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  1. the ammo isn't black OK I see it now:
  2. if anything it look like a black and gold/yellow/copper cigarette
  3. normal pencils aren't black they're yellow/orange and no it doesn't
  4. playing both songs at the same time doesn't sound to bad...
  5. it looks more like two long batteries to me pencils aren't black!
  6. pencil gun? wtf I don't see a pencil
  7. How the FUCK could there be no Mega Man 8 avatars? Tengu Man Astro Man Aqua Man Clown Man Frost Man Grenade Man Search Man Sword Man Mega Man & Bass: Dynamo Man Cold Man Ground Man Magic Man Pirate Man Burner Man King Mega Man 7: Doctor Albert W. Wily accept these quick larry tengu man from megaman & bass astro man from megaman & bass might want to flip astro man so he's looking to the right looks better that way LT: I took Clown, Frost, Grenade & Tengu Man from MM8, since those were sharp crops. The rest got messed up with the resizing efforts and don't look sharp, so they're all NO-GO! You need to use Photoshop or something good to handle resizes.
  8. FR

    Video Game Artwork

    wat gam thos pics form???
  9. FR

    Video Game Artwork

    I prefer samus with the suit on.
  10. Omg don't link to remod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I swear I've seen you post before in other threads...

    You had that sig with gum from JetSetRadio I believe.

  12. didn't you have a 2006 join date?

  13. FR

    Video Game Artwork

    For Txai: _________________________________________________ ______________________________________________
  14. FR

    Video Game Artwork

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