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  1. How is it that I'm just now discovering this remix? This is awesome, love the arrangement. And holy freaking crap, Jeremey Soule.
  2. I guess it really depends on the game, but for the most part I'm A. It's also why I don't do that great at games like Halo, where running towards the enemy might not always be the best option.
  3. I heard you were the fucking force.

  4. damn...you're right.


  5. Seriously you guys. Come to Pittsburgh. Need some incentive? Cerrax has this naked lady in his house. Her name is Sheila. No joke. Also, there's some kind of video game concert going on. Pittsburgh meetup, let's go.
  6. Haha, I love the raccoon one. He looks kind of annoyed.
  7. I just got a fancy camera (Canon Powershot S5 IS) a little bit back and I love playing around with it. Here's a few. (If you can't tell, I'm slightly obsessed with the super macro feature on the camera) The view from my window Raindrop on the window My viola I couldn't resist. Herman Li at a Dragonforce concert last week.
  8. This whole song is freaking epic. The first 30 seconds are awesome and the strings in this song sound great. Awesome, hope to hear more from you guys.
  9. http://thehuntforgollum.com/trailers_player_trailer2.htm This is one of those movies made by fans for fans. Apparently it's coming out in a few days, May 3rd, and you can watch the whole thing online. The trailer looks really cool. Check it out.
  10. I'm bringing this thing back! Wooo. Ok so, here are my goals for the summer: According to a BMI chart, I need to lose about 70-80 pounds to be considered fit for my height. No joke. I think maybe over the course of the next year or so it should be doable. The thing is, I've been so busy with school for the last four years of college that I've really stopped working out. Recently, I've been trying to do about 20 minutes of running each day, but I'm not really sure what else to do; it's been a long time since I actually consistently worked out. I'm really out of shape right now. What other kinds of things would be good to start out with, for somebody who is not in shape at all? I've just been doing cardio, and I'm not really sure what kind of other things I should be doing. Like crunches and push ups maybe? I have no clue. I have been eating healthier though; haven't had fast food in a couple of weeks, and I've actually been eating like fruits and vegetables and stuff. Just discovered those bags of vegetables that you throw in the microwave and they just steam themselves. Freaking awesome. Any tips are appreciated.
  11. Can't say I ever played this game, but saw this on the front page and thought I'd give it a listen. Glad I did. It's pretty sweet.
  12. Alexis

    your new sig is awesome, bill nye is the shit.

  13. Alexis


    You're on. Well, if I remember.
  14. A, definitely A. There used to be just one difficulty on games, or if there were multiple difficulties to choose from, easy on old games is not the same easy as the one on games we have now.
  15. I play guitar hero and I'm learning guitar. You can do both. Most people are just too lazy to learn the actual instrument.
  16. Wow this is pretty cool. Keep us posted.
  17. Alexis


    Way to make your own birthday thread. Happy birthday!
  18. Yay in the case of DLC for games like Rock Band or Guitar Hero where it's something that is just an added experience and was made after the release of the game. Nay for things where they could have put it on the game, they just didn't because they knew they would make an extra 10 bucks or whatever, charging you.
  19. Definitely going. ETA: (Let me rephrase that; defintely going as long as a job interview doesn't come up. I have a feeling that these things are going to be screwing up a lot of my plans for the summer. There are none on that date though, as far as I know yet, but apparently school districts have a habit of scheduling interviews at the last minute)
  20. Ohhhh nooooo...not Finland....oh noooooo.
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