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  1. Am the only run who thinks of Homestar Runner/Strong Bad's 'Thy Dungeonman' series...(funny song, good work!) EDIT: Woops, that's for the Eye of the Beholder song, not this. This is some good hard rockin' tho'.
  2. Classy! One of the more inventive and creative mixes I've heard in a while.
  3. Seems more like an enhancement than a remix, but wouldn't be out of place in any triple A cyberpunk title, I think. Very good.
  4. Oh posu. You mix the best mixes to mix mixed drinks to. ::sip:: Ahhh.
  5. Does not establish enough of a groove for me, but creative nonetheless.
  6. Really does that have that swanky spy jazz feeling. Maybe fit right in with Bebop or Lupin III. Not my style, but great remix nonetheless.
  7. I love mixes like this. Soothing, contemplative, ... "quiet". Aural remedy for what ails you.
  8. oozes that trademark JM funk-jazzy sound. So chill. Love this!
  9. ribbit-ribbit! DJP concocted something an acutely cute and fizzy tune here.
  10. A sung song I wish lasted longer! I really started getting into it, and it was over
  11. Oh yes - I always gravitate to this kind of sound, and OA delivers a fresh hit in top form. Segues perfectly in any tempo playlist, or stands alone just as well.
  12. All remixes feel short to my ears these days! It's like the landscape faded out before it was fully "painted". Great work from MD as always.
  13. Another eternal fixture on my playlist of life. Frenetic chaotic energy of SOMANYTHINGSTOTAKECAREOF is channeled into Doing When this is on
  14. +'s: Chipper, soothing, hopeful -'s: tooooo short! :/
  15. As others have said, it's melodically glitch-y in a great way. Makes ya' nod ya' head.
  16. Definitely has a frenetic, manic energy to it that calls to mind being chased by killer dolls!
  17. Puts a smile on my face. I can imagine the party stopped after entering into a battle, and instead of fighting the bad-guys, doing a cake-walk!
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