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  1. What path? Always boosting, I assume. Autofire for bosses?
  2. You're right; I misread the post. Specifically, I misread it as you saying the new tone was an octave lower just because it was a 100 Hz difference, instead of it being an octave lower because 100 is half of 200.
  3. Frequencies do not rise linearly with pitch. For example, take the 440 Hz A. The A an octave above that is 880 Hz. The A an octave below 440 Hz is 220 Hz. The frequency *doubles* every octave. This does not disprove the core concept analoq is alluding to, it just means that if it's true, it refers to *fractions* rather than *differences* in frequency.
  4. heheh, just wait until you see I Wanna Be The Guy!
  5. I agree with injin here somewhat. Having notalgia for none of the early mm games, I played them all in succession several years back. I liked 2, 3, and 6, with 3 being the best. MM2 is a fantastic game, but it lacks the SLIDE! MM3 had a lot going for it, in the slide, the "do harder versions of 4 stages," the better wily fight, protoman, and the exclusion of that one nigh impossible crash man bomb puzzle (with the turrets, FUCK that one, you KNOW what I'm talking about).
  6. Virtualization is not to be ignored either. VMware fusion and Parallels can both handle 3d acceleration on mac now. Something to think about as an alternative to boot camp and wine. There really aren't (m)any bullet-hell shmups for mac. Even Chromium B.S.U. which is a much different kind of shmup, only advertises linux and windows versions. Of course, flash games will work, but I have a feeling you're looking for something more serious than a flash game. Most standalone games I could find, however, are Windows-only.
  7. Yeah, there's been a SPORE protest going on at Amazon, an organized review bombing. Changing the installs from 3 to 5 is not a significant improvement. EA needs to change its DRM a lot more than this. I've started pirating stuff I already bought if the DRM scheme is too inconvenient, and if I were an RTS fan I would definitely consider it for this game. I think the main reason people like Steam's DRM over others' is because downloaded Steam games just need a login/password, no cd keys. You can redownload form their FAST AS HELL servers whenever you want, install on as many comps as you want, and play on any of them (just not simultaneous multiplayer on one acct obviously). The only hassles are that sometimes the servers are busy, and you need an internet connection, patches, and the like. Oh and they need ports forwarded but don't allow you to DMZ your steam box.
  8. Drack

    Super Mario RPG

    Lazy Shell armor = dead Culex.
  9. Assuming you start at x=0, sin(1/x) would start at a very high pitch and quickly descend to a very low pitch. It wouldn't be very interesting, to be honest.
  10. Over the past 2 months I've bought $650 worth of gear from zZounds using this link, specifically: Echo Audiofire 4 audio interface Behringer MS20 monitors (I know they're entry level, but they sound great anyway) Shure SM57, with cable and stand AKG K240 Headphones Great store, free shipping, and help OCR? It's a no brainer.
  11. Please stop making ridiculous hyperboles about my argument. What's wrong here is that people expected privacy where there was little when they posted sensitive info on a service like this and only restricted viewing to registered users. Limiting it to the person's friends is a better solution - Not much worse than manually telling friends the info. My argument in a nutshell: Why couldn't an unregistered user see the same information as a registered but not friended user? Because you had to prove you're in college? Not difficult to get around. There was no real security benefit.
  12. A social website that selectively displays info only to registered users does not filter ANYTHING. If someone were a stalker or otherwise wanted to see the info without being part of the network, they can just, as you said, take 30 seconds to register. It's security theater. If you only want to give info to friends .. only give it to them. Don't give it to a website with security theater and trust it to protect your privacy, because all that policy did was stomp on convenience. The philosophy is completely wrong. Either open the doors or have *real* security (which is just about mutually exclusive with being a social networking website).
  13. If you don't want people seeing your phone number and address you DON'T PUT IT ON THE INTERNET.
  14. Why, oh why, did you revive this thread after a year and a half? Regardless, I will take this chance to respond to a post in this thread from 2006 that doesn't even apply anymore. I think you're seeing facebook the wrong way. It's for college students to stay in touch with each other, not some random stalker like you to find out information about people. Nice try I resent that insult. I am (and was in 2006) a college student. My friends use facebook and often linked me to their stuff. Stuff I may have wanted to see, but couldn't without registering due to the then-elitism of the website. It is for that reason that I didn't WANT to register. Nice try at flaming.
