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  1. All the Rage, by Arron McGruder. It's a retrospective about The Boondocks. Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal, by Christopher Moore. I haven't' laughed this hard at anything in a long time.
  2. Boss Battle is cute, though it could use better samples and more atmosphere. Overall everything sounds too midi/8bit/etc. While that's a cool niche sound, I'm not sure if it does for your music what it deserves. Foredboding is another example of something that could be improved with better samples and more atmosphere (though that may come with the samples). Juxtaposition is interesting, but I'm not sure I like how the conflicting keys mesh together. The plucked/harpsichord thing is cool, but it needs more coherence. Wander reminds me a little of a Nine Inch Nails song, which is good. Same ba
  3. There's something in the mixing that isn't sitting right, in an otherwise awesome track. I think the crazy synthy stuff a quarter of the way in should be mixed down slightly (it distracts from the main melody). Also, though this might be my speakers starting to go, I'm hearing something slightly tinny in the background, which detracts from the overall composition. All in all though, I enjoy this.
  4. This reeks of psychological thriller. While I agree that it could've gone the direction with a more harsh beat to it, it would've changed the entire song and stolen some of the kind of energy this feel has. That would've been an awesome song too, but I like this one like it is. Good shit.
  5. I like this a lot. It's the kind of thing that I can sink into while I'm doing other work, or even if I'm just reading. Keep it up <3
  6. http://soundclick.com/share?songid=7692333 It's not finished yet, and it's not the sort of thing I'd usually do. I enjoy it so far, but I'd like feedback. Edit: Link was broken
  7. I loved it. The beginning is sad, and the last scene almost brought back the same kind of sadness (bittersweet kinda shot), but the rest of the film was great. Made me smile and laugh out loud more than most movies. I saw it in 3D, I'm glad that it wasn't used as an excuse to throw things in people's faces every scene. Coraline's 3D was better, but this was pretty good.
  8. I miss when it was just 11 legends. This shit will take me forever to get when Silver comes back.
  9. I hope it comes back, it's got to be better than most of the shit I see on the shelves now.
  10. Shotgun full a' rock salt clears that right up. Was tempted to get a plush Bonsly at Nintendo World just to throw at my siblings. Decided against it ($10 goes better towards other things, like bills). Still not sure if that was the best idea or not.
  11. Constantly getting a Coheed song in my head, just the bridge about cutting babies' throats. It's awkward to sing it while I'm at work, shelving books with old ladies staring at me like it was their babies. Could always be worse.
  12. Funny, these don't really suck. Not your usual stuff that we're used to, but un-sucktastic. Edit: Okay, Corrodors of Time wasn't so good. That first one wasn't bad though, and the third one isn't beyond repair if you wanted to revamp the old stuff down the line.
  13. I greatly enjoy this, it's not something I hear normally. I agree that the drums need to get mixed up a little, they're far too repetitive and detract from the awesome. Keep going with this, I want to see this judged and accepted.
  14. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith. A Practical Guide to Racism, by C. H. Dalton. MAUS I, by Art Spiegelman. Usually do more at once, but class and work have been killing my time. Instead, the DSi fills in the gaps. Oh, how I wish 100 Classic Book Collection would come to NA...
  15. I'll be getting this. I haven't played Pokemon since Crystal, was going to get Platinum to make up for it. Why bother when I can get the best generation with some updates that make it relevant again? This bodes well.
  16. Muto's considered obscure? In that case, this one too. While we're at it, Psychonauts?
  17. Crock probably isn't obscure, but it was fun. I do miss it so.
  18. Fuck. Why does this have to start looking playable now that it's not going to happen? I didn't give a shit about DNF, but now I'm a little sad to see it go.
  19. Biggest problem is that the original source pretty much drones on two chords for the chorus (arpeggiated, making up the main melody used in the intro/etc) and four very minor changes in two root chords for the verse (the one with the piano as lead, rather than the synth). Usually when I start to go further with it, I end up going too far to the point where I don't even recognize it. I'll see what I can do to shake it up a bit though.
  20. It needs more source. I couldn't tell which stage it was from until 2/3 into the song, which isn't good for one of the best songs in the game's soundtrack. This mix is catchy, and I did enjoy it, I just wish there was more of the original source in there.
  21. Well, what's happening to the DN franchise now, and who owns the title? Depending on circumstances, something like this could still be done under a different publisher.
  22. No loss, only a ten year tease (plus).
  23. Skindred, a metal/punk/regee/rap thing from Europe. http://www.myspace.com/skindred Swashbuckle, a folk-pirate-metal band. http://www.myspace.com/swashbuckle Scratch Track, a two person acoustic-rap-soul-blues band. These guys are awesome live. http://www.myspace.com/scratchtrack
  24. Quite the "fucking metal" there. I'm gonna be a dick and say Rock Band.
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