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  1. Im really hyped to hear the first round of entries, and I am excited to get started on my song. Good luck YoshiBlade, let's have an epic match!
  2. OC do not steal!!! Too busy RPing to dig into the real conspiracy of the MJ music in sonic 3! Typical Sonic casual fan.
  3. You don't know that because you were never hardcore enough to be a Blue, scrub.
  4. Nice mix of sources, with a slight spin on the arrangement that lets the original shine through but adds some new, complimentary ideas. I liked the prominent rhodes chords, the breakdown is a nice changeup, and overall this was a lot of fun. good work. Yes
  5. OceansAndrew


    pretty sweet to see more well written content for esports, Deia and I also watch a lot of LCS
  6. have not received an email, nope! I'm doing stronglifts 5x5 for the next 3 months to see how it goes; I am pretty interested to see what squatting 3 times a week does.
  7. Going to agree with the other judges here. I enjoyed this overall, though I do think the arrangement is a bit too similar to the original, and the original itself is problematic in regards to the OCR. No
  8. This doesn't waste any time establishing a great groove, and it transitions between sources pretty well, giving the different sections a nice feel. The real upside of having a solid group group of musicians come together to make a song like this is all in the details. All the small fills and personalized nuances bring it to life and give it it's own feel compared to the already well-produced originally. The solos are excellent, the pacing is great, and the sources meld well together. The one nitpick I have is that i'd like a little more clarity in production of the drums; a little less ro
  9. im generally on board with the breakdown that Emu has; there is some cool changes going on, but it's a bit heavily skewed toward original material. I think adding more source Balancewise, the bass is lot boomy later on and needs to be adjusted. The mids sound like they need a bit more melody in them as well, the bell synth gets it done decently enough, but you could double that with an epiano to fill out some other frequencies. It shows promise and the production is close, but the main issue for me is the need for more dominant source throughout. Solid foundation is the
  10. Cool and friendly source, I am digging it. It sounds like the arrangement itself is fine if a bit repetitive, but the way the whole track is being filtered is really off-putting. Even though everything has very specific and deliberate filters applied to it, but none of them are lining up in a way to make the track sound balanced. The bass is being scooped out so there are no real low mids, the kick has all the attack removed without anything to fill that new space, and while I think it has a few monents where everything clicks during transitions and such, those moments are too spa
  11. Really nice execution on your ideas here, it gels together really well. The opening bass filter and build sets up the tone for the whole song, which has a lot of great synth handoffs of what is doing lead duty. The rhythm of the backing parts subdivision keeps the track interesting throughout, and overall it is all clicking for me. Good showing! Yes
  12. Nice mix of themes, good additional writing, and really subtle synth backing. The performance is nuanced and expressive, and the production is clean so all the details can be heard. Really nice stuff! Yes
  13. I really like the brass additions to this and think it adds a good deal of character. The different section are solid, and there is a lot to like. The acoustic sections and the buildups after them were great. Solo was pretty good too. The guitar performance was fine but I do agree it felt sloppy in parts. I do think the drums sound smashed and weak though, and plodding. PM me, i'll give you One Weird Production Trick that will make other producers HATE you. A local mom found it, and it will fix up this song easy. No, please resubmit
  14. This is definitely close; I think sidechaining the percussion with the bass and the rhodes would help give things the room they need, and would help things feel higher fidelity. The arrangement is solid, but I think the one change is what this needs to put it over. I definitely could see this getting some yes votes, but I think the "one weird trick" of sidechaining will have such a big impact on this that it's worth a third submission to get it sounding amazing. If you want more details, hit me up via PM and I can give you specific compressor settings I think would work well. No,
  15. Wow, my bracket is stacked with classic themes and a pretty good obscure gem. I'm hyped to do some musics! Woe be to my first opponent!
  16. great vocals and guitar, but I agree that the arrangement is minimal, and the voices are a bit too dry to match the guitar sound. Overall it's really nicely performed, but the arrangement itself is too conservative for OCR. No
  17. I'll agree with the other judges in that this feels like a decent sketch but not a fully realized song. You did do a decent amount with a pretty minimal source, and you've got some skill, but it needs more polish. I'd take the advice of the other judges and run with it. No, please resubmit
  18. i actually forgot what my goals were and did a pretty poor job of reaching them, I think. Overall a disappointing year for me. ;_;
  19. cool, glad you like it, hit me up when you have a song request
  20. i'm in - pick 1: Dracula's Castle from SoTN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zB1HelWFNw pick 2: Theme of Simon from Super Castlevania 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKVmvVRXXCM pick 3: Legend of Dracula from Castlevania Adventure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbNR9Msoe2A&index=11&list=PL13D6E1504CB09657 pick 4: Dracula's Cathedral from Castlevania Legends https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLOFMe995T8 EDIT: I didnt read the rules and 2 of my themes are no good. My bad DOUBLE EDIT: one is back in!
  21. timestamps that are somewhat questionable but im pretty sure on: 1:20ish in the ReMix sounds like 1:20 in Terra but heavily modified. Probably too much to count. 3:46 is :30 from bittersweet romance 100%
  22. if you have reached a prize milestone, just let me know via PM at the end of the month; I can do a quick database verification and then give you all gold stars. I think then we can either have some sort of amazon voucher or something, or we just get your address and mail the prizes out
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