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  1. Hmm, I use Zircon's "The Koto Chill" for my alarm (its very soothing, i usually just lay there for the whole song), And it usually seems that it's faster than normal. Especially the second half. EDIT: Crappy example Normal version of The Koto Chill, How it sounds to me at 6:30AM, Its a 2.5% tempo increase but when you just wake up it makes a more noticeable difference. (Don't kill me zirc for linking files! )
  2. Awesome, just got it today, and am ripping to my computer as I type. The prelude is awesome, other thought incoming later.
  3. Here ya go. As for the labeling, I wouldn't think it matters how ya do it.
  4. I told myself I couldn't do anything else until I reviewed this, SOOOOOO, ARRANGEMENT / INTERPRETATION [X] Too conservative - sticks too close to the source [sorry but that intro] Too much direct sampling from original game audio PRODUCTION Not fair cause you didn't do any yet:-P PERFORMANCE Haha, fern performing live. STRUCTURE [X] Not enough changes in sounds (eg. static texture, not dynamic enough) [X] Pace too plodding [X] Too repetitive PERSONAL COMMENTS Personally, I like the full piano intro a lot better. Anywho, on to the main song, TRANSITION!!!. The first break at 2:10 to 2:23 was a little sudden and the drums sound way to exposed and random(and not the good random). Near the end 3:10 the lead synth sounds way to high key and repetative. OK now I can go eat, lol See ya around Fernhead!
  5. It's called WE'RE BUSY, and not just the judges are busy. Like right now, there are 3 wips that I have neglected to comment on(Sorry DJ Symbiotix). But right now I have to get to work, work all day, get home late, and go to bed. Not too much time in there to comment on stuff. (shit now I'm late)
  6. Hawt, But no preview? Granted ima gonna buy it anyway, but PLZ?!?
  7. Don't forget about BT's This Binary Universe
  8. Wow, I guess thats a good thing, how many cd's does that mean you sold?
  9. Yeah, it's up on kotaku http://kotaku.com/5011043/video-game-sex-lecture-time and a lot of other places too. Nice work man!!
  10. O.k. let me dust off my old reviewing hat, I agree with Jeremy about the bass, especially around :06-:08, :13-:16 etc. the staccato seems really awkward. but after around :35 the bass meshes better for me. also agreed about the part after the transition. needs some expansion to keep people interested. Pretty awesome, keep running with it.
  11. Been really diggin this song the past few days, Like I said in my iTunes review(come on everyone, REVIEW IT!!!) "Even though it clocks in at 5:37 this track keeps you going and interested" O RLY!?! Neat!
  12. Why hello, new one. Welcome to OCR (trumpet fanfare!) I see you found the proper place for your intro, As for all those songs, we also have a place for those here.
  13. 4 month Bump... anywhoo, if you are at all tuned into mgs stuff, you saw this, anyone else buying it?
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