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  1. I definitely recommend adding lean mass to your frame, as it really helps cutting. I am at about 10% BF at 5'9 175, and having that extra muscle makes it much easier to cut down when I want to. I have realized though that my arms are super lagging compared to some other stuff, so I am going to figure out how to work them out better.
  2. *wistful tear* my life was changed by this. THANKS, OBAMA!
  3. you were 7k calories over TDEE this weekend? I have a feeling you might be exaggerating a bit... I gained a bit of water weight due to a different diet than usual, but that'll be flushed out in a few days of eating my normal stuff again. I think the band idea is good, if you are already turning your knees out 45 degrees, which is what I do too. I focus on it a ton, it's not just you.
  4. So i found out today that cake love is closed. Normally not an issue, but Saturday is Deia's birthday, and i'd like to get a cake so we can all celebrate her (repeated) 23rd birthday together. I need a legit bakery (none of that supermarket garbage) that is at least a little close that I can order from and pick up. I have a car so i can drive a bit, but i would prefer something closest. Can any locals help a bro out?
  5. Deia and I will be working out a few days, but sunday sounds very good for sure as well. i'm sure i'll talk to you guys when we are there so we can work out some time for gainzzz
  6. Redstone has good food, is a touch more upscale, and has the reputation of being the go-to place to pick up rich cougars who are on the rebound from their first or second divorce. Try the rotisserie chicken, it's amazing! Note: I have not been to the National Harbor one, just the Minnesota ones.
  7. nice work Nabeel! did your food order get straightened out, TC? magfest workout plans are going to be when there is downtime, so maybe in the mornings when things are getting set up, or before liunch, since evenings are usually filled with social times. Also, there is lots of dancing to be done, which is good cardio!
  8. GET HYPED, i will be there doing my best to dance my ass off, I can't wait to hear the entries.
  9. chin ups because i get some brocep into the mix too. ^___^ seriously though, if I only did one exercise, it'd be pull ups, but since I typically do these after heavy deads and half the time heavy dumbbell rows, I need to add some other muscles in there in order to hit a good rep range. I joke about it, but my bicep and triceps are actually a bit underdeveloped compared to the rest of my upper body, as i don't have the time in the gym to specifically focus them, and stick to compound movements. They get hit, but not enough, IMO.
  10. my definition of chinup is the same as the wiki article, FWIW.
  11. From my experience, i'll say that transitioning from 1 plate to 2 is pretty damn fast, but 2 to 3 is ridiculously hard, specifically for grip strength (im not there yet). I have a feeling you will easily get 2 plates within the next 12 months.
  12. Maybe resistance bands in some way? I am not a bro doctor, but i'd assume for something like OHP, you'd just want to do lower weight dumbbell and do a GVT 10x10.
  13. I'm totally fine saying that my only goal at this point is improved aesthetics. My level of strength is fine for the IT job I have, and at this point I just need to maintain. Maybe a bit more in the arms, actually, but otherwise im generally happy.
  14. I didn't get an email, but there is a little bar on the bottom of the page where you can view stats: https://www.fitocracy.com/yearly-performance/2014/oceansandrew/ 2.4m lbs lifted, not bad at all!
  15. I get it reasonably hard, but getting a lot of extra vitamins and then going to a tanning booth a few times a month helps me reasonably well.
  16. collective; but barring that, arrange the tracks in a way that it flows well.
  17. I gotta agree with the other judges, the arrangement is very nice and intelligently put together, but some of the samples, the mixing, and the sequencing all need some work. THings are sounding really boxes around the 250hz mark, so scooping your bass and some of the guitars in a narrow Q range there will help give you a lot more headroom, which will in turn make things easier on your master, so you can get a punchier sound. The lead guitars should be sequenced a bit looser overall, as they are over quantized at the moment. Arrangement is showing a lot of skill, the other elements just need
  18. The arrangement here is pretty great, and the quirkiness of the track and attention to detail really pays off. I think all the crazy sound choices fit very cohesively and make the track very unique and fun. SOme of the synths in the second half get a little too piercing, but can be EQ tamed or replaced with something less pointy. The drums, low end, and overall volume are issues large enough to have this get another pass, however. The ceiling is really high, and the drums are not giving the oomph they need. no, please resubmit
  19. Cool and creative take of the source, It really expands on the aesthetic of the original and ties in a lot of the mashup of themes in the game mythos as well. This definitely feels like technology slamming into magic in a gritty setting. Some of the production gets a touch overstuffed on your master channel, and i wish there was a bit more bass response, but it's within acceptable limits for the OCR bar, and the creativity and arrangement more than make up for it. Good stuff, I enjoyed it a lot Yes
  20. It is a good start but needs a lot more expansion. The arrangement ideas presented are pretty good and you have a good foundation for a lot of expansion. HAving your B section change it up a bit beatwise and going for a more halftime feel would be good, as would trying to sneak in an additional theme or something. Some of the sequencing could be loosened up a bit as well, to good effect, it's a bit stiff at the moment. Has promise but needs some expansion! No, please resubmit
  21. i wouldn't worry about it too much, that sort of thing is pretty rare. There is one where some lady ran 75 miles on a treadmill in 10 minutes. XD
  22. I hope you guys are all working on entries, and that this ends up an actual dance party. Get a strobe light in there and we can all have a great time! Do we know when the party actually is, or are we still waiting for a final schedule?
  23. That's the point! You need to spend all your seriousness on the task of lifting, meaning that there is no seriousness left for demeanor. That means we can have a fun time being supportive of each other, and also get a Kpop boy band dance party going during the sets. Everyone wins, except those who don't like Kpop boybands, but they are too young, they don't understand anything but despair.
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