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  1. I think I'm actually more excited for MAGfest than I am for Christmas. Yep.
  2. Congrats! So is everyone on OCR just getting married and having kids now?
  3. THANK YOU. I've been saying this for years, and they keep making shitty 3D games instead.
  4. Alexis

    Game Damage

    It was pretty funny. I especially liked the Master Chief walking around, creeping people out. That was great.
  5. Awwwww congratulations you guys! Jade, your dress is gorgeous!!!
  6. I love babies!!! Congratulations!
  7. Alexis

    Xbox 360

    Bethesda just announce some new DLC for Fallout 3...and I'm ridiculously excited. Operation Anchorage - the first of three planned DLC packs for the game - is set in the game's "distant past", with players able to access a dusty old military simulator that "teleports" you into a battle against the Chinese army, in the days before the a-bombs started falling. The second, called The Pitt, takes players to Pittsburgh, a city that while still in a state of disrepair, never took a bomb or three like DC did. The third, "Broken Steel", is mentioned only briefly, and will bring increases to level caps, new bad guys and new perks. I'm mostly excited since I live in Pittsburgh, and I'm looking forward to walking around my real life apartment and stuff in the Fallout 3 world.
  8. Alexis


    Haven't been able to get him to run very effectively without falling and breaking his neck, but I've found if you get him into a split, you can kinda shimmy him down the track. I got to 36 meters that way.
  9. This is great, I downloaded all three albums, although I was a bit disappointed in his arrangement of Carol of the Bells. Definitely not epic enough. A lot of them are pretty good though.
  10. So i just finished the game. There's a cliffhanger at the end. They're makin' a sequel. I hope it's better than this one.
  11. That's because it is stupid easy. You don't even have to think to do anything. Nothing in this game is even remotely difficult, and it requires no brain power to play. The controls bother me a lot, probably because I'm coming to this game right after having played Mirror's Edge. There are too many moves on just one button, and the game assumes too much as to what you're trying to do. There's also no momentum when you're running around, which again is really weird after playing Mirror's Edge since everything in that game is based on having enough momentum to keep moving. The thing I hate the most is the combat, because most of the time I don't feel like I'm in control of the character at all. The game tells you when to block, and if you try to do something else, you're fucked. It tells you to press a button, and you have to do it or else you're fucked. The prince moves really awkwardly in battles, and half the time when you press a button to attack he takes a year and a half to swing the sword, by which time your enemy has already hit you. I wish they would just use a fighting system that has worked well in the past (like Sands of Time) and just used that instead of trying to come up with this new fighting system. I absolutely hate it, it's slow and clunky. The plot makes the game really repetitive; here's a map with healing grounds! Great job, you've healed one land. Now go to the other TWENTY THREE of them, and fight a monster and collect light seeds. GOOD JOB, YOU WIN THE GAME. It's just about as repetitive as Assassins Creed. Actually it's probably even more repetitive, cause at least in Assassins Creed you get to wake up from your DNA memory dream every once in awhile and do something different. That being said, I've always liked Prince of Persia games; Prince of Persia was the first game I played when I was five years old on our old mac computer. I've owned pretty much every Prince of Persia game since then and this is the first one that I really haven't like that much. I'm still playing it, and I plan on finishing it, since I spent the money on it.
  12. This is really weird cause that's exactly the same thing that is going on with me. I'm playing Chrono Trigger for the first time too (and I'm stuck on stupid Magus), but it is really cool to hear the music that all the remixes were based off of. It's really fun to turn the sound in the game off and put on remixes from the site that matches what you're doing too.
  13. I'm bringing my viola and violin. Nobody can touch the viola, but I might consider letting people use the violin. Maybe.
  14. In most western music there are a total of 12 different notes to choose from in order write music with. Some music is going to eventually end up sounding the same.
  15. I'm a girl. I'm going to MAGfest. World's still here. Q-pa - Me and Cerrax are from Pittsburgh too and we're driving over together, but I don't know when yet, depending on whether or not Cerrax has New Years Eve off of work. I PM'ed Benzo awhile ago, but if he still needs a ride, we have room in our car too.
  16. Beating the actual game itself is not too difficult once you know what to do and where you're supposed to go...all the different time trials and that extra stuff is hard though. You have to pull of everything quickly and perfectly to make it through, and though the beginning levels are pretty easy, once you get to some of the later levels where you have to pull of ridiculous combinations it starts getting hard.
  17. prophet NOOOO! Why not??? (and also is your friend still coming then?)
  18. Yay! Let's do it and this time let's make it not fall through. It would be really cool to meet all you other OCR folks from Pittsburgh.
  19. I thought that it was worth mentioning that there are 46 days until MAGfest. WOOOOOOO!
  20. I would totally come too, but I'm teaching violin lessons tonight...we should try to get a meetup together for Pittsburgh folks though. That would be pretty fun.
  21. I wanna comeeeeee! I work at Duquesne music school and I saw posters for this a few days ago...it was exciting
  22. Yeah, like Cerrax said, if you want a ride, that's fine, we'll have room in the car! However, we're still waiting to hear from Prophet's friend about the hotel room.
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