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  1. 'Tis cool, bro. You attempted it and came up with something finished... That alone makes me happy.

    Of course, getting the thing closer to the source would help, eh? Look at post #44 on this thread (Oh yeah, that's taking me back, now, lol). That gives you not only the chord structure of the song (if you can read Roman Numerals), but also some insight on the piece, as well (from yours, truly ).

    Good luck with the edit

    By the way, I had this message on my VM board for about a week. Posted it in the wrong place, like a moron, lol.

  2. *uncocks gun*

    Alrighty... it's been extended, then. I'll be waiting.

  3. *Waves you down* Hey, I'll help ya with your RWtS thing. We'll rock the town, Reason-style. :)

  4. Actually I was talkin' about my Wily Machine mix (I wasn't planning on a Concrete Man mix... well, not really, anyway). I'm also not putting the legwork into continuing that track, since it's old and I've got other things.

    HOWEVER, if someone suggested it to him and he agreed then that would twist my arm into remaking the Wily Machine track :P

    Just sayin', is all. Maybe I'll make a Concrete Man remix, just for shits and gigs, now.

  5. Actually, if there are any really phat Reason synths that I could possibly use for a nice, meaty lead that would be awesome. I have a decent arrangement going, but the sounds I'm coming up with are a bit thin for my liking.

    I would send this via PM, but... well, yours is full :P

  6. Ah, that old chestnut... It found it's way onto R:TS. I'm finding most of what I submit ends up there, instead.


    Sparkman didn't make it through the panels this time around, unfortunately, but it isn't lost - you'll find it on that link. Enjoy :)!!.

  7. Aha! The ever elusive SLyGeN has made an appearance on OCR! Goddamnit, you're like one of those damn rare items in Diablo II that drop only to have a Sorc telekinesis it before you even knew it dropped. You post on here and the thread gets locked down before I can respond.

    Anyways, 'sup?

  8. AHAHAHA! Thanks for the B-day message!

    Yeah, went to work, ate some food, had some FLAAAAAN instead of CAAAAAKE (I have no idea what inspired me to do that), and went to bed. My life is uneventful, lol.

  9. Alright, another week, another Wily track. Are you up to it, or shall I take it down this time? I won't be able to get to it for a few days if I take it, since I'm still out of town.

  10. Been fine. Getting involved in the GRMRB right now, and it's a blast. Go check it out.

  11. Birthday. Have a happy one. Probably won't see this message until after your birthday has passed, but have a good birthday anyway!

  12. Checkin' the site out, I saw it was your birthday today. Also, I noticed you checked this site today (perhaps to see if anyone wished you well). As a classic remixer you really deserve at least one birthday wish on your board, here.

    Happy birthday, man. Even if you're not in the remixing scene right now, I wish only good things for ya - you've helps make this site what it is, and I tip my hat to you for that.

  13. Curly Brace is... Slut?

    I never got that impression in the game :P. Weird to see a foreign name pop up in your 'friends' box, like that, so I needed to check it out, lol.

  14. Don't worry - if someone doesn't like the new name then you can now slap them harmlessly with Cave Story instead of hitting them with hookers. It's just... less painful that way.

    I like the name, so you don't need to slap me with Cave stoty, at least.

  15. Don't worry, I think Prophet is looking for someone, so I think I'll still be covered, regardless. Thanks for the offer, though - I'll see you there :)

  16. DUDE, get in on this.

    There's an opening, and you need to take it.

  17. Dude, its your birthday. Happy birthday mah man.

  18. Gario

    Go sent Cage's "4:33" to the judges via box.net, call it a remix, then make a remix before they catch on. I've always wanted to see if it could work...

    *Ahem* er, I mean Happy birthday :P

  19. Gotta say, good timing, when you came on, there. I've got to go to work, so best of luck!

  20. Ha ha ha... I have visitor messages 'cause I am cooler than you...

    Shit! Now your catching up to me~!

    Grrr... Nevermind...

  21. Ha, Retro City Zone. Thanks, glad you liked it - so you know that was done with two 'rectangle' waves and a triangle (though the wave sounds were a bit poor). Figured a fellow chiptune dude would appreciate that :P

    Just wait for my Zeal mix to be posted, it'll blow your brains with awesomeness (or you can hunt for it on the WIP forums, if you don't want to wait).

  22. Ha, saw your FF8 remix on the 'To be Posted' board today. Can't wait to see it on the front page :D

    Great job on it!

  23. Ha, there you are. Hey, go join this compo. It'd be a great exercise for your remixing abilities.

    That and I really, really want to see it expand to a 32 person competition, because let's face it that'd be awesome.

  24. Haaa, Bonkers, lol. Looks like he had his own idea about using those voices in his track. I'm glad he enjoyed my track, though - it was not easy cleaning up the sounds to get rid of the background noise, so it's nice that people will appreciate it.

    Yeah, glad he liked them. His tracks were pretty neat, too - certainly upper tier stuff there from him, as well.

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