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  1. Somebody did that already. It failed.
  2. This whole site is "electronica".
  3. i don't like country, how do i not find country music if it's not labeled :[
  4. I seriously don't know why link is on a train. My internet is too slow to watch the vid right now :[
  5. Does anybody has that pic of DS doing the DJP? It's purple and rather large. It was posted in GenDisc. I forgot what thread it was posted in.
  6. Do Boomer Kuwanger. Requesting more means I liked it btw.
  7. John Askew's trance mix internet radio thing.
  8. That is very rude of you to say, Sir!
  9. I think I posted this already but in Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow(I think that's what it's called) I had a hard time doing the sealing thing to beat Death. I killed him seven times in a row but I couldn't seal him. I had to get my bro to seal him for me.
  10. Maybe he should post in the forums more???
  11. Yes, I love that sig. It made me laugh so hard when I first saw it.
  12. This has probably already been mentioned but... Can a choice become a problem depending on the mindset of the player? Example: In a game, I can be good or evil. I want to be evil. I choose to be evil in a game even though I know that choice brings little rewards. I have effectively made a choice into a problem by negating one of my options. This is all hypothetical btw. I should probably read threads more often.
  13. banhammerniceworkguyedit.jpeg
  14. It's luke's doppelganger. luke would never say such coherent things.
  15. Already did. MMX1-2 to be exact. I would beat X3 if I had it.
  16. oops I thought that was The Coop's thread. ha ha
  17. The best zelda is the steampunk one they are developing RIGHT NOW.
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