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  1. Is it more story or poem? If it's in verse then it's a poem, where as prose creates anything else (fiction or otherwise).
  2. God + Philosopher = Frightened philosopher. God + Heathen = Believer. Uranium + Anyone = Mutant Cthulhu + Any person besides God/Dracula = Dead something besides Cthulhu. I love this fucking game so much.
  3. Voted, should have something fiction-y soon. I'm going to start doing it more consistently again (should keep writing anyway, considering my major/intended profession/commission occupation), hopefully will have a few pieces and I'll just pick the best of them.
  4. Holy crap, I almost forgot about this. Classwork and 4 jobs kill me. I'll be voting by the end of the day, I swear.
  5. I had the chance to see him a few months ago. I really wish I'd taken that chance. Rest in Peace, Les.
  6. I never bothered to get the underwater materia, so the hardest boss of all time for me (as well as my gamer shame) is that I've never beat Emerald Weapon in Final Fantasy VII.
  7. Another forum I post at is having a meet up there, and I can't do that either. I already do New York ComicCon, Ubercon, AWP, and when no one else from my magazine can cover it, NYAnimeFest/Big Apple Con. DragonCon sounds pretty big and all, it's just too far a commute and too much time off. Good luck though, hope your meet up is worth the time to organize.
  8. That's when you punch the host in the face with a virus.
  9. WC3 TD was my favourite. Played the DS homebrew version of it until my shoulder buttons were useless, then traded in for a DSi. I miss that game </3
  10. Just realized I forgot to lower the synth after modifying it. I raised it so I could hear what I was entering and forgot to lower that, heh. I'll see what I can do about some of the other issues raised.
  11. With a lot of the old games you honestly just didn't beat them. Or maybe that was just me. Armed with the turbo switch in the TG16, I only managed to beat a small handful of the games I had. Most of them were muscle memory and constant play to get as far as I did. Hard to say, really.
  12. This mix made me smile. I can't offer too much criticism since I don't really know the source (didn't have Megaman as a kid), but I'm a sucker for any guitar music (played in a classical guitar ensemble in high school).
  13. UPDATE: Newest version found here. Made the old thing less foreground-y, added a melody layer to retain more of the original and for atmospheric purposes, and have a melody of my own for the second half. I'm still working on an ending, and I'm not 100% on the mixing aspect of the background.
  14. The guitars sound very mixed high, the lows are scooped entirely. They (rhythm guitar that echos the one chord at odd intervals) also sound too exposed, and don't seem to blend enough into the backing. Reverb might help this. The solo riff thing at the end sounds too mechanical and synthy to pass for guitar, though this again could be the need for reverb. Also, it needs an ending. You seem to have a direction in mind for this song, which definitely helps. Just keep pushing, you're getting there.
  15. As it does come down to personal taste, I think that even if someone could name 15 Wii exclusives worth buying, you wouldn't agree. Personally, I feel the argument comes down to if you want games that will focus more on being fun rather than being deep. Best example: Boom Blox. This game equates to the simplicity of Katamari Damacy in my mind, because you're literally doing almost nothing through the entire game. I love them both, but the simplicity of the game play makes it fun without needing to be engaging. Personally, this is the kind of point that I feel needs to be made. At this point, I
  16. I dunno, Metroid Prime Ribs is mildly amusing. I'd say not to give a name that directly links it to the game at all, honestly. The way this site is organized, folks will already know what game it's linked to. Or something linked, but in another language. Musica Optimus just turns into Prime Music in Latin.
  17. I'm hearing D mostly, with some shifts down to C and up to F for the main progression. I'm not positive but I think there's a shift into an A for the mellow bridge like thing. It seems to generally be in D natural minor.
  18. Not really suggestions for chords themselves, just the style. I'm not saying to put the song in D, I'm simply saying that it's much easier to to have low 5th chords in dropped D tuning than it is in standard E. The song itself is originally in B though, so the tuning doesn't matter all that much as long as that style comes through. At least, that's my take on it. It's not my mix, my advice can be taken or left either way. Just seems like it's perfect to go crazy-heavy.
  19. GIVES ME THE METAL! Towards the end of what you've got already, there's a perfect place for a kick-rim-snare jump into something more heavy. Melody? Distortion + Wah + D-e strings above the 12th fret. Maybe the tiniest bit of delay. Soundscape? Distortion + dropped D easy powerchords. Granted, the song's in B, but thats okay. I'm also liking the idea of replacing the strings in the beginning with an organ, right now they sound too sampled because of the overlapping that happens with Sytrus.
  20. I wanted to try to make it more interesting. Old WiP: http://soundclick.com/share?songid=7798742 Current WiP: http://soundclick.com/share?songid=7894961 I'm working on something else to go along with what's here, which works fine as a background for the feel I'm looking for. I am mostly looking for feedback about the sound, but any/all would be much appreciated. Here's the source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVszUBzzPQY Thanks much.
  21. I enjoyed this movie, because I went into it expecting to watch robots fuck eachother up. And that's what I got. I don't give a shit about the plot, it's not going to be good. That's a given. The dialogue is there as an excuse to have the robots do stuff. Humans? Tacky glue to keep the pages with robots together. No, it was not well written. No, the acting was not good. No, the plot wasn't the pull of the movie. Shut the fuck up about it. You went to see robots that turn into other shit beat the crap out of each other, just like you used to make them do when they were only toys that took 20 mi
  22. Yeah, I didn't do any real production on it yet. The only real mixing I've put into it thus far is some volume balances. I was just eager to show that I'm still alive and doing something musically (even if I have no time to really post here regularly anymore). I'll tweak it a bit and see what comes from it. Thanks for the feedback
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