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  1. Gex, now and forever. Global Gladiators, the bastard brother of McKids.
  2. I don't care if the judges like your work. I care if I do, as a listener. Right now you're down one. You don't need money for samples, you don't even need amazing samples. Playing with them can yield some interesting effects and sounds, some of the coolest things I've found by accident were made with playing with wavelengths and release times. Also, as I'd mentioned in my previous post, you need to make the lead stand out, otherwise I just hear the same stuff over and over, get bored, and listen to the original or Nobuo's rock version. If the thing that makes the piece move isn't noticeable, t
  3. I'm not sure how I feel about this piece, it loses most of the feel of the original. I think it's an interesting adaptation, and during the second verse it starts to take on more of the slightly off-beat, happy-go-lucky feel of the original. I like the inclusion of the instrumental/horn/latin version from the game, it adds a lot of flavour. It's a quirky piece that I'd have trouble not enjoying, and admittedly it does grow on me as a listener as it goes on. I think it's just the HUGE drop in tempo from the original that throws me, as someone that's listened to the original hundreds of times (s
  4. When you can't play a game, you practice and get better. Can't hit a ball? Do you throw the bat and storm off like a little bitch? Not saying that cheats don't have a place, but they don't matter in the overall design of a game. Why do I give a shit about the final video if I could've just put in a code to skip to it? There's no payoff. Sure, godmode is fun and will always have a place in my heart, but what's the fucking point of buying a game if you're just going to skip through most of it anyway? It's great for kids, but for people that've been playing games for as long as most of this boar
  5. I enjoy this midi. I'll see what I can do to help, but I can't promise I'll be able to do much as I'm still learning the software.
  6. I like the ambient feel for it. I'd soften the synth in the background though, the one that's showing the main chord changes. Could just be my speakers, but it hits a little harder than the rest of the instruments and is somewhat distracting. This is a cool piece, I like it so far. Floating Docks?
  7. The arrangement sounds pretty spot on as a solo transition from the original song, but the piano sounds very midi. I'd like to hear more from the left hand, greater dynamics in playing, and more use of the breadth of the piano's sonic offerings. Light reverb is awesome for something like this too. The build to octave change seems weird, very out of place. Once it starts it isn't bad, but it comes out and clobbers the listener in the face if they aren't expecting it. Also, the intro doesn't hold it's own just yet (choice of samples effects how well it keeps as a single note). This has some pote
  8. I'm not diggin' the drum samples. They seem to really clash with the piano, especially the toms (I think that's what I'm hearing, not sure). I'd suggest more hat and ride action with rim hits for the lower punctuation and some (very) light snare to balance it out for the places where you don't want it to feel more intense. In the "heavier" parts the other stuff is more fitting, but right now it doesn't really go with what you've got. I actually really like the approach you're taking in it, as the near honky-tonk piano style isn't common, and still holds my interest. The organ part at the end m
  9. I very thoroughly enjoyed this mix, but it's too short. Granted, I had it on loop and didn't realize it ended 4 times over, but you know what I mean. It feels like it needs more meat to it, I'm half expecting it to get heavier, and break into a near industrial backing with a heavy lead. That's just my own musical tendencies coming out though. I wish I could offer more constructive criticism, but this kind of music is mostly mixing precision, and I am very lacking in that dept. I'm looking forward to the finished product though.
  10. Awesome. In that case, for the drums, I want you to think like the guy from Avenged Sevenfold. The drum lines fluctuate from a straight beat into an elongated breakdown of fills (for example, the main drumline in Bat Country). Don't be afraid to sequence a lot of different ideas and see what works best. The energy from the drumming can be more important in some ways than the rest of the piece. This isn't always the case, but it can turn what would be a relatively straight forward piece (the chord progression Zero Wing harped on) into something more powerful. Then again, this is your mix, not m
  11. Dig the intro, seems muddy though. This one seems more in time with itself, which is a huge improvement. I'd like to hear the rhythm instrumentation get a little more gritty without feeling muddy (mixing should help this). What kind of music do you normally listen to? This one seems like it'd be awesome with heavy beats, the kind of blast beat stuff you hear in punk and metal (some aggressive techno too). The other issue is that right now I don't hear much variation from the original. Granted, this still a very early WiP, but it's something to look at down the line.
  12. Your mixing is weird. It sounds very washed out, and the main melody is really, really low. It's almost like there is no melody with it as low as it is. The drums bore me. I'm not sure why. Far too repeatitive as it is, unless the lead guitar goes up in volume. It sounds like it needs someone singing over it, or some balls somehow. Reminds me of disco with heavier drums. Wouldn't really call it rock just yet. Needs work still. I know you won't listen, but now I feel better as a human being for trying to help.
  13. http://soundclick.com/share?songid=7540822 Finally found the time to do some more work on this piece. Now it's got the crash in the beginning and more work done for the EQ. Otherwise, there isn't too much changed. Just updating for the sake of keeping this song alive.
  14. Needs EQ desperately. Drums aren't near the beats (not always a bad thing, but they have to be relatively close to the natural beat or they don't work). You need much, much more variation. The entire song is Ab - C - D, over and over and over. It doesn't hold interest yet. It's a decent start as far as the kind of energy you have, but this doesn't seem like there's much variation. Keep the energy and make it more interesting, then hopefully I'll be able to give something more constructive.
  15. I love this. So much. It's not just because of the original game it's from, the composition is just sexy. It feels very much like a scene from an old 50's movie when the detective is wandering down a back alley thinking of someone else. I want to see this completed.
  16. Muy divertido. I am disappointed that it's Bohemian Rhapsody though. Everyone and their fucking mother's done that song now.
  17. Bump in the butt. Still working on a WiP.
  18. Grr. It just went from Easter @ the Hospital to work. Hope all goes well.
  19. That's one of the most uplifting things I've seen in a long time. Thanks.
  20. I'm hoping to get a card to link to paypal in the near future, this would make it possible to actually contribute... and buy stuff. Will do if possible.
  21. I want to do Rez from Gex (Enter the Gecko's version). I just need to make a WiP that doesn't suck now.
  22. Happy Birthday man. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3Y24SNfH2Q&feature=related
  23. QFT. Some of the musicians and writers I know are more talented than anyone else I've ever heard or encountered, but because they were brought up knowing that they were good at whatever field they're in, they brush off the amount of time and practice it takes to maintain those skills. As such, most of them will never amount to anything in their fields, and instead pick up accounting, or veterinary medicine. It's only when you have a mix of natural talent and work ethic that it really pays off to the extent that anyone cares about. Either that, or to live on forever, you have to die horribly be
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