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  1. Checkin' the site out, I saw it was your birthday today. Also, I noticed you checked this site today (perhaps to see if anyone wished you well). As a classic remixer you really deserve at least one birthday wish on your board, here.

    Happy birthday, man. Even if you're not in the remixing scene right now, I wish only good things for ya - you've helps make this site what it is, and I tip my hat to you for that.

  2. Ha, Retro City Zone. Thanks, glad you liked it - so you know that was done with two 'rectangle' waves and a triangle (though the wave sounds were a bit poor). Figured a fellow chiptune dude would appreciate that :P

    Just wait for my Zeal mix to be posted, it'll blow your brains with awesomeness (or you can hunt for it on the WIP forums, if you don't want to wait).

  3. Haaa, Bonkers, lol. Looks like he had his own idea about using those voices in his track. I'm glad he enjoyed my track, though - it was not easy cleaning up the sounds to get rid of the background noise, so it's nice that people will appreciate it.

    Yeah, glad he liked them. His tracks were pretty neat, too - certainly upper tier stuff there from him, as well.

  4. Gario

    I also saw you on the frontpage roughly the same time, so I think a double congrats is in order.


    Yup, it's awesome.

  5. Gario

    Hey, thanks!

    Yeah, to be perfectly honest, I almost crashed twice on the way home, so I don't think my body could've handled too much more late night goodness, anyway. I hope y'all had enough fun without me :)

  6. Oh hey it's your birthday. Happy birthday.

    Also your album is great. Thanks for posting it.

  7. Been fine. Getting involved in the GRMRB right now, and it's a blast. Go check it out.

  8. Just lettin' you know that you should be able to access the project forums now. Go ahead and post in there and at I can give more feedback as needed (as well as anyone else that may check in there from time to time). Glad to have you on board :D

  9. It's moving along nicely, actually. It's a bit more minimalistic than my normal approach, though.

  10. Haven't thought about it yet - in fact, I just found out a few seconds ago. It shouldn't be too bad, though; I'm familiar with both sources and with the mixers style, so I think I'll be in pretty good shape. I'm more worried about the Windman vs Sparkman matchup next round, if you catch my drift ;)

    Devastus is probably going to clean my clock, but I'll give it the good ol' college try :P

    Good luck with Heatman, by the way.

    EDIT: When I said GuitarHeroe wasn't going to be too bad, I meant it's going to be the closest battle in the compo, lol.

  11. No problem - I enjoyed it quite a bit. As for what I dreamed, it involved me crashing my truck and waking up to call my dad to say I crashed my truck... then I woke up. Weird part is, I don't own a truck, and yet I still had the urge to call him about it.

    ...Yeah. Awesome albeit excessively knobby experience, for sure.

  12. What inspired you to link me to the creationist site? If it's my stance on evolution, I'm representing the official view of the Catholic Church - evolution neither confirms nor denies God's hand in shaping the planet, so it's taught as a scientific fact. If you'd like to dispute that stance I'd me more than happy to join in, but I'd appreciate leaving it in the OCRC thread - that's what it's there for, after all.

  13. Ha, there you are. Hey, go join this compo. It'd be a great exercise for your remixing abilities.

    That and I really, really want to see it expand to a 32 person competition, because let's face it that'd be awesome.

  14. DUDE, get in on this.

    There's an opening, and you need to take it.

  15. You don't get any messages on your visitor's board - you're going to have two birthday posts on the same page. It almost makes me feel guilty for posting it, actually - it almost emphasizes the emptiness of this wall.

    Happy Birthday :)

  16. Gario

    Go sent Cage's "4:33" to the judges via box.net, call it a remix, then make a remix before they catch on. I've always wanted to see if it could work...

    *Ahem* er, I mean Happy birthday :P

  17. Yeah, now if only I could take my own advice and get something posted on here... lol.

  18. Ha, saw your FF8 remix on the 'To be Posted' board today. Can't wait to see it on the front page :D

    Great job on it!

  19. I responded to the question in your thread here, because my response was too long for the visitor's message board :P.

    Go read it. :

  20. Well then I better fix that, I suspect.

    Oh yeah, don't forget to submit something to the Caption Contest.

  21. Happy birthday, you slut!

    I'd make a thread, but it'd certainly come out something like 'Hey, it's Slut's birthday!' or something, which would earn me too many strange stares and such. Saying it's 'Curly Brace's birthday' just doesn't roll of the tongue as well, I'm afraid, so that wouldn't work, either, and no one really refers to anyone by their real name so calling you 'Terri' is out of the question, too.

    Alas, such a dilemma. Ah well, happy birthday :P

  22. The ever mysterious PosiBolt. Well, figured you'd be interested - the conflicts you brought up in that game I showed you have been resolved. Send me a PM if you ever want to know the progress on it :)

  23. I do so love that song, so I'd be happy to work on it. Just not at the moment - this year is the culmination of roughly 3-4 projects, so... yeah. PM me at the beginning of next year and I see what we can do. :)

  24. Ah, that old chestnut... It found it's way onto R:TS. I'm finding most of what I submit ends up there, instead.


    Sparkman didn't make it through the panels this time around, unfortunately, but it isn't lost - you'll find it on that link. Enjoy :)!!.

  25. No thread for you, but you get a 'Happy Birthday' from me. Good job at finally reaching a legal age to drink and gamble :)

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