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  1. No I just wanted to say I hate FF12. The gunblade was more like a grenadelauncherblade. It was like slash BOOM.
  2. FF12 was terrible game. Seriously. Best weapon was that stupid ball Wacka or whatever his was.
  3. Nice sigs BD. Especially the third one.
  4. FR

    Killzone 2

    I still need to beat the first one. :[ I got to the beach then I stopped caring.
  5. That's what ghettoflame does.
  6. That was me. I'm DarkeSword.
  7. Arek gots lots of posts on his...Message thing. :]

  8. He will in about 20 minutes.
  9. People I distrust more then people that impersonate other people: People that impersonate other things.
  10. FR

    Honest Gamers

    What Damned said.
  11. HBDPP HBDPP, Repeated for emphasis and to meet the required 10 character limit.
  12. I am assuming this game is worth buying. Am I right to assume this?
  13. Hi.

    There's a 10 character limit here too. :[

  14. Gollgagh's message thing needs less Luke.

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