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  1. Oh! I just updated the existing ones and forgot to put some of the new ones on. Don't worry, the track is in the final wavs folder ready to go.
  2. So I updated the first page, and it's looking pretty nice. I'm doubly kicking off srs work on the art/site as we speak :3.
  3. We all know ghost writing happens, but it's kind of different if you're actually deaf and trying to pretend it hasn't affected you: The plot has thickened as the ghost writers are coming forward. Some of them are even claiming he's pretending to be deaf, it's all getting a bit weird. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-02-06-music-school-teacher-behind-onimusha-composer-revealed Niigaki said he was paid $77,000 over two decades during which he composed more than 20 pieces of music. "I told him a few times that we should stop doing this, but he never gave in," Niigaki said. "Also he said he would commit suicide if I stop composing for him."
  4. Oh sure, I've spoken to a film composer about ghost writing. It happens all the time, and most of the time it comes down to just not having time to write 2 hours of music on the quick. I'm not intending to start a witch-hunt by posting it, just thought it was interesting to note given that OCR databases who composed what. Although I would say that pretending to be genius enough to compose music while deaf is slightly dodgier then generic ghost writing.
  5. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-02-05-resident-evil-and-onimusha-composer-exposed-as-a-fraud Didn't see a thread on this. 'Deaf man didn't really compose music' shouldn't be a huge surprise but he kept that quiet.
  6. Pfft, all the cool cats are too busy with their meetup that I can't go to. I'll have my own talkback, with blackjack, and hookers! It could even be at not 3am in the morning!
  7. Just a nice new set of shiny samples and a lot of work cleaning it up by Guillaume. I only made a few suggestions after he presented the finished version, mainly about the attack of some samples being late.
  8. ...To be honest, I think the guitars in that track sound awful. I was using a semi-hollow jazz guitar with a high-gain amp setup that didn't work. The very first few notes I used a proper Ibanez RG with a whammy bar, through the pink floyd preset in guitar rig 3, no EQ, and that bit sounds not too bad. The floyd sound is more about smooth overdrive and spacey effects then EQ.

  9. Once you open pandora's box, there's no going back.
  10. I'm not sure that people realize that this album contains some of what me (and others) consider to be some of our best work and it's frustrating that it can't be heard. In particular I'm extremely proud of my final battle remix, and it's also been done for around 2 years. I feel all of your pains, and want to get this thing out as much as anyone else!
  11. They've asked for a difficult Ps3 action game, there is only one answer: Dark Souls.
  12. So far me team is: Chespin Charmander Pikachu (wasn't planning on this but I crumbled when I found it) Vivillon (nice dark green one) Just picked up the snorlax, not sure if I'll use him though.
  13. Wow yeah, 3:12 onwards is a mess in terms of fighting for space, and iffy master compression. I'm with the sayers of nay on this one. At the best of times the mix is just about passable, but those two sections mentioned above are a bit painful. I know y'all can do better that this Brandon as I've heard it before, so let's hear it again . NO, plz resub
  14. TIEBREAKER! While I'm not overly impressed with the copy paste repeats, it's not like there's no place for them. It's just more obvious when the changes that have been made are as complicated as they are. Whilst the sound is overall a little cookie and the arrangement is a bit on the OCD side, I think the production is executed well enough. I'm gonna let this pass, but next time I'd like to hear less straight copy-pastage and more subtle variation please. YES
  15. Congratulations for buying this guide, for all the actual secrets please consult the internet!
  16. I'm considering staying up to be take part... I never usually get to as I'm over here and it's too late but it IS a friday...
  17. We are very almost in evaluation. We had two late dropouts that needed tracks covered, which are done and almost done. The only other track left is by... well guess who .
  18. Serious answer: 'Rhythm' guitar solos, that aren't really solos but still kick ass. Edit: Why my timestamped link no work . 2:45 in the video.
  19. Yeah that piano is very mechanical. Every note sounds exactly the same velocity, which you just can't away with even with the best samples. So it sounds like you're headed in the Pendulum direction. This needs to sound a lot bigger. The synths are all quite tame and mono when everything drops. I can see what Larry means when he says it sounds like a sketch/mockup of an idea. The synth programming/modulation/mixing are all just not developed enough to pull off the style. This isn't really my genre but hopefully someone else might have a bit more advice. NO
  20. Arg, this is a really tricky one because this does a lot of things well but the lack of theme development/building is really grating once you've noticed it. Just keeps coming back to the same theme in the same presentation. Like if you isolated 4:15 to 4:40 and asked to guess where it was in a track, I would say right at the start in order for it to be developed. I definitely wouldn't say its the capitulation of a theme's development throughout the track. Arguably it could be seen as a wind down but I'm not sure. To me, the samples at 3:00, 3:34 and 4:40 are just plain distracting and not what we're looking for at all. To me they draw attention to the distinct lack of new ideas introduced through the track. I'm not trying to be negative here, it just sounds like you have the skills to make the arrangement much more worthwhile. I've got no problems with the production here, but you can definitely take this further on the arrangement side. NO, but i want to hear this go further.
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