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  1. Neat, glad to hear you got everything worked out with that guy. Oh yeah, and the song is good too.
  2. Hehe, he's a furry http://www.furaffinity.net/user/bluebomberimo/ Sigh, typical 14 year old. let's go everyone! bluebomberimo@hotmail.com MSN Bluebomber the Lucario http://bluebomberimo.deviantart.com/ HUZZAH!
  3. Cool, finally got Azureus working properly, no NAT probs, so one more seed!
  4. Ordered me IMA and ESCM, and a 2 GB micro SD card for my cell phone.
  5. Jeez, I've been slacking lately. Ok, Like the piano intro and the melody it carries, but there's a synth at :47, and it just grates on my eardrums:whatevaa: especially around 1:06 and 1:35. Really like the slowdown at 2:01 the melody is sweet, nice buildup after it, like the synth at 2:42, no grating there:)!! I agree with the previous poster about the ending, but great concept. keep at it8-)
  6. Oh boy, Fern and the car salesman father are gonna haggle with someone? God help the Yamaha store people.
  7. Cause it came out a year ago and everyone's already said everything about it?
  8. There is the problem, there are too many projects for any real coverage from ReMixers.
  9. How bout "We have over 11 projects running right now and can't handle anymore"?
  10. as a matter of fact, I do have a few friends who do:-P
  11. Neat, kinda dragged, but oh well, it's covering MAGfest. Hopefully there will be some sort of format for them in the future, but hey, any videogame music podcast is fine by me.
  12. Well, my handle comes from my job, we take your water from the source, treat it and deliver into your house. So in a sense, we are plumbers,(you know, gluing, soldering, etc.) and our work helps your pipes and fixtures last longer, thus making the other plumbers look good, but we never usually get any credit, thus the "Unsung" part. (And no, I don't flash my asscrack at people.)
  13. Wow, Kickass song there, dude. as for your site, seems fine to me.
  14. Hellz yes. anyway, if you note my initials, DW, it would stand to reason that I LOVE Darkwing Duck. When I was 5, there was nothing cooler than having the same initials as darkwing.
  15. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahem... A new harmony mix, what else is there to say? simply perfect, thats what.
  16. Hello all newbies, enjoy your stay. Remember, don't feed the trolls, and the WIP board is your friend:wink:
  17. Woo, got mine. Very nice covers as usual. And awesome music inside as well:mrgreen:
  18. Just saw this on BT's site, very sad. there is a thread on this in the forums on BT's site. EDIT: you must be logged in to see that thread^
  19. Wow, this is beautiful. It keeps it's energy throughout the entire song, which I love, it transitions well, my only gripe is the end is a little too quick, but I think thats just personal preference. Keep em coming, our favorite vampire hunter!
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