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  1. A little update: Sorry about the delay folks, but I've added a couple more tracks to the album (one with an incredibly talented female vocalist, the only vocal song on the album) and am in the process of saving funds to get it professionally mastered so I can deliver the best sounding music to my fans. In the interim however, I uploaded a track from the album for y'all to hear. Let me know what you think! http://soundcloud.com/omni-psyence/omni-psyence-the-horn-of/s-PC0nH
  2. Hey guys and girls! I was hoping I could get a minute of your time to check out this game called The Red Solstice. It's a tactical, isometric horror shooter with an emphasis on strategic team-oriented gameplay. The game itself is based off an old Warcraft 3 mod called Night of the Dead, being developed by some of the original creators of the mod. I composed some of the music for the soundtrack, as well as the promo trailer for this game, so I do have somewhat of a vested interest in the title. However, if you check it out for just a minute, I think you'll see that this is the real deal; a rather high quality indie game. See for yourself! Please up-vote them on the Greenlight page if you like what you see http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=100311867&insideModal=0&requirelogin=1 BTW here's an extended mix of some of the music I did for the game https://soundcloud.com/omni-psyence/the-red-solstice-aberrations
  3. Never cared for Wintersun much, always liked Jari's work in Ensiferum more. Cool that this finally came out though!
  4. haha I actually used to own Iron and Blood!
  5. Yeah you just need to change the 3 to a 4 in the link itself. In other news, I was really glad to be part of this track. It's hot fire, watch out kids!
  6. I don't think Deckard being a replicant makes the story lose any meaning whatsoever, to be quite honest. I prefer it that way.
  7. Ridley Scott has stated already that he was indeed a replicant. This was in an article discussing the Blade Runner sequel.
  8. Omni-Psyence

    Diablo III

    Why does anyone do anything?
  9. I have Desert Winds from Mr. Tarilonte as well. Engine 2 runs flawlessly for me on Windows 7 64 bit, other OS/setups I can't speak to.
  10. Hi, I was just wondering if you got my email? I sent you a PM on here to check but I don't know if you got that either hehe
  11. Most def, hit me up in PM and we can work something out!!
  12. Hey! Sorry for getting back so late, I haven't checked the thread in a minute. I'll send you a PM and anyone else who is interested, just let me know. In other news, are there any skilled artists/graphics designers here (or do you know of any) who would be interested in working with me? My plans for the album art kind of fell through, and I need to find a backup solution. Please let me know! Thanks.
  13. Just a quick question here... would anyone be interested in collaborating with me on a remix of any of the tracks from this release?
  14. For a complete buyout of rights like that I wouldn't ask for less than 300 per minute (try to get more, even), but that's just me. It depends on how big this company is and how likely you think you are to get away with a decent contract.
  15. Nice! Glad to see there are already early favorites just from the teaser. I want to take this time to thank each of you for listening, every comment I get just fuels me more and more to continue creating music for everyone. If you want to keep up with everything I'm doing, I encourage you to follow me on twitter, I'll definitely follow back!
  16. Wow, I don't know what to say! Every time someone compliments my work it feels so amazing, I can never really get used to it I guess. BTW If any of the mixing seems off, it's likely because I'm producing this with super cheap, crappy speakers in a very bad apartment room. Unfortunately I can't afford better gear or a better mixing environment yet so I have to do my best with what I can. I hope it's still reasonably good sounding All I'm waiting for is to receive the artwork and then this album is going straight online. I'll definitely be posting when that happens!
  17. Eould love to hear some thoughts from OCR on this Is this something you guys and girls are into?
  18. Yeah I actually caught that article yesterday, I'm remaining cautiously optimistic about this project. IMO, however, I think a Valve "Steambox" or whatever they'd decide to call it would have a better shot at this concept. I don't even know if they are planning on doing that still or not, but they've already got the infrastructure for it. Still, this Ouya could be a very refreshing change of pace for the console market either way.
  19. Understandable, if that's the case. I just don't want to see a scenario in which many of the backers of this Kickstarter find themselves disappointed with something that they thought they were getting, but did not receive. I know the specs are plain for everyone to see, but you know how these sort of things go. Would love to see this be a success and not blow up in their face over any backlash like that.
  20. I understand the design philosophy but inevitably there are going to be those who would like to see games with a higher production value on this console. The creators themselves even claim "OUYA could change AAA game development, too. Forget about licensing fees, retail fees, and publishing fees." So they clearly have some sort of expectation for their console to perform in the AAA market. I hope that it can!
  21. 1 GB of RAM makes me vary cautious about all of this. I sincerely hope they can pull this off. I doubt it will be able to run many current AAA titles, much less those about to come out in the near future. Otherwise it's a really cool idea.
  22. Hey folks, I'm very proud to announce to everyone here at OCR that my debut album is finally complete and ready to be released! I've been working on this project for the past 6 months, making sure everything was exactly as I wanted it before announcing this publicly. My favorite VGM community should be the very first place that I kick this off, so here it is! The album, "The Great Divide" contains 10 tracks, 48 minutes of epic, uplifting electronica/cinematic fusion. A very broad sonic palette emerges through the mixing of progressive EDM and uplifting, dramatic hybrid score music to deliver an audio experience that is not yet deeply explored. http://youtu.be/Uz8r1qw61og Here is a 10 minute medley of every single track on the album. The full length version itself will be available early next month on Bandcamp (for FREE!!! lol), as I'm preparing artwork and other minor things for the release's culmination. I'd love to hear any and all opinions!
  23. Read because you are curious to see for yourself and form your own opinion on if it sucks or not. Or don't because you can't be bothered. Those are some good reasons for both options.
  24. Thanks for listening folks. It *is* short, but you know the original has only like ~30 seconds of material to work with, soo.... *shrug*.
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