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  1. Original Prince of Persia on our Apple II. We got it when I was 5, and that was the first video game I ever played. Good old, unforgiving, full of death traps, Prince of Persia. It took me like a month to learn the controls and then a couple more months to figure out how to beat the first level. That game was hard as hell. Me and my sister used to put bath towel turbans on our head and jump around the living room. If you fell on the floor it meant you were impaled on the spikes. Kind of like the floor is made of lava, but with towels on your head. Good times.
  2. Two programs which are both specifically for creating sheet music are Sibelius and Finale. I'm not sure what you mean by a non-voice song, but those two programs are the best out there for making sheet music. There are other programs like Logic that have a function built in that take midi and shows you the sheet music. The problem with this though is that it doesn't always translate accurately to sheet music, and the editing tools are a pain to work with.
  3. And I'm waiting for all these HD video interviews Larry took with the new camera. He was so excited about that camera!
  4. I think we need another band. Of course Better than Soc will stay the same, but I think we need another band. With everyone from OCR in it. It would be awesome.
  5. Mirror's Edge was a really fun game, but it was way too short and the story sucked. They tried something different, first person runner, and it turned out to be really fun to play.
  6. Uhhh...it was the big giant room with like a million TVs and every game ever. And Street Fighter 4. It was behind the vendors and the arcade games in the ballroom. It was pretty epic.
  7. Figured I'd pimp out the commercial Cerrax made for Fallout since it's made of awesome.
  8. That was awesome!!! Although I don't think the driver enjoyed our rendition of the theme song. Oh well, at least we remembered to tip him. (Eventually)
  9. Busta, where did you get it again?
  10. Anybody take video of jamspace that's been posted yet? (Aside from all the official-type stuff?)
  11. Tolerating the DJ's? You guys were so awesome, even Zircon was dancing.
  12. Ahhh back in Pittsburgh. Well MAGfest was really a lot of fun, and it was cool to meet all you guys for real. Had lots of fun playing viola/violin with some of you guys, going to concerts, playing around in the game room...it was all good. Can't wait till next year!
  13. I love Dr. Horrible. I just made Cerrax watch it and he thought it was awesome too...and bought the whole soundtrack about halfway through. "The hammer is my penis"
  14. So one of the people in our hotel room, (me, Cerrax, and prophet's friend Steve) is unable to come due to some transportation issues and we really want to try and get four people into our room...I know it's last minute but if you need somewhere to stay or you know someone who's looking for a room, please send me a PM.
  15. Whaaaaat??? What kind of hotel has a pool but no hot tub? Booooo. That's ok. The pool is still gonna be fun anyways. THREE DAYS.
  16. Exploding Pants. Fallout 3. Also, I liked the gameplay in Mirror's Edge.
  17. Hey if you don't want to swim, there's probably a hot tub too. But all the cool kids are gonna be in the pool.
  18. Alexis

    Xbox 360

    Nope. This is why I usually lurk and don't post much.
  19. Alexis

    Xbox 360

    Stop being a dick, it's Christmas. Also, learn to fucking type, get off your brother's account and make your own.
  20. Alexis

    Xbox 360

    Sorry for the double post but this is funny.
  21. Alexis

    Xbox 360

    Oh, I can't afford them, but I buy them anyways. The only food I have in my apartment right now is ritz crackers and ramen noodles, thanks to fallout 3. It's worth the sacrifice.
  22. Less than a week left bump. I'm ready to play some violin and viola, bitches. Edit: Also, people who are involved with the Irish ensemble thing...are you all going to be there new years eve?
  23. Viola/Violin Transducer YAY!
  24. Merry Christmas from Pittsburgh! Go Steelers!
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