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  1. There was a competition a while ago ran by Rama here, but it died. (as with everything else Doug touches.)
  2. We know, we ARE awesome, Kidding aside, we appreciate your feedback, but there is already a thread for comments about VOTL here, http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=11896 Also, for the individual ReMixes on the site there is a review thread for each mix, as in your case Mcvaffe's mix is here, http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=514 And for your last few questions, there was a thread about who uses what here. Usually skating around the products forums is helpful. EDIT: My google-fu has reveled tutorial videos for acid.
  3. Haha, that sounds interesting. Anyway, I think Doug hit the nail on the head here. Nice work.
  4. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Wow, I come home from my vacation and I'm greeted with two new previews. 1st one is good, but the second one is spectacular.
  5. As with anything Sephfire related, I must throw in my 2 cents. Kingdom Hearts 2 or Katamari Damacy But I must ask, for the KH2 mix, would you be continuing your wip I remember from a while ago?
  6. I must add my support to this thread. "Sephfire" is one of the coolest names around this place. And if you changed your handle, I would have to change my badges in my sig, you don't want to do that to me do you?
  7. Please, I've had my Wii hooked up to my brand new Insignia 32" LCD and I've had no problems. Which is remarkable seeing that I've been playing Metroid NON-STOP. So I say call BS on him.
  8. Pretty sure there's nothing you can do short of renaming them, except re-downloading them, But that would just drain bandwidth so don't do that.
  9. EEEEEEEEEEEEE! Ahem, now that I have that girlish shriek out of me, I must say it's good to see you're still around. Oh yeah, I never posted in this thread. Well, this song is awesome and everyone should download it.
  10. We all must quote this for emphasis.
  11. Wow, I think I downloaded this from vgmix a few years ago, and I always wondered why it wasn't on OCR. I guess I can't say that now. Anyway, Awesome mix Chthonic.
  12. Owning these CDs already, I would highly recommend taking advantage of this offer. [/Endorsement]
  13. I liked how they did the blueprint-looking picture of the last part of Tourian at the end.
  14. Well, I wouldn't say I have experienced ears, but if you need someone to give you some general feedback, I'm willing. PM me if your interested.
  15. Ahh, more Sgx goodness. Perfect as usual. Mr. Sgx gets a from me. So, is there an ETA on the new alblum?Nevermind Edit: from Sgx's website,
  16. I would just like to throw my name into the mix. I could help out whoever is going to try to keep this compo going. Or I could take over if no one wants to. Edit: Voted.
  17. As long as you put in your e-mail address it should work.
  18. I am the only return on Google, except for some plumbing site talking about the history of plumbing, they use the term "The Unsung Plumber".
  19. I read the title and thought, "Wait, NEW alblum? where's the old alblum?" But in all seriousness, I cannot wait for this. Be sure to give us previews!...Please?
  20. O.k. I'm looking to sell my old DS and upgrade, So I'm giving everyone on ocr first dibs on it. It's a launch DS, Pretty good shape, very few scratches on the screens, the front part of the top half of it is scratched though. It has this skin made my me on it. PM or e-mail me if your interested or for more info.
  21. I had the same problem a few years ago. I went with the 30gb iPod, you can have all your music, and I use my extra space to backup some of my documents. As for the bulkiness of it, I have to say it isn't bulky at all. hope that helped.
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