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  1. Playing devil's advocate here. Doesn't recruiting votes go against the ideas of OurStage, to let the best song win? This strikes me as turning a legitimate competition into a popularity contest. Even if you said "Go to OurStage and vote for whatever music YOU think is the best" this is a community obviously highly biased in favor of OCR. I'm sure all contestants do it, and I'm not proposing a solution, just, as I said, playing devil's advocate.
  2. VST on CUDA/GPGPU? Looks like a fantastic idea. We won't be doing heavy graphics while making audio, so if the GPU is practical for effects processing, this looks promising.
  3. So instead of damaging us, damage our electronics (like TVs!) A *lot* of energy needs to be transferred for wireless power, and continually to boot. That's a lot of potential to disaster, and most kind of electromagnetic waves, when they're at that intensity, cause harmful effects on (See the FCC warning on almost any electronic device). It seems this tech will not be safe for people AND equipment for a long time. This is a reasonable time frame.
  4. If you're looking for a Linux DAW, be sure to check out Ardour.
  5. (Low detail recommended for these solutions) Here's a MUCH more awesome and manly solution to Awash. NOTHING GETS BY THIS. My solution to Big Ball My solution to Four Balls My solution to Back and Forth
  6. Lol, I beat Tube. Definitely went about it the wrong way It takes >10 minutes for this to climb it. http://FantasticContraption.com/?designId=687953
  7. Here's my solution to "Awash" http://FantasticContraption.com/?designId=680041
  8. It looks like that is part of the copy protection. Googling yeilds this info: http://www.productionforums.com/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=8830 (6 page thread) Searching the E-MU website, it's in their FAQ and here's their answer: As a side note, I never ran into that and I'm a programmer so I DO have debuggers (though I never attached them to emu x).
  9. Depending on what you want to count, Donkey Kong 64 was released in late 1999
  10. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2008/olympics/2008/writers/selena_roberts/08/13/china.gymnasts/?bcnn=yes Looks like China's been using underage gymnasts. If this is true, they need to be immediately DQ'd. This should have been thoroughly checked when the athletes were registered. Fake passports my ass. If they had been using drugs this wouldn't be a controversy, it would have been a DQ report. Why isn't this a DQ report but a controversy? Audit them. Confirm the validity of the accusations then take the appropriate action.
  11. A week has passed, OverCoat gets it. We'll arrange the details over private messages.
  12. The cards have spent over a year in my computer, but there is no physical damage or anything. I never had a problem with it; it's always worked fine. I could take some more pictures if you want a closer look. You don't need Emulator X to use the card - Emulator X just gives you some nice sounds to use with it. The driver does have a program that runs on startup - PatchMix DSP - that lets you control volume levels, mixing, monitoring, etc. That's the only software you need along with the driver to use the card. If you don't want to install Emu X or the other programs it comes with, there's no problem.
  13. I'm selling a used E-MU 1212m. It comes with E-MU's Emulator X sampler. In stores, a new 1212m retails for $150, and this interface+sampler pack sells for $300. I'm not so demanding though. In a week from this post, the highest offer gets it, even if it's $0. Hooking up a remixer with my old gear is more important to me than making a quick buck. If two people name the same price, the first poster gets it. I don't have the box and manuals anymore, sorry. However, the included software has the manuals in PDF form. Included: -E-MU 1212m - Note that this is two cards, the digital host and daughter card. See E-MU's page on the 1212m for specs. -Emulator X sampler. As the sampler is no longer available standalone (E-MU now sells Emulator X2), the best sources for info on the sampler are on sites detailing the Emulator X and Emulator X Studio packages. The former is what you're buying (sampler+1212m), the latter is the same sampler packaged with the E-MU 1820m soundcard. Emulator X at musiciansbuy Emulator X Studio at Zzounds IMPORTANT: You *must* have the 1212m or another E-MU soundcard in the computer you use Emulator X on. If you switch to a different brand card, it won't work. Also, this interface and sampler will only work with Windows. I can verify that it works on XP 32-bit and 64-bit editions and Server 2003. Emu's website says it works on vista too The set comes with 6 CDs: -Software + Driver installation -Emulator X installation, on-line manuals -Emulator X Sounds: "X Producer" -Emulator X Sounds: "Beat Shop One" -Emulator X Sounds: "Studio Grand" Disc 1 -Emulator X Sounds: "Studio Grand" Disc 2 The first CD also has: -Steinberg WaveLab Lite -Steinberg Cubasis VST 4 -SFX Machine LT Here's a picture of my cards and CDs. Note that the analog card has no PCI contacts. This is how the card is designed; it interfaces with the digital card, which has the pci contacts. Check the stock photos for the 1212m for proof. There are 2 revisions of the 1212m. The second revision removed the Firewire port. The 1212m I'm selling is the first revision, so this card *does* have the Firewire port.
  14. Alright, donation sent. Great server you guys have running
  15. I cannot agree enough. Facing Worlds is one of Unreal Tournament's greatest contributions to society. As such, it gets ported to virtually every first person shooter with a CTF mode. Here's one example of a TF2 adaptation: http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/46477 ========== Edit ========== I'd like to donate for a reserved spot, but following the instructions in the first post, my developer console won't open. Bound the key but it doesn't do anything, in or out of game.
  16. I just hope that's a port cover in the pic. If there's no port, it's only going to be used in wiimote-only games. What I want to know is what kind of tech is in it that makes it so superior to the current waggle tech. All I see in the articles is marketing.
  17. Drack

    MacBook Pro

    ! Someone other than me used the ¬_¬ face! On the off-topic topic, the sig is indeed much too large. I've blocked it already On the on-topic topic, the major thing I don't like about Macbooks is the way they handle right clicks with the two-finger touch instead of a separate button. Aside from that, the hardware is solid (the aluminum casing is really sturdy on the pros), OSX is well-built, and the computers are very fast.
  18. Drack


    I'm sick of Nina as well ¬_¬
  19. Joining this party extremely late. Just bought Orange Box. Never played a lick of TF2, but I kick quite a bit of ass in Unreal Tournament.
  20. Drack

    Happy belated 4th

    I celebrated the 4th by reading the Declaration of Indepencence.
  21. Doesn't matter to me. Here are a few reasons: -In a bizarre sales model and in spite of this date passing, Microsoft will continue to distribute downgrade XP discs to manufacturers. The catch that allows this? It's counted by Microsoft's system as a Vista sale. The only problem here is hardware drivers. The company I work for recently bought a few laptops from HP that were a nightmare for our IT workers to get fully operational on XP. For example, they ended up using a competitor's driver for the fingerprint reader. Nvidia did not offer a driver for the mobile graphics card (HP only had a vista driver), so they had to google for a hacked copy that included their hardware id in the .inf. -I'm a Linux user. The only reason I dual-boot to Windows is for games. Everything else can be done in a VM, or has superior equivilents. And that dual boot partition is Server 2003. Top performance, less bullshit to change on install to get to my settings, and I get it free and legally through MSDNAA.
  22. Please identify "They" I assume they're using Trucha Signer to do this? I may be able to help.
  23. Drack

    "Wanted" Movie

    Physics defying bullets are retarded. Centripedal force would NOT affect a bullet by curving it. Retarded. Also the biology defying healing baths were dumb. Action and plot were okay, but the beginning was awfully long. Decent movie, I guess. Nothing special.
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