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Status Updates posted by Gario

  1. You've been posted - The album is released :)

    Figured you'd like to know.

  2. 'Tis cool, bro. You attempted it and came up with something finished... That alone makes me happy.

    Of course, getting the thing closer to the source would help, eh? Look at post #44 on this thread (Oh yeah, that's taking me back, now, lol). That gives you not only the chord structure of the song (if you can read Roman Numerals), but also some insight on the piece, as well (from yours, truly ).

    Good luck with the edit

    By the way, I had this message on my VM board for about a week. Posted it in the wrong place, like a moron, lol.

  3. *uncocks gun*

    Alrighty... it's been extended, then. I'll be waiting.

  4. You get a random birthday post.

    Happy birthday.

    Don't forget about your track in the WIP forums - people gave good advice, and it was a great track, so we all would like to see progress.

    That is all. There is your first visitor's post. I hope you enjoy it. This post will self destruct.


  5. I know, I know - I didn't want to use the EXACT words... I guess I sort of compramised, lol (it just makes me feel a bit... cruel).

    Let me go fix it...

    There, that should 'bout do it.

    Don't worry, I still luv you :P

  6. AHAHAHA! Thanks for the B-day message!

    Yeah, went to work, ate some food, had some FLAAAAAN instead of CAAAAAKE (I have no idea what inspired me to do that), and went to bed. My life is uneventful, lol.

  7. Don't worry - if someone doesn't like the new name then you can now slap them harmlessly with Cave Story instead of hitting them with hookers. It's just... less painful that way.

    I like the name, so you don't need to slap me with Cave stoty, at least.

  8. Curly Brace is... Slut?

    I never got that impression in the game :P. Weird to see a foreign name pop up in your 'friends' box, like that, so I needed to check it out, lol.

  9. That's fine - I'll probably have something done by then. Always keeping an eye on the forums, myself, so I'll know of any dates you & John set.

  10. I had an update a month or so ago, and I probably won't get the final done for at least another month or two, so just be weary of that. I think John knows it, too.

    A project to finish in the summer, is the way he put it, so I'll focus on a few more dire things until then.

  11. S'all good, bro. How're you doin'?

  12. No tilde, eh? I've got it, but I need to make a couple of changes on it before I send it in to you. No worries ;)

  13. I have no idea why I'm randomly posting in here, but I saw your name and thought it would be a good idea. Welcome to OCR!

  14. Hey Snappleman! I haven't seen you around these parts in a while, since that ban (which, by the way, made me laugh when it happened - really, you just have a way with words, lol). How're ya doin'?

  15. I see... well, post in WIP forums more often, man. It was always fun arguing with you there, lol. Besides, it's more productive than trolling the other parts of OCR, anyway :P.

  16. Aha! The ever elusive SLyGeN has made an appearance on OCR! Goddamnit, you're like one of those damn rare items in Diablo II that drop only to have a Sorc telekinesis it before you even knew it dropped. You post on here and the thread gets locked down before I can respond.

    Anyways, 'sup?

  17. Which competition, the ORC? The winning submission must be midi, but the remixes are anything you want.

  18. Yeah, I was just trying to pre-empt any crap that could have hit the fan, so it's probably best to enjoy the music on your own time, you know?

    Wait, I haven't posted a VM yet? Hey, here's a post for you :).

  19. Witty one-liners happen when you only have the internet for the weekends :)

    Hey, you now have one visitor message :P.

  20. Hey, I just saw your Braincooler mix is going to be posted. Nice work on that one!

  21. I'm glad you like the sig... Some guy I know made it for me, saying I had no excuse for not having one...

  22. No visitors messages?! What the hell?

    Hello, you now have at least one message here (hopefully more, soon).

    People, give poor DJ Mokram some VMs, already!

    (The spot for 'pointless post for the sake of' has already been taken by Gario)

  23. Thanks for the encouragement; I'm glad you enjoyed the Sparkman remix :)

  24. Ha ha ha... I have visitor messages 'cause I am cooler than you...

    Shit! Now your catching up to me~!

    Grrr... Nevermind...

  25. You'z invades mah profilez! Now I invadez yourz!


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