versions for a much better experience. I also love me some Ikaruga. More recently, I have played through Shikigami no Shiro 3. Played through the whole game with a level select, but I run out of lives on the 4-2 boss without. Pretty crazy bullet hell if you're into those
  7. Drack


    Nice. Is it Xbox 360 exclusive? They totally ripped off Dome Wars.
  8. Unfortunately, no *nix is compatible with my desktop's hardware. (Firewire sound card. ffado is working on a driver but it's beta and crashes all the time. Also, wireless card chipset not supported by any kernel drivers.) Aside from shool/work requirements that need windows (try developing DirectX+PhysX games using visual studio through wine or virtualization...) I would love to use a purely *nix based system, though. I have extensive linux experience (also some other *nix like opensolaris and mac) so if you have any questions, ask away.
  9. http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=18841
  10. A hardware solution would be to get two adapters. One from your audio jack to 2x RCA jacks, and one for the headphone plug to 2x RCA plugs. Plug red into white, white into red.
  11. I'm also a privacy guy, so I keep an eye on what Steam collects. Valve periodically has surveys, once every few months I think. They are opt-out. When there is on a popup will appear on Steam asking you whether to send the info, and if you do it lets you preview it. It's anonymous hardware info. Things like what brand CPU, CPU Ghz, graphics card chipset and memory amount, graphics driver version, ram, whether you have a mic, hard drive space, monitor resolution, monitor physical size. Furthermore, Steam stores player performance stats on their servers. For instance, TF2 uses this to let you know when you got more kills in a single life than your previous best, or defended the capture point more times, or dealt or healed more damage. Once I went through all the stuff Steam collects, I decided it was not a threat to privacy in the least. I do turn off things like Community when not playing a game, Steam starts when windows starts, and other features which integrate it a little TOO tightly imo, but I definitely think it's a worthwhile platform to use. Also, after you buy a game, you can download it to all your computers, and if you reformat you can redownload again, unlimited times, free, and FAST. You just can't play online multiplayer on more than one computer at a time with the same steam account. No fees except the purchase prices of a game, and if it's single player you only need to be connected to the net ONCE. Honestly, if that's too much DRM, I can't think of a platform you'd accept. It's by far the best implementation currently available on the PC.
  12. As arrangements of copyrighted works, would OC Remixes be allowed on GHWT?
  13. I said it in a similar thread a week ago, guess I'll say it again. I use AKG K240 headphones. EXCELLENT sound, especially when combined with a good sound card.
  14. Excellent video lectures (all of them). Most of it I already knew about, but this is a great way to get the word out in a way gamers and nongamers alike can understand.
  15. The main feature of this one is portability. If you have an idea or inspiration and you're away from your computer, this will let you save it before you return to the computer for the real work.
  16. Drack

    Windows 7

    Looks like they've learned their lesson from Vista. Current articles point to Microsoft taking Windows 7 in a much better direction. Time will tell.
  17. ROFL at the guillotine traps in Minera Prison Island on hard. Actually a challenge, unlike on Normal. First death in New Game Plus.
  18. I've been trying out free demos of a lot of DAWs .. FL, SONAR, REAPER, Live, Tracktion, even Cubase (because an old sound card came with an old Cubasis demo). From working briefly - just an hour or two - with each DAW, one thing that strikes me is that the most intuitive functions that most of these DAWs perform work with recorded audio, not MIDI. I've composed music in the past, but on much simpler programs. Specifically, I used notation in Noteworthy Composer, and the tracker method in Modplug Tracker. It seems any time I try a DAW, it's offering so much that the simpler input methods - say, midi via mouse or typing keyboard - are not straightforward. Those DAWs that offer notation often do it inconveniently. The easiest DAW for midi that I tried in my brief stints was FL Studio. Nice point and click piano roll. I especially liked how you would *hear* the note as you placed it, and hear the other pitches as you dragged the note around. There are some weird things about FL though - Why do tracks default to step sequencer, even when a melodic instrument is loaded and when that very track has piano roll in other patterns? This isn't to say that I won't record any audio, but the only instruments I'm proficient enough not to embarass myself in a mix would be clarinet and to a lesser extent, piano. But aside from a little audio, most everything I plan to do revolves around midi and VSTis for the instruments. Which DAW is the easiest from the viewpoint of simple MIDI editing? I do have a MIDI keyboard, but input using that seems to be about the same across the board, record and quantize. I really haven't considered Reason for two ... reasons. First, the demo just used half of my screen. I'm not a dual monitor guy, I use one huge widescreen. For a DAW to use half of that just feels cramped and wasteful. Second, I plan to use VSTis, and Reason does things differently.
  19. Bring all the potions you can buy for training room and even if you suck and get hit by fire 10 or so times, you can still beat it. As I play a TON of platforming games (recently Mega Man 9) it wasn't too difficult. Just tedious at times with platforms out of sync such that you had to wait on one platform for the conditions for the next jump to be possible.
  20. Without a doubt, Sonic 3 and Knuckles.
  21. QFE. Hate that goddamn tinman. I'll be doing a NG+ on hard and going for everything soon. Should be fun.
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