  15. Great! I understand this is getting off topic, but Opera's default settings are not optimal in my opinion. I don't like the 9.5 default skin, so I use the D.T.A. skin. (more available here). Ad blocking is a must, and Opera does have the feature built in ("Block Content") but unlike Firefox's Adblock Plus, you need to grab a list of ads to block to get it started with the current list. Populate it with the current list by following the instructions here, restart opera, and poof, ads are gone. If you want more advanced configuration, just PM me. It is my opinion that Opera's the best browser out there, but as I said, most will disagree with me; Firefox is much more popular.
  16. Firefox or Opera will serve you better. Chrome and Safari (on Windows) you probably wouldn't be comfortable with. Chrome because it's beta and Safari because it acts like a Mac program, even on Windows. Between Firefox and Opera, firefox is more popular, feature-packed, extendable, and developed more rapidly. Opera is faster and more stable, and many features you'd need plugins to get with Firefox are built-in with Opera. Either one will be a suitable replacement for IE.
  17. If you do go with PS3 linux, know that (accoding to my PS3 owning and PS3-linux using friend) there is a STUPID restriction on partitioning the hard drive which makes it so one of your partitions must be 10 gigs and the other must be the rest of the drive. So either 10 gigs linux and rest of the drive for PS3, or 10 gigs for saves, dlc, and hd installs (and that will run out fast) and the rest for linux. Also, back up your saves before messing around. The repartitioning may be destructive. You're limited to some distros, and not all software has been ported to the Cell architecture. Even less is optimized. For example, you won't be able to run ZSNES natively as it's coded in x86 assembler. Furthermore, since Sony allows PS3 linux only through a hypervisor that restricts use of the GPU, you won't have accelerated graphics. For general purpose tasks and programs not optimized for Cell, the PS3 is a SLOW computer. The Cell is a very specialized processor that is very fast at very specific things, and is massively parallel, so any app that doesn't fork 7 or so threads will not be able to use much of its power. Most apps don't use many threads, so most of the time you won't be running on the SPUs, meaning most of the time, the PS3's potential power is going to waste. Once more software gets optimized for PS3 you'll start seeing the speed but for now, not much uses the hardware to its capabilities. As of now, PS3 linux is interesting, but not a desktop replacement by any stretch.
  18. The contract says that you can't use the software if you can't accept the contract. If what zircon says is true, that clause would indeed mean nothing. Looks like a chicken and egg problem to me, but I'm no lawyer.
  19. LOL at the license agreement this comes with The right to data mine - And do ANYTHING with - ANYTHING that goes through the browser? Lol, no one under 18 may legally use Chrome. Source Interestingly, compiling the program from source code (using Visual Studio 2005) means you're not subject to this nonsense. Sloppy job, Google. Also, it seems as though Chrome has no ad blocking facilities. Can't say I'm surprised by that, as Google makes its fortunes on ads. I am definitely staying with Opera. Chrome copied it, but not well enough to be a contender in my mind, and I'm sure most Opera and Firefox users will agree.
  20. Looks good, but I don't think this will sway me from Opera. It would have to top both Opera and Firefox, both of which have extremely nice browsers right now, with MANY features Chrome would have to implement to come close to either.
  21. JACK is for audio production. Some DAW apps like Ardour require it. It's a low-latency sound server, like the equivilent of ASIO on windows (and Core Audio on the mac? I'm not a mac guy). It still needs drivers for your soundcard (ALSA for most cards). If you want VST support for Ardour, you'll have to compile it from source, as the VST SDK isn't legally redistributable (Blame Steinberg's licensing). Yep. Ask me anything.
  22. My computer is loud. LOUD. I may get water cooling if I start getting serious about this.
  23. Use the b43 driver. Don't bother with bcm43xx. Don't bother with ndiswrapper. I have a broadcom 4318 (same card but with wireless-G) and that worked for me. Just use the fwcutter and install the kernel module and it will be fine. I believe it needs a 2.6.24 kernel or higher.
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