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  1. Learned classical guitar in highschool, 2002-2004. In that time, I started arranging midi stuff in TabIt. College killed practice time, and now I'm heavily rust covered. Recently started arranging things in FL, having doubts if it'll ever be up to the standards expected of this site (but honestly, I don't really care if it ever does). I just make music to make it.
  2. Read the book first. They changed a lot, but omitted many things for the sake of time. If they'd done the book word for word, it would've taken 7 hours and been nothing but dated 80's cheese. Some of the changes and adaptations are actually better than the book. I liked the prison scene better in film than in the book. The only complaints I've really heard from people who can stand the time (2 hours, 43 minutes) is that there's a lot of characters, and Dr. Manhattan's penis shows too often. This is not true, unless you're looking for his penis. If you stare at the blue dong, then yes, it'll be
  3. It's only a relatively recent idea that animation is only for kids. If you look at the old Tex Avery and wartime Disney and Warner Brothers cartoons, they were made just as much for adults as they were for children, if not more so. Bluth honestly just kept those sensibilities in a much more mature way, and it was that maturity that doomed him. You know, that and Fox. My fiance is obsessed with animation (especially olde time Disney), I've been hearing about/looking forward to this movie for the last year or so. Should be good.
  4. No worries, my brother does the same thing. He's going through Diamond right now but refuses to sell me his copy of Pearl until he's done with it (doesn't play it, just wants some rare creature at the end of the game). Think I'm just gonna buy one elsewhere, or snag a Platinum.
  5. I'm disappointed with Game & Watch, though I liked his cameo. He's the only black man in Smash Bros, he should've been a black man.
  6. Your arguments and/or comments here don't speak well on your behalf. You're getting angry, and not arguing with rationality. It isn't a matter of laziness, it's a matter of quantity and nostalgia. Most people don't purchase this for a single title, they would purchase this for several titles they remember playing drunkenly in arcades, or on their Genesis when everyone else their age had friends to go play ball with, or when they finally made other gamer friends. No matter how good a single game is, it does not outweigh the sheer quantity of this title. They could have put it in, sure. But then
  7. Could just be the local ones then. I've got three or four where I am, and they usually only seem to have one or two (at most) in poor condition.
  8. The thing about Pokemon is that all of the core games (none of that Ranger and Mystery Dungeon bullshit) are basically the same, even if there are small changes in the story (Pikachu as a starter? I'm going after Legendary Dogs instead of birds? There's a plot now?). Platinum might not be the best place to start as far as nostalgia and overall fun on your own, but the multiplayer is the thing that makes the series shine, even if you don't plan on using it. Everyone plays Pokemon, even the people that deny it emphatically. You wanna know if your Torchic can beat the shit out of their Mudkip, an
  9. Woah. Now I'm a little bummed I missed this one, this looks like it would've been fun. Grats to all
  10. If I owned either of those consoles, I'd buy this collection.
  11. A or E (DS). Either is fine. More games I enjoy on the DS, but if they'll upgrade my PC, then I'm all for it.
  12. I've actually been thinking about this for a while too, but I had absolutely no credit here to start it. I would absolutely love to see this game get an album. I'd be willing to do anything should this ever happen.
  13. Take it away from Rare then, I want to see this happen. Gunstar Heroes? I think it's time.
  14. Not a fav thread unless it's made into one. I just remembered Road Rash 3D for the PS1. I want a new Road Rash that doesn't suck.
  15. Doesn't need to be revived. Needs to be re-imagined.
  16. BONK, motherfucker. Bring back the bald bastard for a new generation that doesn't know the goodness of side scrolling cavemen.
  17. Old shit is old. I hate that it's being released monthly now, I've been dying for episode 2 for a long time. I can't wait to see how they do Link and/or Sonic.
  18. Qft. As soon as something's placed into a context, it doesn't matter what it's origin was. The swastika was a religious symbol used by many Eastern cultures (and many of the lesser known in the West) before the Nazis decided to use it, thus making it the universal symbol of hate. Now it doesn't matter where it came from, all that matters is that you think of WWII. Back on topic: I'm sad that it's not Zelda, but also relieved. I honestly don't think I want to deal with any more time-themed things in the Zelda series. If it's nonlinear/unconventional, then it better at least fucking make sense.
  19. Have WiP. Will finish by deadline. Also, since I'm too lazy to look back to see if I remembered to, late grats to November's winners.
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