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  1. I replay a lot of single player games. Mega Man X. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Donkey Kong Country series. Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Star fox 64. Diddy Kong Racing. Metroid Prime.
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  4. Tryclyde is one of the most forgettable video game bosses ever, even though he's one of SMB2's more difficult ones. Interestingly, the rightmost head NEVER spits fire. Also, multiple headed serpents like hydras, etc. are just plain cool.
  5. I'm 21. I have a wii and a killer PC. Both get a lot of use whenever a major title comes out. Wii consistantly gets a lot of use whenever a decent Smash player is around. Wii is getting a lot of use nowadays because I have Guitar Hero 3 for it.
  6. Drack

    Nintendo Wii

    I kind of cheated on Blockhead Grande. I memorized four points, my roommate memorized the other four points. It still took several tries as the margins of error were very small. Be extremely precise when you make those dots. and yeah, Okami is a wonderful masterpiece. Got blossom trees for everything but praise which was a green tree for me, after 44 hours of bliss.
  7. Tiers are not a theory. They are rankings compiled from statistical data concerning tournament performance. A character is high tier when many tournaments are won by players of that character. This could be for a variety of reasons, such as popularity, or the mainers of that character showing up at more tournaments. It is not a direct measurement of the effectiveness of a character, and they can vary by region, too. The Japanese tiers look a bit different from the American ones. My opinion regarding tiers; Play the character you're best with, not the character everyone else is best with. Your best character may or may not be high tier. So what?
  8. Released april 2004. Should be fine graphics-wise, just look at other games that came out around then, like UT2004. EDIT: I'm playing this. It's awesome. I think Yahtzee should have spent a little more time on the Painkiller (your infinite ammo weapon) rather than the Shurikans+Lightning gun. It's the coolest infinite ammo weapon I've EVER used in a game. Primary fire has a spinning "fan" of blades in front of you. The game sends a huge mob of monsters at you. Plow through with this. Secondary fire shoots the blades forward, all of them pointing forward. If they hit an enemy, they yank it back if it kills. If you MISS, you can still hit them with it because there's a beam of pain between the blades you shot and the gun if you aim at it. Secondary fire again to get the blade to magically return to the gun. If you use secondary fire while the blades are spinning from primary fire, it shoots them forward, still spinning. No beam, but much more powerful. I use this way more than the other weapons.
  9. Drack

    Indiana Jones 4

    (not a spoiler) Why were there so many moles in the beginning? Overall a decent movie. One of the movies to come out in the past year or two. It's Indiana Jones. You know what to expect, and it doesn't deviate much from the working formula, though I feel that where it did deviate, it went a little overboard, but not in a completely bad way - just another facet of the 1950s. And Jones says "nukyular" instead of nuclear. It seems no one can ever get that right
  10. Updated news and weather channels. Some dual-layer fixes.
  11. If someone FAKES THEIR DEATH to stop doing a project, one would think that a fan coaxing him to get back in there and restart work on it wouldn't have any effect.
  12. Drack

    Nintendo Wii

    Indeed. All you need is Twilight Princess and an SDCard to jump into Wii Homebrew. This won't let you use Gamecube mode homebrew (Without a modchip you'll need an action replay + an SD Gecko) but a lot of stuff is being ported to Wii mode. Open Source at work. Unfortunately, Wii mode homebrew can't read form the DVD yet, so you need to use an SD Card to store your stuff. But this means that really, the only purpose of a wii modchip now is to pirate wii/gc discs. Homebrew is possible without one thanks to this hack. Interestingly, homebrewers are working on USB Mass Storage support - they already have a demo out that lists directory contents. This means that soon, we'll be able to attach a USB hard drive and use it for homebrew (ROM, save, config storage for homebrew emulators, for example). And if any of you are programmers, I've written a guide to set up the development environment, if you want to get cracking on writing your own software for Wii.
  13. Drack

