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  1. It's supposed to be a secret. OK not really.

  2. FR stands for Frustration Raptor.

    I don't mind it being pronounced like fraa though.

  3. I've never played MML 1 or 2, Should I play them?
  4. I thought that it was that he is basically teaching people how to count to five but that probably not it.
  5. I feel like a dumbass because I didn't understand what was funny about this video until I read the comments.
  6. Stuff you shouldn't be reading.
  7. WTP I remember house of the dead 1 being good.
  8. Sticking it to the man.
  9. FR


    I don't know what watchmen are. Should I still see this movie?
  10. You don't like Morrigan?

  11. FR


    I remember Gray being a cool guy. That's about it.
  12. Why not take them seriously? You think the score can go even lower?
  13. Sega wouldn't sell off Sonic unless they were desperate for cash. Speaking of cash, Sega needing cash could explain why Sonic team pumps out these turds. Unsuspecting kids are lured into a trap that no kid can escape: The colorful Sonic cover! The end result, as we all know, is many :c
  14. How is Sonic team still not disbanded?
  15. OK I got it, Not all of them suck but like the 10 games that have come out because of the spiderman movies suck. Maximum Carnage is fucking hard btw.
  16. I liked some of the spiderman games on playstation. They were fun back in the day.
  17. Why would I wanna play the game based off an awful movie?
  18. It's a message thing so people can say "Hi" or whatever.

  19. FR


    Yes, very much so.
  20. FR


    Well with the PC there are mods and stuff and shooters are better on PC so I say the PC version is better.
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