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  1. This tune has a slippery feel. It's calming and soothing, but hard to remember after the song is over.
  2. Samus enjoys her favorite drinks in a dimly lit bounty hunter's dive somewhere, listening to this....
  3. Light n' happy summer fluff perfect for bopping along in the car or on foot.
  4. Certainly puts a spring in your step for sure, and a nod in ya hed.
  5. Level 99 took it ... ( • _ •) ( • _ •)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) to the next level. I love the ambient space this creates. Put your feet to the street and beat some pavement in front of your favorite water-side cityscape.
  6. I've liked all of BlueMagic's submissions to OCR; some musicians work within a genre they're comfortable with, but Panic Attack is distinctly different from his previous work - less chill/downbeat jazzy...it's got a refreshing "drive" to it.
  7. Everything blends and segues so well, but remains distinct. If DE was a movie, this would be the reprise or medley over the credits. GJ!
  8. Niiiiiiiice - glad Brandon's soundtrack gets some awesome attention.
  9. Has a fun, rollicking energy to it, like that little drum breakdown and when the flute dances over it.
  10. Heh : ) I actually had Stranger in the Desert on repeat too dang much!

    I've come back out of it by listening to Eternal Champions :D

  11. Relaxing and bubbly. Like a good champagne that tickles your nose playfully.
  12. Maybe Cabanela's Theme? I feel like this oozes that vibe that posu yan or Joshua Morse has
  13. I can only reiterate what I said last year- though hope keeps on fading, and the darkest nights seem to be near, this song reminds you, reminds me, reminds us...we can yet remain unbroken.
  14. Away, away to the sea. Let the sun and shore be a reprieve from troubles inland.
  15. Thanks for your response to my thread requesting calming/comforting Mixes: as a fellow FOOOOLISH SAMUURAAAAII WARRIOR, I agree wholeheartedly with your comments : )

  16. Ah, all I need is a sea shanty and the sound of the waves to quell my sorrows. And this song!
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