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  1. Mission Accomplished

  2. FR

    Be my friend please.

  3. This is arek on his birthday: hba
  4. I preferred the first guy. The last line was gold btw.
  5. Is this related to the gold accounts thing??? I still haven't got my money back!
  6. I always called heroes "Live Action X-Men: The Show" Is that a bad description of the show?
  7. FR

    Stiff Armed

    I thought this was about wrestling >.|
  8. I can't wait for the Final TimeRaiders game.
  9. I still haven't beat this game. :c
  10. I don't have an opinion for PH. Other then it looks crappy.
  11. Didn't Yahtzee say that PH was terrible?
  12. Squareidonix it has a nice ring to it.
  13. It was an example. The real reason there are no tags is... tagging the music would mean no one would listen to djp's "hillbilly" remix.
  14. My point was "Let's not tag the music so we can trick people into listening to music genres they do not like".
  15. People are scared that if you tag the music everybody would go straight to trance or rock and avoid the country and such.
  16. Somebody did that already. It failed.
  17. This whole site is "electronica".
  18. i don't like country, how do i not find country music if it's not labeled :[
  19. I seriously don't know why link is on a train. My internet is too slow to watch the vid right now :[
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