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  1. Well, Orlando(which is 3 hours from me anyway) is "COMING SOON" , What are the chances of having a meet-up around that one?
  2. This. Is. Awesome. :nicework::nicework:
  3. And for the record, it can also be found here, along with all the other songs that have been removed.
  4. Please, no more remix projects right now, I think there is at least 10 right now, and it's stretching the community too thin. But I do like the idea, and you did just introduce me to a awesome group, so thanks for that. I think it needs to wait a little bit until there are less projects going on.
  5. Hmm, I looked around Google, there is the trial version, but it's around $40 if you want the full version.
  6. Or for those of us who don't want to spent $40+ on stuff, I would recommend audacity, which is free. If you use the change tempo option it it, it's decent.
  7. alright, I sent my sig, even though I am running out the door.
  8. Yeah, I like it, The only thing that at the current ending(or lack thereof) It feels like it is going to explode into great new ideas and then WHAM! into a brick wall. Keep going with it.
  9. Wow, I make my first commdisc thread hoping a few people will be interested in what I have to say and Wham! I have DJP and Virt in here. That disturbs me in ways I don't want to understand.
  10. Alright, in the latest Nintendo power, They had an interview with the bigwigs there. NP=Nintendo Power MB=Matt Bozon TH=Tomm Hulett Pretty cool, no? I liked the "If I catch our songs on [website] OC Remix I'll be satisfied." Edit: Also for those who don't know, Jake Kaufman is Virt, Who created VGmix.
  11. Yes, in the Ye Olde Sig Shoppe in the help and Newbies section. Edit: What he said.
  12. This is SWEET. I liked on your latest alblum how you did this same style with the song "Antigravity" My favorite is ET-1, I think you fuse the genres together nicely. I would definitely pay money for an alblum of this. Keep it up Andy.
  13. Well, I guess you should finish it so that you don't make the pretz sad.
  14. These are the ones that I remember. Earthbound Da Black Market OC ReMix Sonic & Knuckles Lover Reef OC ReMix Sonic 3 Knuckleduster OC ReMix Chrono Trigger Town Life OC ReMix Banjo-Kazooie In the Darkness Lies OC ReMix Punch-Out!! Little Mac's Confession OC ReMix Zelda Hyrule's Angel (The Sleeping Beauty) OC ReMix Final Fantasy 10 Journey's End OC ReMix Secret of Mana Dragon Song OC ReMix Street Fighter 2 The Ken Song OC ReMix Final Fantasy 5 ROBOVoice OC ReMix Artura Dublin Delight OC ReMix Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix 4F73R M3 OC ReMix Chrono Cross Dreaming Still OC ReMix Zelda 64 Prayer OC ReMix Chrono Trigger The Place We Knew OC ReMix Zelda The Music of my Groin OC ReMix Chrono Trigger The Incredible Singing Robot OC ReMix Xenogears Pillar of Salt OC ReMix (Holy crap that took a while.)
  15. I approve of this, it would be pure win.
  16. Sweet, I'd been following this track (as I do any Sephfire track) back when it didn't have vocals, and it was awesome, but the vocals add a whole new layer to the awesome sauce this is. Congrats on the direct post Sephfire and Ceili!
  17. Sweet, I've been listening to the little 10-15 second teaser of this song on SGX's site, and it's nice to finally hear the whole song. My only complaint is the High synth around 4:49, it seemed out of place, but it seems to be growing on me.
  18. Hello and welcome to OCR, Just to let you know, we have a thread for introductions here. Also, I would recommend taking advantage of the Works in progress subforum to get some feedback on your mixes before you submit them. Enjoy your stay newblets!
  19. Did you try all of the mirrors? It Downloaded fine for me. Anyway, as for the mix, very cool. The intro has a very smooth sound and builds to the main melody nicely, and the piano solo at 2:20 was sweet.
  20. HAHAHA This is hilarious. You know, after the autotuning, chorusing, background vocoding etc, your voice isn't half bad:razz:
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