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  1. Some great stuff here. Trip the Breaker (vs Ransom Path) is especially awesome. Excellent work man. Congrats on the DDR thing too.
  2. Thanks guys. @ HoboKa, maybe I'll do another Chrono mix sometime in the future, but like I said, it's not like this mix was planned or anything. Maybe I should corrupt my .flp's with Kontakt more often.
  3. Heh, last thing I expected from a Banjo track. I had been waiting for this one to be posted for a while. Pretty cool brooding ambiance, though; nice production on this.
  4. I accidentally corrupted one my older WIPs of the the Ocean Palace theme, so I wanted to get the foundation put back together so I wouldn't forget the feel I had going. I'm kinda glad it forced me to start from scratch, cause' it turned out much better: It's weird how quickly this formed (probably took an hour); the song pretty much wrote itself after the intro. Comments are welcome. EDIT: UPDATE 8/20/07 http://www.silverlinestudios.net/Mp3's/audix_oceanpalaceWIP.mp3
  5. Rapidfire thoughts: Intro is definitely cool, though afterwards it seems like the source tune lets you down. I'm not familiar with the original track, and there doesn't seem to be much of anything to grab on to immediately after the intro. I enjoyed the 1:25 and thereafter stuff more. I liked the chanting stuff, I think. The percussion around that part was good stuff. The violin around 3:00 made me cringe a bit. As much as I didn't really like the synth work at :27, I liked the return at 3:43 for some reason. Overall, nice work you have going here. Definitely interested in hearing updates.
  6. Different, for sure. Pretty cool stuff. Didn't care for the intro much, if you intend on keeping it like that. The buzzing on the recording later on was fairly noticeable, especially around 2:30-ish. Good luck with this.
  7. Just a month. Too bad about losing all those reviews; I'll try to jump start the process here. I've never played the game, and so am completely unfamiliar with the source. I like this though; it's a clean sounding mix overall and an enjoyable listen. Nice work.
  8. I wonder what a 45 second teaser would sound like played on a mono record player from the twenties over the telephone. Yes, I'm terrible.
  9. This was the first OCR mix I ever heard; I was down at college a couple years ago and someone showed me this. I thought nothing of the "OC remix" tag until I realized there were a lot of these OC remixes floating around. I ran a search and found this site. Nice tune, very relaxing although you can definitely tell the bar has been raised a bit since then.
  10. I've been crazy busy with school, and that's not going to stop until the semester's out May 16 or so. As for the genre change, if an electro/orchestral/bit of rock blend (like my old WIP now) isn't going to cut it, I'm afraid I'll be dropping out.
  11. Very nice work, even though I personally don't find the Ice Cap theme very appealing at all. That solo around 2:20 is especially awesome. I'll be checking out some of your other stuff now.
  12. I just received mine in the mail; some of the samples are absolutely fantastic. Very professional sounding stuff. However, a warning: I copied the .gig files directly off the CD to a folder on my HD. I then loaded up FL and opened Kontakt 2, accessing the .gig files with no problems, until I tried to save it. I got this screen, where either way you're screwed, because it corrupted my .flp. So in summary, don't do what I did. btw someone want to try to fix my .flp for me?
  13. On the bright side, getting it like...tomorrow will be kinda cool. Not worth 12 bucks, but what can you do.
  14. What, no sitar? It doesn't have as many (usable) instruments as I'd like, but for 20 bucks no argument here. EDIT: Priority overnight shipping only? Strange.
  15. Some of the notes and syncopation sounds a little awkward to me. And yes, the mix is very muddy sounding 2/3 of the way through especially. It's the lower frequencied thing going on in the background; either take it out entirely, change the instrument, or filter it so the frequencies don't overlap so much with your lead and gated synth.
  16. Er, you do get the reference, right? ...that wasn't a "serious" list at all. Whatever.
  17. Yeah, Road to Oblivion was among the ideas I was tossing around. random thoughts that came to me: Boulevard of Broken Dreams Road to Oblivion Road to Perdition Twisted Trail Ravaged Road Annihilation Alley Devastation's Doorway etc. I dunno; I'll come up with something.
  18. Great mix here. Loving the laid-back atmosphere. Nice work.
  19. Heh, yeah it's fun looking back at old songs you did. Some midi's I did for VG way back when: http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/n64/blastcorpsremix.mid http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/n64/glittergulchmine.mid And really my only old OC mix that I had submitted (about a year or so old): http://www.silverlinestudios.net/Mp3's/miszou_OLDblastcorps.mp3
  20. Thanks guys. I imagine I'll have it submitted within the next few days or so. I'm having the hardest time thinking of a clever title for it.
  21. ...um no BGC actually gave you tips and probably the best "feedback" in this thread. I agree. Alt account it is.
  22. Rocking mix here man. The solo part is pure awesome; I don't think I've ever heard Slayer used so well.
  23. Thanks man. I just finished it up; all that's left is coming up with a good title. The finished product is a good deal better than my WIP in the first post if I do say so myself.
  24. Alright, this sucker's just about done. A bit more tweaking tonight and it'll be finished. Not going to post here; all I'll say is that the final length is around 3:40. Special thanks to tweek for kick-starting this thing getting finished.
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