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  1. "Miles I need you" "YOU...YOU DO??? OH DADDDY!!!! I NEED YOU TOO!" "What? No I just need you to come with me to do some stuff at the Orchid...Stop hugging me please" I totally call Marvin Candle getting shot right in front of Miles soon. And Miles telling his mother that his father left the family rather than telling his mom that he was killed. I was pretty disappointed in this episode. After last week's ridiculous amount of epic, this episode kinda sucked. Also, Miles is probably my least favorite character. But Hurley trying to write Star Wars was pretty funny.
  2. Kanye actually blogged about the episode...ALSO HE SEEMS TO ENJOY TYPING IN ALL CAPS, PERHAPS HIS CAPSLOCK KEY IS BROKEN.
  3. Are you thinking of Morning by Greig? It's ridiculously overused for people waking up in the morning. There's no ambience in it, so I'm not sure if this is what you mean.
  4. Some Vault Boys... LT: I'd take either the 1st or 3rd, but the lack of sharpness completely sucks. No go.
  5. Alexis

    Bioshock 2

    When they first released the trailer for Bioshock 2, it had the subtitle "Sea of Dreams". Then they announced that it was no longer Sea of Dreams. Then they announced that it was. Then they announced that it isn't again. So as of right now, it's just Bioshock 2.
  6. You kind of have to watch LOST from the very beginning to appreciate how ridiculously good it is. I mean there are so many subtle things that they stick in the episodes that you don't pick up on unless you've been following the show. You should watch it Jarvi. Seriously, greatest show ever.
  7. Bumping thread due to FUCKING EPIC LOST that was on this week. Some of my thoughts on Dead is Dead, spoilers ahead. -John Locke waking up and scaring the living hell out of Ben was great. Terry O Quinn plays creepy zombie Locke so well. (ZOMBIE SEASON.) -Yay, they didn't kill off Penny! Also, Desmond beating the shit out of Ben was awesome. I'm surprised he didn't kill Ben. -Speaking of this whole scene..."Hello Penelope. My name is Benjamin Linus. Your father killed my daughter. Prepare to die." -When Ben was handing Alex over to Widmore when he first brought her back, he said "Then you kill her..." Thought this was pretty ironic since Widmore sort of does end up as being responsible for her death. -Also, thought the parallel between Richard-Ben relationship and the Ben-Alex relationship is interesting...they were both brought into the Others because they were supposed to either die or be killed, but Richard sympathized with Ben, and Ben showed that he actually has a soul and didn't kill baby Alex. Both Richard and Ben claimed that they did it because it was what the island wanted, which is probably not true, leading to Ben taking over the Others from Widmore, which was probably never supposed to happen, and leading to Alex's eventual death. - The whole role reversal of Locke to Ben through the episode was also awesome. Now Ben has to follow whatever Locke says or he dies. Sucks. - Ben killing Caesar at the beginning- YAY! Caesar was starting to get annoying. -"What's coming out of that jungle is something I can't control" - Enter John Locke. -The whole scene with Ben being judged made the entire episode. I think the key here is that Ben felt remorse for what he had done to Alex. The scene paralled Eko meeting the smoke monster and being judged- it appeard to him as Yemi, and Eko was not remorseful for what happened, and so the smoke monster killed him. Ben sees Alex and apologizes to her, even probably knowing that it isn't really her. For this reason the smoke monster lets him live, under the condition that he follows everything Locke tells him to do. Awesome. -Also, those hieroglyphics: I've been looking around and many people are speculating that the one on the right is supposed to be Anubis which is the Egyptian God associated with the afterlife...
  8. Alexis

    Bioshock 2

    New video was just released featuring gameplay in Bioshock 2...and if you've been following the news about Bioshock 2, it is no longer Sea of Dreams...again. http://www.gametrailers.com/player/47807.html
  9. Shadow of the Colossus was a great game. I don't feel that it would translate very well into a movie, even if it was well done, I don't know if I'd like it. And I doubt that they'll do a very good job...I'm not going to get my hopes up.
  10. I actually did finish the game. Gameplay was awful, but graphics were sho preeeetty. So with that being the case, I'll probably just rent the second one.
  11. I'll be your friend if you'll be mine. http://www.myocr.org/user.php?name=nonsensicalexis
  12. So this is like the second week that I've actually gone to the site, got the theme, started writing something and about halfway through decided it was shit and said fuck it, I'll just wait till next week. Maybe next time I'll actually submit something...provided it's not crap.
  13. Alexis

    Gamer Shame

    Killing people off in Halo while they are away is pretty much the only way I can win. I should be ashamed of this, but I'm not. I suck at Halo enough that I think it's acceptable.
  14. This is almost exactly what I was going to say, and now I'm glad I went back and read the thread. I completely agree with this. I started viola 14 years ago, but didn't really start practicing on a regular basis until late high school. I'm less than two months away from graduating with my bachelor's degree in music education, and will most likely be going for another two years for performance. By no means do I think that I'm talented; I've just been playing for so long that it's second nature to me and I love doing it. Many performance majors that I've met I find think the same way. Buy yeah, it's been awhile since I started playing and I recently just got a remix accepted onto the site, which I didn't even edit, I just played the viola on...but hey, gotta start somewhere right?
  15. I liked it, despite the spelling error!
  16. Alexis

    Tetris hd

    This is ridiculous. I just wanted to make one line and I gave up after five minutes because it was taking too long. I like sinewav's better. I win all the time.
  17. Eat N Parks are local to mostly western PA. And they don't wear roller blades and serve you in the car, they only did that when it first opened. It's a normal sit down restaurant.
  18. Please tell me he's not serious. Oh god.
  19. The lesson I learned from this episode is that if you give a guy a blow job he'll get syphilis. Poor Kenny. Also having a new South Park on was nice, since there was no new LOST on. Eased the pain.
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