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  1. Not always. From what I've seen, only capital "Him" is used for God. Other pronouns can be capatilized for extreme formality or for a blast to the past (colonial era, I believe). Unless I am mistaken, of course. But I've seen pronouns capatilized before.
  2. More! "what you SHOULD read, though, is reviews online. if theyr’e generally poor, then go with them." If they're generally poor, then don't go with them. "their write and read times are REALLY crappy compared to platters" I thought SSDs were faster to read and write than platters? Also you contradict yourself (somewhat) here because in section 8.1 you say "that’s what makes ssd drives so quick to write." "high-stability interface that’s built for applications required this." This sentence is awkward. Requiring? Required by? "windows keeps a bunch for restricted addressing" You can add "for device drivers, mainly" here if you want to be more specific, but it's your call. "264 instead, and the max is around 4 billion bytes." 2^64 is 16 exobytes (16 billion gigabytes, I believe). " tCL" and " tCL" Keep the first one, it's better than the second one (and they are the same). "i7’s require ram to function on voltages absolutely no higher than 1.7v" i7's restrict voltages to absolutely higher than 1.65 V. If you have one any higher, then it'll fry the i7 cpu. "2x2gb set of ram with 32-bit windows even though you don’t get the entire fourth gig" You actually DO get the entire 4th GB, it's just used for device drivers, video card, etc... Having 4 GBs and only being able to use 3.65 is better than having 3GB and only being able to use 2.8 GB or whatever. "why you should NEVER have less than 1 gig of ram for xp" I have 512MB of RAM on my 4+ year old laptop : ( - and that was with an upgrade from 256MB! I'm not saying to fix this, I was just commenting. "AIM and Skype has made" Have made. "i use a saitek eclipse keyboard" Nice, I just bought one. I'm just waiting for the money for an i7, mobo, and RAM (yay 6GB DDR3 finally under $100 now!) and i'll be able to use it (got it on sale from newegg). "why you should never use the psu that comes in a case" The last PC I built (a long time ago, like early 2004) had a case that came with a PSU. It's still going. And yes, I'm quite surprised. Oh, and it's an off-brand case too (basically, I participated in this thing where we paid $300 for everything except a monitor and we built it ourselves - it was an amazing deal at the time). "they can be safely mounted off of vertical" Mounted off vertically? Of vertical fans? "of those morons are bad news, bear." I don't think there's supposed to be a comma. And you can plural bear (yes, I used plural as a verb). "forgoe" Forego or forgo. All of 12.3: You might want to mention that you'll void the warranties on basically every component you shove in mineral oil. Also, if you ever need to change components and the like, there's a chance the system won't work again (when you unplug stuff, mineral oil can get inside the ports and whatnot). Ok, I have finished. 68 pages, whoooo. You got some good stuff in there. Thanks for doing this!
  3. Let's hope somebody knows what this is, because that sounds fantastic. Have you tried looking up the music website (or whatever group/club sponsored the orchestra) on the college's website, getting an email address, and shooting them an email? I know that for my college, most events are run through a group called Apps, and I can check out info about events on their website (which is a part of the school's website), or at least get some contact info to someone who may have put on the event.
  4. Hey, hey, where are you in the traverse town remix? Anyway, I've just been busy lately. I read the graphics card section before and I don't remember seeing anything that needed changing except for a typo I think (which I have forgotten about). Anyway, starting from sound cards on: General note: I'm sure you know this, but the url tags don't actually work (you still see them, plus you can click on the link itself and it will take you to the site). "96khz waves sound really good." The is both visible and italicized, so there's probably an extra one in there somewhere. "snr around 96dba or so." At least from what I can remember, you haven't mentioned dba yet. "due to the nature of power requirements for different boards and systems. make sure you" Comma after systems? "eps (entry-level power supply specification is an alternative to atx, and can power desktops or servers." Missing a ")". "so, when you “600w @ 20 degrees C”," When you see "600 [...]" "all power supplying units – not nevessarily for computers" Necessarily. - You mention only bronze and silver in the header, but mention gold as well in the body. You might want to change the header to "80 PLUS certified (and bronze/silver/gold certifications)". "you want your system to use about 60-70% of the usable watts" If you want to get REALLY specific, the perfect power utilization ratio would be 69% (note that I am assuming this is equivalent to the cpu utilization goal of real-time systems to allow headroom without overloading, but since the goals are the same to provide headroom without waste, I think it's a safe assumption). "but it’s just a guesstamite." Guesstimate. You talk about putting different components on different rails, but don't really say how to choose differentiate between rails (i.e. are they labeled as rail 1, rail 2, etc..., different colors, or just a simple as each individual 12V/5V/3.3V plug is a different rail? If the latter, then how can you put more than one component on a rail?). "there’s slight oscillations in the power signal, called ripple." Plural and singular (change ripple to ripples). "which is why usually website reviews of psus are useless." Awkward wording (move "usually" to before the "why"?). "country varies as well – un the US it’s 60hz" In the US[...] "ati gives this out out." Remove an "out" (or perhaps change the first out to a "one"?). 6.6 - You mention a lot of specific details (like a MTBF of >100,000 hours) here, but you don't mention them at all in the appropriate sections. " SATA (I/1.5gb/s and II3gb/s)" <-- Looks really weird (and you are missing a "/" after II and before 3gb/s. Also, are you going to mention the difference between GB/s and Gb/s (gigabytes vs. gigabits) in section one? "7.3.4. soshiba" Toshiba? I am stopping at 7.4 right now because my shift is over. I should be able to read more tonight. Also, I like the new colors to differentiate the more important headers. Also, if you want to, you can say that a hard drive's head is at a height of 40 atoms above the platters.
