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  1. hey sweet, i just started playing ToP yesterday. This should be alright eh?
  2. so is the lack of inhibition a good thing or bad? sort of makes you realize what a funny thing inhibition is.
  3. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26837911/?GT1=43001 I thought this was pretty funny. I definitely have a split personality, and the part thats odd is that Ive never really fully acknowledged it until recently. On the internet in general, I am a trolling flaming asshole but in the real world I barely talk. Sort of.
  4. sorry to interrupt pwnige with noob question, but is there a way to get a brawl battle recording from my sandisk into a playable video format on my computer. prolly no because the file is binary, but if anyone has advice, thx. guess i have to record on my camera phone like everyone else
  5. you guys are missing the point. we should have mods killing members not vice versa
  6. I thought his skeleton was reinforced with it. because in one comic magneto removed the metal. it was pretty nasty and yes, you will get several thaousand votes if stephen colbert gets wind of this
  7. im going to be honest, i thought i was good too, but that was before i realized that there was an online community of people who break down and master every aspect of the game. and then came youtube videos of people pwning away in ways i didnt think imaginable. I am learning all the advanced techniques and crap, but really my time is limited to about once a week. and a lot of it is fucking hard my friend has the wii, and i have a sandisk *gasp* and a sandisk slot on my computer *gasp* so I will send you expert cool people a video of me and my friend doing our pathetic best. and you guys can gi
  8. WHat? why dont they release i dont know a halo 4 or something that ties into these goddam books instead of retelling the stories.
  9. that ad was amazing if you keep playing it it will continue to shekre the items at the bottom too
  10. the home page is great the discussion forums are mindbogglingly stupid leave while you still can!!!11 and welcome
  11. Nohbody

    Rock Band 2

    the commercial i saw made me want to die
  12. im still a fucktard remember folks
  13. you are about 5 final fantasies too late for thatun
  14. a sniper flamethrower. silenced, clip fed potato gun. sniper shotgun railgun, like a gun that shoots rails shotgun shooting a spray of shuriken sniper potato cannon pistol that shoots grenades that explode into razor confetti.
  15. Oh my god shaky cam was such a colossal fail. Once I noticed in the Bourne Ultimatum that the camera never stopped moving, it consumed my attention the entire movie. It wobbled slightly during even the dialogue. Not to mention they could have slipped in a massive orgy in the background of one of the intense action scenes and it would have went unnoticed, thanks to the camera man being drunk and masturbating while tripping on ecstasy.
  16. Nohbody

    Welcome to Mars

    tha is really cool. lol army
  17. Make that a third. This is one of the best melodies on the N64, and MM is not getting enough love from this sight
  18. Nohbody


    oh my god, take a break man
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