    Nintendo Wii

    It comes with one Wiimote and one Nunchuk for controllers. Comes with Wii Sports and the necessary cable for SDTVs. If you want component video instead of composite video you'll need to buy a wii component cable separately. You don't need memory cards or SDCards for wii games but you will need a gamecube memcard and controller for gamecube games. None of that's included. For most VC games, they use more buttons than the Wiimote has so you'd want to buy a GC controller or a classic controller.
  14. I don't think you realize how bad an idea questioning my computer science knowledge is. A deep understanding of how the m68k assembler of the Genesis works - which these folks do indeed have - is but the first step in the process of porting an entire physics engine from disassembled Genesis code to the PC platform, which is to be in C++ from what I read on their site. It would be a lot easier if they were to write the physics from scratch, but since they're going for 100% replication, the task is much, much harder. Show me a playable demo with 100% replicated physics, and I'll be very, very impressed - by the time that's a possibility the game will be close to completion. Show me a few vector graphics images and "We plan to do this and have qualified people to do it" and it's nothing to write home about. Being able to make the game is still almost all of the work away from actually making it, though it is more progress than most fan projects get. All of this, still, assumes that SEGA doesn't interfere. --Drack, fourth year Computer Science major at Georgia Institute of Technology
  15. Metal Gear Online added to the Database.
  16. Shoryuken, of course. Hadouken move too slow and are easily dodged, especially in three dimensions. If the target can't dodge a hadouken then they DEFINITELY can't dodge an uppercut. Keep in mind, if you can Shoryuken you can jump your HEIGHT, if not higher. Awesome.
  17. Of course. In that sentence I was talking about players.
  18. Hmm, the only progress I see now is art. The only progress I saw a year ago was art. Sure, there's a bit more now, but I think this has gotten way too much attention. This won't exist unless: -Necessary disassembly and programming is done (HUGE task, much more difficult than the vector graphics trickling in now) -SEGA doesn't interfere to protect the copyright they rightfully own (HUGE gamble). -Necessary music arrangements are written -ALL art is done Perhaps I'm just bitter about Chrono Resurrection, but I've yet to see a *fan* project like this meet with success.
  19. Old, old, OLD news. I saw that exact Death Egg picture about a year ago, it was dugg several months back, and now is making the rounds again. I don't have high hopes for this project. If it becomes anything other than vaporware, it will probably share the same fate as the Chrono Resurrection project. Now, if SEGA were doing this officially, or gives it the thumbs-up, I'd be quite excited for this, as I'm a huge fan of classic Sonic. I just don't think either of those will happen.
  20. So Konami ID is the only game-specific field for MGO? Which would mean the required fields are OCR Name | Konami ID and as always, optional Note I'll add it to the database when I get a confirmation or correction.
  21. CPUs didn't follow the same rules for items (MANY character-specific items per lap, jumped clear over your items half the time) or kart stats (DK/Bowser didn't have such bad acceleration when they were CPUs). Good items like lightning and stars were still rationed out to players according to place. I don't see how you can make a claim that SNES Mario kart didn't rubber-band.
  22. Sure, weapons rubber-band. Always have. There has never beem a Mario Kart game where weapons or cheating AI didn't put the player in first at a disadvantage. Even with the excessive items, however, the best player usually wins. I don't see much to complain about. If you want to measure skill alone, play multiplayer without items. It's an option in this game.
  23. That looks terrible. I'll take a minimalist player over this any day.
  24. The only time I've noticed that the game matches up players with roughly equal skill is when I get disconnected after beating everyone by a third to a half of a lap a few times in a row. Then again, there aren't many people with 8200+ race rating I can go against. I hardly see any 6000+, the rubber banding of the ranking system works pretty well.
  25. Usual anti-piracy measures include some extra chip on the cartridge outside of the ROM. The ROM code checks for that chip, and does something undesireable if it's not detected. Since emulators usually only have the ROM to go off of, unless they have a special code exception for that particular game or they also emulate that on-cartridge chip, the anti-piracy measure works. Since both of those workarounds require recoding the emulator, the antipiracy measures are effective until a fix is made. Disc based systems are generally trickier, because you can't put hardware on a disc. A recent anti-piracy measure was implemented on Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii. It took advantage of a difference between the size of a Wii DVD-ROM and a standard DVD-R or DVD+R. The Wii DVD-ROMs have slightly fewer bytes of capacity, so they hold a little bit less data than standard recordable DVDs. The trick was to attempt a read on one of the bytes that only the recordable discs have. If the read failed, the game booted. If the read succeeded (only possible on a modded wii and a burned disc), the game refused to boot with an ominous "Unauthorized device detected" message. Of course, most modchips came out with an update patch within a week that would intercept reads and if a read was attempted on that area, automatically return a failure to read. It's a cat-and-mouse game. The best antipiracy measures are not the most complicated ones, usually -- they are the ones that are most inconvenient for the pirates to get around -- the ones that take the longest time to fix because of that. After all, it's nearly always just a matter of time before a new scheme is broken, or an even newer one is devised.
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