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    should i or should i not?
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    i love music, games, drawing, Currently in college taking up Computer Animation, maybe I can share some with you guys someday.

    As for some years now I just do music as a hobby, I'm hoping to get better as time progress.

    I'm also very friendly, just so occupied with life to get a chance to come online
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About Me

My name is Ramona and I like to make music as a hobby. I thought I'd try to get a little active with my music on sites which has been going pretty well lately. I'm a college student now taking up Computer Animation so I've been pulled away from music from time to time.

I know I've been gone for some years on this site, but it's only because I've been trying to get a lot of things straightened out for me. Luckily I've caught up on a lot of things now from then. I also have a patreon for those who really enjoy my music and want me to continue, I know once I start with animating in the near future I might not have a lot of time.


I havent posted much music here, but I still want to share most of what I've done from my Newgrounds page; I Progressed a lot since then.


Much love to everyone!