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  1. Dude, its your birthday. Happy birthday mah man.

  2. Oh hey, happy birthday, Jill!

  3. Oh shit you can drink now. Well, it was nice seeing you as a productive moderator for at least a little while... ;)

    Happy birthday, man.

  4. Happy birthday... Holy crap you signed onto the site before you were born. That's freakin' amazing.

  5. Thanks, man - it's been a great ride working with everyone, and I hope to keep providing the helpful advice for years to come ;)

  6. Happy birthday wishes to whom I believe is still the most interesting remixer on the site.

  7. Oh shit, you remember that track?

    Wow... It's a big "maybe" on that one. To be honest, I could probably get that one to kick some serious ass, now, but I'm quite busy with projects at the moment. You aren't the first person to make the request, though, so I might have to make some time for it...

  8. Woa shit, dude, I thought you were younger than me, for some reason. Nope, you're truly an old fogey, especially today.

    Happy birthday, Jewbie!

  9. Alright, another week, another Wily track. Are you up to it, or shall I take it down this time? I won't be able to get to it for a few days if I take it, since I'm still out of town.

  10. Birthday. Have a happy one. Probably won't see this message until after your birthday has passed, but have a good birthday anyway!

  11. Don't worry, I think Prophet is looking for someone, so I think I'll still be covered, regardless. Thanks for the offer, though - I'll see you there :)

  12. Hmm... That might work. Not sure yet, I need to get in touch with a few people, first. Sorry if I'm picky, but I have a flight on the 4th through the 9th... so yeah, I don't want to be stuck for a few days without.

    This is all moot if you already have a roommate, though :P

  13. Actually, if there are any really phat Reason synths that I could possibly use for a nice, meaty lead that would be awesome. I have a decent arrangement going, but the sounds I'm coming up with are a bit thin for my liking.

    I would send this via PM, but... well, yours is full :P

  14. I might be interested in staying with you. What's the price for staying with your posse?

  15. I sent a message to Prophet about the source this week. I'd be fine if either of us took the source.

  16. So, it's the Wily MM2 theme this week. Do you want to cover it, or do you want to hold out until next week for another track? I'm personally kind of 'meh' on this track myself, but I'll do it if you don't want it.

  17. Ooo... I clicked your page link.

    Very well done - you're a higher tier musician, from what I can hear.

    Welcome to OCR - VG musician or not, you'll probably be very welcome here.

  18. YEEEAAAAH, let's go!

    Oh yeah, and Happy birthday :P

  19. You sent an open invitation on the GWBR thread, so I accepted it. If it's still open, that is.

  20. Here, have a birthday.

    Keep making awesome shiznat.

  21. Well, thanks for the compliments. I'm glad you took that track for what it was and nothing more - just a calm, relaxing groove. I'm glad it made somebody's day. :)

  22. Actually I was talkin' about my Wily Machine mix (I wasn't planning on a Concrete Man mix... well, not really, anyway). I'm also not putting the legwork into continuing that track, since it's old and I've got other things.

    HOWEVER, if someone suggested it to him and he agreed then that would twist my arm into remaking the Wily Machine track :P

    Just sayin', is all. Maybe I'll make a Concrete Man remix, just for shits and gigs, now.

  23. Gario

    If you're on any time between now and... ever, you're still on the Lufia II project. Get in touch with me on AIM or Skype (probably Skype) and we can discuss what we can have going, bro.

  24. Oh hey, happy birthday, man. I haven't forgotten about you and your game ideas :P

  25. Happy birthday, you salty do... wait, that was last year's comment. Let me try again.

    *Ahem* Happy birthday, you salty... mog. See? It works 'cause this is a video game site, so everyone should know what a mog is, so it's not totally lame.

    ... alright, well Happy birthday, anyhow.

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