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  1. LT nailed it when he said ethereal atmosphere, and the drum work is superb. Great Halloween mix!
  2. http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=11744 ta-da. fixed.
  3. Meh, don't feel bad, what ya gotta do is right-click and choose "save link as" in firefox, or "save target as" in internet explorer. And WELCOME.
  4. very nice, intro builds nicely into the song, the bass synth is a little crazy, but is ok I guess. the shift is a little jarring at 2:25. Love the time sig change at 3:40ish. very cool, SGX would like it I'm sure.
  5. Ok, I sent this guy an e-mail, told him who I was, the situation, and made him aware of his song that is being plagiarized. We'll see if i get a response.
  6. *radio buzz: Tango Uniform Papa, in position to kill water supply, over. (^E-cookie to whoever got that) ok, this is what I see that is stolen, "Metroid Funkpower Remix" "Metroid Brinstar Theme Remixed" "the metroid rap"
  7. Hehe, this is fun, there's a great drum line throughout the entire track, :00-:44 starts us with a driving beat and builds the percussion up to :45-1:18 which gets us into the melody. 1:19-1:52 brings us a cool drum breakdown, 1:53-2:27 gets back to the main melody of the song, then brings us another breakdown at 2:28. 3:01 takes us back once more to the main melody before 3:18 brings in something new with fx from the game(it seems). very upbeat, and if I may dare, the sound effects at 3:18 3:20 sound like splats.(ewww)
  8. Well, everyone's right about the calm intro leading into absolute craziness. :00-:55 we get a nicely layered intro(even the not so great trumpet patch fits in a way) :56-1:30 goes absolutely crazy, but still keeps itself in touch with the other half of the song. 1:31-end takes us out with some screeching and nice drum work. Very cool for such an old song, definitely a keeper.
  9. Very good, :00-:23 Very calm intro, :24-:40 Leads us into some light bouncy synth work. :55-1:27 comes some more light airy synths to lead us into the main part of the song. 1:28-2:15 nice variations on the original melody. 2:15-2:25 brings a mini breakdown. 2:26-2:58 repeats the main part one more time before, 2:29-End Calmly releases us from its grasp. all in all, a very relaxing song deserving of props.
  10. Wait, Sgx Pimpage? IN MA SIG? NO WAI!!!! Anyway, ordered my stuffs, and, to quote myself in a recent aim log, :mrgreen::mrgreen:
  11. Quoted for fucking emphasis. Damn, I forgot about this being released, But I'll be picking it up.
  12. Cool, it's fixed. As for the ep, very nice, minimalist at times(becoming one), and very chill(Birth). Really good Chris, Keep it up!
  13. This is a great idea. I wasn't able to help last year, but I'll definitely help this year!
  14. I love super, it does really work.(Insert cheezy smile and thumbs up photo.) /Endorsement But really, super does work well, I would recommend.
  15. Um, this happened last year, and it failed horribly. I think it was called Winterlude. Sephfire completed a song for it though, Carol of the Bells.
  16. Well, seeing as this game came out today, why not make a thread about it? Trauma Center: New Blood is the 3rd game in the series, following Dr. Markus Vaughn and Valerie Blaylock, 2 Alaskan doctors facing a new disease, Stigma. So is anyone picking up this game, if so, what are your thoughts on it? Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go put on my scrubs and play this.
  17. Hellz yes. nice breakbeat man, love the strings at :29, hehe, drop at 1:06 and different strings. Perfect.
  18. uh, YES. like now on the front page of the forums,Currently Active Users: 132 (12 members and 120 guests) At 6:57 AM EST
  19. Oops, forgot about this, It's good, gets a little repetitive, but it doesn't detract from the song. Keep it up man!
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