  5. I WANNA BE THE GUY Takes you back through the previous generation's era-styled graphics and references (I.E. you have to fight a green Zangief that shoots Hadoukens out of its mouth and blankas out of its crotch). It's also hellishly hard. So hard, in fact, that there is no easy mode (medium is the hardest mode). Arrow keys move, left shift jumps (and double-jumps), and Z shoots. Do you have what it takes to be The Guy? Unlocker Ever have those stupid error messages when trying to remove an external USB hard drive or moving/deleting a file that says it's being accessed (even when you know its not)? Use this and you can remove the leftover handles and you can easily move/delete the media.
  6. The main site you want to check out is vgsheets.com. There, a bunch of transcribers get together and link off that forum (look under Affiliates). There's also a place for requests. I used to transcribe sheets for them, but I've since gotten far too busy to be able to anymore.
  7. Those pictures in the video that came from 3D models looked exactly like the pictures from Chrono Trigger: Resurrection before Square-Enix shut them down. Did you use pictures from that project in yours?
  8. Try Audacity (the newest beta version, 1.3.x I think). I rendered a 24-bit 44.1KHz 2-channel wave file into a 5.9MB (yeah, it was close to the limit) 128 ABR mp3 and it sounded pretty good.
  9. Oh man, a S3&K HD Remix would be BALLIN'. Even if it was the exact same music, just better quality.
  10. The Incredible Machine. Radix. And if you are looking for point-and-click: Myst. Though I would suggest getting realMyst instead: it is the same game, but in a full 3D environment you can walk around in.
  11. It's pretty good as a remake. I keep feeling that's there's something missing though, and I definitely think that there should be a solid ending rather than a fade out (which I guess I can see considering that it's a remake and that in the game the song's on loop, but still...it kinda feels like a cop-out).
  12. Ah, finally Jazz Jackrabbit was mentioned. From Apogee - Monster Bash was pretty awesome. And seriously, no one has mentioned Wing Commander (all of them) or Privateer or Privateer 2: The Darkening? P2:Dark is seriously one of my favorite games.
  13. Don't forget the intro sequence. You need something to capture the player's attention and curiosity. Take FFVI. It starts off with people talking about raiding a town with someone who killed 50 soldiers like they were pie. Then the intro credits take place while watching the mechs trek to the town (with some pretty great music, which unfortunately doesn't appear in the rest of the game in that form).
  14. So for some reason I had managed to avoid watching most of his videos. Then I got bored last Saturday at work and remembered it. I watched a newer one. I then proceeded to watch his videos for the rest of the shift. Four hours of hilarity. I think I loved his Painkiller one the best. Like Sephire, I now eagerly await every Wednesday.
  15. Google is still screwed up for me. Everything I search for takes a couple seconds to load the search page and brings up sites like "moxiesearch" and "areaconnect." But the text in the descriptions are those from the real search results. It did that the other night, then was better, and today it's back to this crap again.
  16. This doesn't change the fact that New Jersey's general population are dicks on the road.
  17. Between updating the "Currently in the Judging Process" thread, how many days of submission are judged usually? I ask because on January 2nd, it was for mixes subbed prior to October 29th (I believe). And now, 3 weeks later, it's mixes subbed prior to November 2nd. Was there just an absolute massive amount of mixes subbed between those two days or was there not a lot of time to review mixes and you just wanted to keep the thread somewhat new (as in, it doesn't take over a month to see any update in the "CitJP" thread)? Or is that the standard, ~5 days of mixes for every 2-3 weeks of judging?
  18. If you are insured with medical insurance (either by yourself, a spouse, or parent), tell them and call your insurance agency and tell them what happened. It could also have been a mistake on the hospital's part, and I would talk to a secretary at the hospital as well (bring the bill, of course, and if you remember the person who told you where to go, find them as well). Unfortunately, people try to scam their insurance agency all the time, so they are very likely going to be skeptical and if may be difficult to get this taken care of. Good luck.
  19. Man that sounds freaking awesome. I can't wait until I'm in the part of my Real-Time class where we're doing that stuff (right now it's just modeling state transition diagrams (i.e. finite state automata), but eventually we'll be synthesizing sounds).
  20. ...a while. It's for free so that people who don't have finale can look at the music created by those who do.
  21. Yeah, but I heard it was going back to the way it once was. Though it was a while ago that I heard that and I could be gravely mistaken.
  22. I'm back...with typos and stuff. Another interesting read; I gotta say I enjoy reading your stuff. Anyway, onto any problems I noticed: In the section for PS/2, you didn't give it a header (it just says and goes to the next line). Oh, and what a comparison from firewire to usb spreading like [...]. You never mention what IEEE 1394 is in the section. In talking about the surround sound RCA plugs, the center/subwoofer color is orange, and the rear speakers are black (you reversed them). "but lack high-end features like a BIOS that works and more than your basic i/o options." Do you mean something like "like a BIOS that does more than basic I/O options"? "jetway sells models than all of the other companies who sell itx combined" Do you mean that they seel more models? Also, what is an itx board? You mention it a couple times. Good read. A thought to go in the intro somewhere: an explanation of kilo-(bit/byte/hertz), mega-, and giga-, at least that mega is 1000x bigger than a kilo-, a giga is 1000x that of a mega-, and (for hard drives only at this point) that tera- is 1000x that of a giga-. If you do have this somewhere, forgive me, as I didn't read section 2 again.
  23. I was about to bump the thread again soon and ask what the hold-up was.
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