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  1. got it, i didnt know i had to talk to the receptionist again to redeem, but when i signed up for the new one, i saw this. @The Damnedthanks for linking those QR codes, I did it last night and it was super easy. Caught 2 new pokemon for my dex too! I'll keep up on this, seems pretty easy to get some more FC.
  2. also, if you are looking to get Overclocked University's Freshman Year album, now's your chance to pick it up for cheap!
  3. that is awesome, i just got to the 4th island so ill be able to get the pokemon that show up there. What was the result of the first global mission? I dont think i ever got any coins for it, so i assume that it failed?
  4. i agree it sounds weird, but it's 100% source there. Just trying to stay true to the original melody and harmony.
  5. OCR workouts will be when we can fit them in, but ill for sure make announcements in the discord meetups channel. Be prepared for Nandos-fueled GAINZ. THere isn't an official OCU concert, but I just reached out to MAG staff to see if I can sneak in a Jamspace DJ set, i'll keep things updated here. It'd be cool to have our own secret show. Panels TBD, but it will involve me bench pressing @Nabeel Ansari, so please look forward to it!
  6. I tried the wonder trade once just to see what it was about and sent my level 2 caterpie (was just testing), and got a mimikyu holding a master ball in return. Felt pretty bad to get something awesome and trade something so lame away. I'll definitely send out some good stuff to try to realign wonder karma here.
  7. I just finished the Ghost trial and I am having fun! I've managed to randomly catch 2 shiny pokemon, though one of them i didn't know was shiny until @DragonAvenger told me after the fact. They are basically her shinies anyways, I don't need them. I agree that the ride pokemon are getting a little out of hand, and I just got mudsdale and the shark. For me the most useful thing for learning how the game works is the festival plaza. I've done the type matchup trivia maybe 100 times trying to learn what is strong against all the different types. I'm still learning some, but having a pretty fast way to practice a lot of types is cool. So far it is very fun!
  8. I just finished the grass trial, so you are ahead of me! I accidentally caught a shiny mudbray! I wish there were more clothing options! Festival Plaza is cool, I have a couple of the shops that level up your pokemon, which is pretty useful for me! !
  9. They are both, so you get to be right twice. Nice! I am having fun with the game so far, I have a pikachu and have just finished the water challenge. The art is cute and I have like 50 different pokemon! It's been fun and It is really helpful to have an expert in the house that I can question repeatedly.
  10. Cool, thanks for the tips. For now i'll continue to just use the pokemon that I think look cute/cool and keep sending the weird egg-diaper guys into the screaming maw of the endless abyss.
  11. hey guys this is my first pokemon since Blue, (I played Black for a few hours but wasnt feeling it) and it's been fun so far. @DragonAvenger is a legit pokemon master and she has been helping me when I have questions, but there a lot of things I don't even know that I should be asking about. What are some tips that you'd give to an absolute beginner?
  12. i haven't seen him on the forums in awhile, I think he will understand. No one has said anything about my birthday in years on here.
  13. great work, Displacement Roll is awesome, as is Warhawks, which is my favorite from the OST. Great variety, and a nice soundtrack!
  14. we'll add you - we usually do an ARAM or two every night.
  15. You guys have less than a week to finish up, I hope your entries are great!
  16. you can close this one out and let go, no worries
  17. Some good ideas here, but i think the execution isn't quite where it needs to be. The general production seems a little subdued and could stand to be brighter. A good example of this type of sound really clicking would be here: Notice how the percussion and synths has a nice sheen to the high end? I think emulating that a little would have the song sounding cleaner. I also think that a lot more modulation on the lead would improve things, as compared to the chords and rhythms that it feels slapped on. The lead needs to come alive more and have some personality. There are some articulations Larry mentioned that should be addressed as well No
  18. Gamer's Rhapsody 2016 November 18-20, 2016 Minneapolis, MN - Doubletree by Hilton Minneapolis http://www.gamersrhapsody.com OC ReMix: Video Game Music Community/Lovers of Greatness! DAY AND TIME TBD OCR is all up ons the Rhapsody of Gamers! We'll be running a panel, hosting a remix contest (enter HERE! Deadline is Nov. 15!), and presenting a very special OverClocked University DJ set! Attending: Arrow DragonAvenger FenixDown OceansAndrew
  19. is that a pro genji? that's a pro genji.
  20. I dont think the game is that well known; it was semi-niche when it came out, and it was released around 25 years ago. I do think the music is great, and I am really excited about your versions of the songs. The first track sounds great!
  21. Yes. As someone who plays guitar/bass/drums/saxophone/keyboard, it is something you build up over years, and not all at once.
  22. if you want to submit your entry that combines songs, it is valid! Do your best!
  23. Gamer’s Rhapsody and OverClocked ReMix present the “Super Rhapsody Bros 3” ReMix contest! To celebrate Gamer’s Rhapsody’s third year of bringing fans and professionals of gaming together, we are hosting a game music ReMix contest featuring another famous “3”, Super Mario Bros. 3! Chose from one of these 3 themes, and put your own spin on it! Any style or arrangement is fair game, from EDM bangers to solo piano or a cappella. You are only limited by your imagination! Song Choices: World Map 1: Grass Land Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LI_mwl3QcYA Overworld 2 Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wApmRF5gyM Underwater Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icKfm1MsTxE Judging and Prizes: All entries will be judged LIVE at Gamer’s Rhapsody by certified OCR Judges, and a winner and runner ups will be chosen. Prizes include tons of OCR and Gamer's Rhapsody swag including some rare and exclusive OverClocked ReMix albums, tickets to Gamer's Rhapsody 2017, as well as having your ReMix featured on OverClocked ReMix! Deadline and Submission Details: The deadline for submissions is midnight CST on Nov 15, 2016! Don't delay! Submit all entries to ocr@gamersrhapsody.com with the subject line “Super Rhapsody Bros 3 Entry”. Attach an MP3 or downloadable Soundcloud URL to the email. Entries received after the deadline may be awesome, but will not be eligible for the contest, so don’t be late!