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  1. i'll see wut i can does

  2. The vinyl clicks are a bit excessive in a recording. It's a playback artifact, not a recording one. Otherwise its kinda stylistically cool. Eh, hard to say in general, case-by-case really.
  3. Yeah it's simply not true. You can't fit that much money in your pocket, I had to use a suitcase.
  4. Yeah I'm really confused by this trailer. The stills looked very nice, but the trailer footage is only marginally different. People are saying that it IS the PS3 footage in the comments... I hope they're wrong. The bit where FFX-2 comes in for 5 seconds with its god-awful music says a lot about how proud of that one they are. I'm ashamed that I will have to give them money for it again just to get access to the X remaster.
  5. I shall have to try this now that I've upgraded my comp to barely modern standard. I really do love FF12. I maintain that it is the best large-scale translation/localization in all of gaming.
  6. But but but but I was hoping for at least 5 more sequels!
  7. Wat? I didn't like one section, and I didn't even not like it in itself; I just thought it was tangential. You're an annoyingly talented bastard, so stop being a drama queen .
  8. Fishy

    Chrono Jigga

    Someone showed me this earlier. I don't even...
  9. If I don't know about a trailer, he probably doesn't .
  10. Yes, yes there are. I anticipate at least two more over the weekend :3. No more samples you greedy lot.
  11. Made significant progress with Eternal Harvest this week, arrangement done just needs re-recording. That track was not written to be arranged, and it was definitely not written to be playable on guitar. Also got a first wip for Cid's theme from XPRTNovice, I think it will surprise people in a good way .
  12. I still remember sitting playing this by myself in the dark just after christmas, one of the most awesome (in the true sense of the word) moments of modern games. Shame the series jumped the shark after their best work.
  13. Ya fo reals, no reason it isn't an LP at heart. They are playing the game, their commentary style is just very tangential Admittedly they half-ass a lot of (terrible) games, but their main playthroughs are full on LPs in my eyes.
  14. Game Grumps is the only Let's Play sort of dealy that is anymore entertaining then actually playing the game, to me anyway. And that is pretty much the 'goofy commentary' you mentioned. I have multiple times used other, totally boring Let's Play videos to check a few facts about what happens when in games. Apart from game grumps the only one I've ever watched in full was a Toejam and Earl co-op playthrough, and thats only because that game is hilarious. That said, I like watching live speedrun attempts, they can be quite interesting.
  15. Mr Briggs got me a 99% done (but 100% awesome) version of the overworld theme, so just waiting on the wav. Progress; we has it.
  16. Yeah some very weird phasing going on here. Can't really vote on it properly when its this out of phase.
  17. Hah, I maybe gave the initial nudge but her two other tracks were out of the blue. I was just as thrilled as you lot.
  18. I felt like it made more sense to just call him Jecht instead of dad or father if you wanted to do that, but I can see what you mean.
  19. It wouldn't rule it out. It would just mean that if djp and larry don't like it well.. too bad it passed and I want it in the flood .
  20. Re: bad voice acting... FFX was a victim of it's translation I think. Yuna's awkward pauses may work in japanese (I have no idea if they do) but they made it impossible to write her dialogue in english well. Some of the characters are well done (Auron, Wakka, Lulu, Maechen) but yah, not great on the whole. Also, no one told the guy who plays tidus that 'my old man' is an excruciatingly stupid way of saying dad, it was the idiot translater. By comparison, FFXII is just about the best translation of any game ever. The delivery may be a bit hammy from some characters (Reddas, Balthier, Cid), but it suits the hell out of the shakespearean tone imo. It sounds awesome every time someone speaks for me. I know a lot of people didn't care for the plot but I've yet to see a better dialogue cutscene then the one with Ache and the Occuria.
  21. I haven't decided on the flood tracks yet. Once I have a list, Larry and DJP usually check them to make sure they're easy passes, and might insist on getting them voted on quickly by the panel if there's something awry. Bottom line is that if you wanted it on main OCR, you should have submitted it straight away (like you did). Assuming your track would be one of a handful of the 40+ is a bit risky I would have thought.
  22. Well that was quick, Steiner's Theme done!
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