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  1. Ever played Medal of Honor: Heroes on the wii? It's by EA. Its online is done through EA, not through Nintendo. It uses usernames and friend requests. It's a thing a beauty, a refreshing breath of air from beneath the burden of friend codes. EA has the infrastructure for Wii multiplayer done right. They're just not using it for Rock Band. A shame, I say. Equally shameful is not supporting the GH3 controller. Cmon, I know there have been lawsuits about RB and GH not getting along, but consumers shouldn't have to buy two guitar controllers with the same inputs in the same places for the two games.
  2. I'm with Coop and zircon on this one. We need a 2-D Sonic, with the music in the style of the genesis Sonic games, and with the same awesome platforming we got back then. New 2-D attempts (Advance and Rush) don't show us the creativity we've seen concerning stage and boss design in the oldschool Sonics, and the new 3-D ones just haven't been fun. Yeah, I beat Secret Rings. It's an ok game, but nothing special.
  3. Drack

    Nintendo DS

    So I beat Apollo Justice Spoiler? --> Where the FUCK are Maya and Pearl? I understand they weren't gonna be around, but there was no mention of the Feys in AJ -AT ALL- That struck me as odd. On a different note,I liked how they used music from the previous games when you were playing as Phoenix
  4. It's odd that you found that. I did do 2 edits to catch that, but that was before I added the reply. Hmm. THAT's been fixed too now.
  5. Atma and Steban found the problem you've been having with connecting to IRC - I typo'd the server in the first post - it's irc.enterthegame.com - not irc.enterthegame.net. My apologies The first post has been fixed.
  6. Additional Rules is unlockable, as it was in Melee, and you can turn any stages you want off the random. However, for Stage Builder stages, you either have all of them on or all of them off.
  7. Starcraft support added to Database. Urban Terror support added to Database. Also, new database feature. In the "Add Your Info" form, the game's icon is displayed.
  8. If you want me to add you, play an actual game with me. Next week's my spring break, so I'll be on #clanocr and available for plenty of play.
  9. OK, I need some more information. For the logo, should it be or (these need to be resized) or or ? How about the fields? OCR Name, Battle.net name, note?
  10. The ClanOCR database is located at http://ocr.anticlan.net/ Communications are done through the forum post at http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=14467 and the IRC channel #clanocr on the irc.enterthegame.com server. Instructions for connecting to IRC are in the forum post. Hope to see you online!
  11. These people JUST got the game. We've been playing for a month. Give them time and I assure you we'll see some skills.
  12. All database administration is done through me. If you want a game added, and it's not the standard Nintendo fields (OCR Name, Friend Code, Player Name, Note), let me know what fields are applicable. For example, Xbox Live obviously doesn't need friend codes but does need Gamertags instead of Player Names and they also should be linked to gamercard.xbox.com. Also I need a small image or logo that identifies the game or online service in searches, like or or . If it's a game I've played or otherwise well-known enough to have a logo everyone already knows about, I can easily make one on my own.
  13. The IRC Chat has been a lot more active since Brawl's American release a couple hours ago. When you're ready, we should organize some matches there. We have the codes, we have the chat. I wonder whether cross-region multiplayer is possible? I have the Japanese verion.
  14. Making All-State band 4 years. And placing as high as 4th chair. I play Clarinet.
  15. The quality is in the cable much more than the jacks and plugs. Just use an adapter. Also, the quality difference between the cables with 3.5mm plugs and cables with 1/4" plugs isn't that great. You'll be fine with your current cables.
  16. I can reset your password if you like. Though I can't read it from the db (they are encrypted so there's no way I can get at them - this is for everyone's security) I can do administrative things like reset the password, or delete the user while keeping the codes so you can reregister with the same name and a new pw, and keep ownership of your entries. PM me about it.
  17. I don't think you'll see this online much. There's no real advantage, so the cheaters won't care about it.
  18. I may switch mains. There are a lot of characters I like, and a few I don't like as much as I used to. It's a tough choice. There are so many awesome characters in Brawl.
  19. I'm already saving replays of my pwnage combos, but since my friends usually play free for all, 3 stock matches almost always last much longer than 3 minutes. >_<
  20. This is going to be incredible. The DKC2 soundtrack has some excellent source material to work with, a lot of great 6/8 stuff. Can't wait.
  21. And how, exactly, do you plan on stringing the replays together on a computer? They are in a proprietary format that is only readable by Smash. You can send them to Wii friends though, right? I guess we could all send replays to you and have you do the video work if you have a good way to translate them to a computer format (video capture card would be the best solution). Or send you replays, have you send me the vids back, and I'll make highlights and send em back.
  22. Hmm, that may become a problem, as my cell phone camera is outright terrible (This recorded by me)Brawl KO percentage test
  23. I once had a video card that spewed garbage on the screen from the moment I turned the computer on, and all text was wrong - even in DOS text would show up in the right places but be garbage instead of readable. It was just a bad card. I sent it back for a replacement of the exact same model and the replacement worked fine .. for a year, until that one broke too. It was a Leadtek branded Nvidia 6600GT. And for the record, I replaced THAT with a Sapphire branded ATi Radeon X800 Pro, which also broke after a year. Now running an eVGA branded NVidia 8800 GTS. Hasn't broken yet, and I'm about a week away from the magical 1-year mark where the warranties expire.
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