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  1. all comic book heros Vs. all the cool anime/manga/movie characters fixed
  2. ah don't retro quote people arek it's confusing
  3. i still don't understand why the ps2 copies sell for so much did they not make enough copies for people to buy did one of the freighters carrying pallets of mvc2 sink or something whatever this is good i guess
  4. ugh i hate fergie so much never was a fan of sonic ... i guess it came out well
  5. i think he forgot this thread exists LT: See above.
  6. i could have done that myself solo i just didn't know if larry would want it the way the game had it or not
  7. FR

    Mm2 = mmx2?

    x1 and x2 ok what is this thread about again
  8. FR

    Mm2 = mmx2?

    or x3-? megaman zero 1-? zx series megaman soccer series the gameboy ones I think it would be easier to list the games I have beaten
  9. FR

    Mm2 = mmx2?

    I've never beat mm2 wait make that 1-9 and megaman & bass
  10. FR

    Mm2 = mmx2?

    lol my post got deleted
  11. FR

    Mm2 = mmx2?

    I do not see the relation because I have no idea what a megaman is
  12. Been listening to it for like two hours now.
  13. You called me "dum"

    I just answered you here to confuse you.

    Mission Accomplished.

  14. You, Sir, are the one that is doltish, not I.

  15. buttercup says you're the werewolf or something

    whatever that means


    i fucking was and im sure i ate her at some point

    also she is bad at probability math tell her that

    -Sigiled General CE

    Message delivered icon_war.gif

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