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    MAGFest 8

  2. Alexis

    MAGFest 8

    I don't have a job yet so I don't know if I'll be able to come for the whole thing, but I'll be there for the first few days if I can! Psssst. Xenotone people. Are we going to try to put anything together? There's definitely still time. Edit: I should also probably mention that I am leaving from Pittsburgh, most likely with Cerrax, Rob (his roommate) and perhaps a couple of other people. I'm not sure yet, but there's a possibility that there will be room in the car.
  3. We're going to VNV Nation on Sunday- there's a possibility we could still make tonights VGL concert (Saturday).
  4. Taucer! Happy Birthday! Still rocking the neckbeard?
  5. This was pretty good and also true. I can't say that I exactly transitioned into gaming (the first "video game" I ever played was Prince of Persia when I was five years old on an old Mac. Nice and bloody game for a five year old.) Even so, a lot of what you said was true for me. I used to be a lot like other girls where I just judged the game by it's cover (marketing) and quickly dismissed it because of a scantily clad lady on the cover. I don't do that as much anymore, I actually read reviews about games, and look for games with good gameplay, story, music, etc. The whole slutty girl thing has gotten a liiiittle better. Not by much, but it was nice in Portal to play a female character who didn't have her boobs hanging out. Also, you totally hit the mark on the whole thing about girl gamers not being able to talk to their friends about video games. Trying to talk to my female friends about games always ends up being really awkward. They try to look interested, but usually I can tell they really aren't and are just going along with it for my amusement. The only people I can really talk to games about are my guy friends and all you internet people. As far as the ratio of male to female gamers...well look at this thread. How many females have posted so far? ....yeah. However, I won't lie, it was kind of fun to be one of the three girls at MAGfest last year. Can't wait to see your next one! Keep doing these, they're awesome.
  6. Must pimp out the only mix I have on the site right now: http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01657/ Also, The Protomen have some really good stuff, rock opera style.
  7. Thanks for sharing- good stuff, just finished downloading all of it.
  8. BlackMage- Those are some amazing shots! I've tried playing around with HDR before, but I've never been able to get it to look natural like those do. How many exposures did you do for those?
  9. Dear God, I'm going to have nightmares from this picture.
  10. Happy Birthday Zircon!!!
  11. Did you try googling it? Unless it's a really obscure song, you should be able to find some midi somewhere.
  12. I ended up re-rolling, and I got a really cool song from a game I've never even heard of before, but I'm really excited about it. Getting started on it now.
  13. Who the hell is AD??? Happy Birthday.
  14. Found a bunch of fantasy books at half price books awhile ago for pretty cheap. I'm starting with one called "The Bride of Stone" by Thomas Williams I'm not too far into it yet, but so far I feel like this guy was pretty influenced by Lord of the Rings as far as the story goes (Sauron=Crazy Witch Lady, Ring=Crown), but otherwise it's decent.
  15. Bump again. Ok. We need to have a list of people definitely going. If you are DEFINITELY in please post in this thread so that we can get tickets. I'm going.
  16. Just noticed that my remixer page has a link to my twitter. Kinda cool.
  17. Happy 20th. One more year till you can officially party.
  18. Check out google. They're celebrating.
  19. Really cool concept, but I'm not getting my hopes up just yet. If this thing actually works without being incredibly glitchy, I'll be impressed.
  20. D I just graduated with my B.S in Music Education, with the applied instrument of viola. I've taken lessons with a few people from the PSO on viola. I also played some trumpet in high school, took lessons privately with the band teacher there. Looking to get a teaching job next year, and eventually I'll try to get my masters in either music performance or in music education.
  21. Alexis

    Keyboard Cat

    I clicked on that link and it resulted in me losing about fifteen minutes of my life watching various dogs and cats walk on pianos.
  22. Are you guys done arguing about Jesus Christ? Is it safe to comment now? I didn't think this was PPR... Anyways, I'm so happy to hear a percussion remix up on the site. A couple of my friends from college are percussion majors and they both really got me into percussion ensemble stuff. It's so refreshing to see something like this pop up on the site. It's different, and you did a great job with it. Plus the title is damn funny. I'm Christian, and I have no problem with that. Come on people. Get the stick out of your asses. (Yes, go ahead and tell me I'm going to hell. I was a Greek Orthodox Christian at a Catholic university. According to the nuns there, I'm gonna burn in hell anyways for not being Catholic.)
  23. Alexis

    Keyboard Cat

    My god, I just saw that on TV and I nearly peed myself, I laughed so hard.
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