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  1. I agree with all of that, plus, near the beginning at :18 the low echoey kick needs some MOAR punch like the ones at :22 :25 etc. The glitching/slicing at 1:56, when the melodys come in, it seems a little weird that the rest of the song is glitching and these new sections are unaffected. then at 2:26 they start to glitch as well, it just doesn't seem right. so, this is really good, play around with the glitchy/slicey part and hit me up on AIM if ya see me:<
  2. Couple of shirts, stickers, $20, and maybe a dualshock 3 from amazon;-)
  3. *transformers noises* *Pops out of a pipe, Mario Bros. style*
  4. What's this? My name not in the Remixer credits? After all the work I did? Fuck you all, I quit!
  5. Grumpy, aren't we? I can see if this was being neglected by the directors, but it seems that there's no interest right now.
  6. First off, http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=15330 Second, ZOMG IT'S ON NOW!!!! GO LISTEN!!!!!!!
  7. I joined, as long as we hear what Jill AND Andy have for breakfast tomorrow.
  8. If I lived anywhere near you, I would share this awesome DQ blizzard I am having. But alas, I am not, so these kind words must suffice.
  9. For those who care, Pendulum has recently announced the release dates for there new single and new album. From their site/myspace blog: They have also released the music video for Propane Nightmares, Which can be found here.
  10. Yes, your music is Great for audiosurfing;-)
  11. And mods, project leaders, big contributors, etc... Why stop with just staff. This whole page is full of elitist bastards like us. And Sig makers:mrgreen: Anyway, I think this would be cool, I'd help.
  12. O.k. I'm throwing my sig-making hat into the mix. We'll see what happens. EDIT: Done!
  13. Woah, I read that as "Jill will be wearing my black dress":dstrbd: Anyway, have fun and take lots of pics!
  14. I lol'd, then I typed moar characters.
  15. For the sake of everyone, could we be a little more specific?
  16. For the sake of everyone, could we be a little more specific?
  17. Went to the midnight launch of the wii, on the coldest night in florida, dying with the flu.
  18. Fernhead does have a point. Other than that though, it's great.
  19. HUZZAH!!! (Gotta keep that gay stripper idea around, It was a good one.)
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