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  1. if I were yers a PSN gift card would be yours..
  2. As much as I hate lists for this kind of thing, I understand its a lot easier than searching through all of my posts, to get an Idea of who I am or what I like. Also id really like it if my secret santa posted a list of sorts here as well. I got a PS3, and a Wii, im also pretty big on MGS and other video game paraphernalia I like Toyota trucks, and generally anything outdoorsy, I hunt ( or try to) ... I got an itunes account as well as steam ( tho my PC is pretty standard I can run SC2) im 6'2 175lbs Dark brown hair, brown eyes enjoy walks on the beach. Well I hope that helps, and again it be sweet if my guy(or girl) posts something here.
  3. Your information in on the internet. The people here aren't going to mess with it,
  4. Dont worry about that, Ya just got to poke around the forums a bit and youll get a sense of what they like. This is what I did and it seamed to work well. Its probably what Ill do this year as well Count me in. !
  5. Its pretty clear.. Cool I like it.
  6. I think its kinda funny a lot of the comments on youtube (as intelligent as they are) Are making claims that dub step is getting old and Such and such is the revival. Because dubstep is still young.. as in maybe a year at most.. Its not old just unexplored.
  7. I like this guy, Every once in a while ill send a message to him about OCR, but he never responds... Perhaps is someone did it in french.. Hes got some talent tho.
  8. me too, this is the first Ive seen of this game. It kind of makes me want it. but MGS HD comes out that same day so...
  9. Wow, and a lot of those are sealed.. Very nice..
  10. Dang, I thought this said, "the next star fox is to be made by retro studios." Sad that its not official.
  11. I dont see how this is really a problem, When I buy games for a system they usually only work for that system.. . unless your speaking as strictly from data storage and not the games.
  12. This right here. Id like to play through it again, but if they are going to slap a full retail price on it( which they will) Id hope that the extras +some will be in it as well
  13. Haha this made me lol .. Birthday threads..
  14. correct me if im wrong, but didn't that song also make it on to Heroes briefly?
  15. this.. pics or it did not happen
  16. Quit whining, its free. If you like RTS games then just buy it. $60 bucks is not much for a game that will likely be around for a decade. if you play it for a decade, that's $.50 a month (not including the expansions.
  17. But now you`re back... I was actually thinking about this guy (the show really) when I saw all the junk that was (is) going down with Extra Credits, and wondering where he was.> But now you`re back...
  18. Jerry, That was awesome.. If I were that troll Id be proud I now have my own theme song.. I hope he hears that. also If that OCR TAN game is still in the works, This should be included in it somehow.
  19. Cause there is a very small market for it. cause the SNES is near bulletproof
  20. This is really cool, I like how you can decide how to break up how the money is divided.
  21. Im going to give it another shot when it lands for the PS3
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