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  1. This is such a lovely piece, and a great take on the source tune. Excellent job.
  2. I would never really label myself a trance fan, but this one's just got too much spunk for me to leave it alone. Great job.
  3. Dan does it again...another masterpiece. It helps that I'm practically addicted to harpsichord, which is pretty unhealthy I know.
  4. You know, the more I listen to VHD's stuff, the more I realize how awesome it is. And this, too, is oh so awesome. How does he DO this?!
  5. Chrono Cross music makes for some great piano pieces. This is no exception. Great job.
  6. Okay, that was amazing. Maybe I'm just a sucker for new age-y stuff. Maybe I'm just a sucker for Chrono Cross's soundtrack. Either way, the combination is genius.
  7. Marvelous job! This mix is so refreshing, it reminds me of a spring day at the beach or something.
  8. Oh wow...this is just beautiful. Absolutely amazing. Marvelous job. You've taken one of my favorite video game tunes and played it on one of my favorite instruments and the result is just favoriteishness all around.
  9. A very relaxing piece, great for kicking back and chilling, wonderful way to ease off the stress of a busy week. Awesome job.
  10. Really great job here. There isn't really anything that stands out to me, the whole thing's just a very solid piece that's enjoyable to listen to.
  11. Why didn't I like this the first time I listened to it? Who knows. This is awesome stuff.
  12. Wow...that blew me away. This is one of my favorite tracks from the game, but somehow none of the other mixes of it on this site seemed to do anything for me (no offense to any of their splendid ReMixers, I'm just incredibly picky when it comes to music). And then this little gem came along. Epic, truly epic. Beautiful job. The second part is a little loud for my tastes (but my tastes run notoriously soft), but I don't mind because the entire track as a whole is gold.
  13. Really excellent work here--usually electronica this intense isn't really my thing, but I found myself totally getting into this piece. It's got real style. Great job.
  14. I really like this one--it's unusual, sure, but it works perfectly.
  15. When I first started listening to this song and the guitar kicked in, I had to take my headphones off and inspect them to make sure neither candy nor gold was coming out of the earpieces. That's when I knew this one was a keeper. The piano at the end just seals the deal, by the way.
  16. I'm really digging this one--yes, it's weird, it's wacky, but it's got style.
  17. Very nice mix, very relaxing. Sure, it never really reaches any level of intensity, but that's why it's so great for just relaxing. Feel the stress ooze away!
  18. I love this mix--I'm totally getting "French cafe" vibes from it. Never would have guessed the "accordion" was actually a melodica--genius. Excellent job all around.
  19. Pot Hocket is one of those ReMixers whose work I'm pretty much guaranteed to love. Even if, for his next piece, he employed a chainsaw ensemble with jackhammer backup and the best "dying cat" samples he could find, I'd probably still put it on my playlist out of sheer, mindless adoration. Well, okay, maybe I was exaggerating just a bit. But Pot Hocket is still awesome, and this mix is still beautiful. Rock on!
  20. I was hoping you'd put this mix up--honestly, how could you NOT put up anything VHD's ever done, said, or eaten? (I'm serious guys. His entire LIFE needs to be up on OCRemix because I'm SURE it's equally awesome to his musical work.) But yes. Fell in love with this the moment I listened to it on the album. Needless to say, it shall be gracing my playlist for many happy years, nay, decades--nay, CENTURIES to come. (Yes, I plan to make my iPod last that long. I'm cheap.) Doesn't hurt that the source is one of my favorites from the game and totally deserved an epic orchestral treatment. Teehee.
  21. I really love this piece, it's cute, fun, and is quite possibly the sonic equivalent of bubble gum.
  22. could I have not downloaded this the first time I listened to it? I was far more picky about my piano back then. kLuTz is a genius, plain and simple.