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  1. I loved this mix on the album, and I'm pleased to see it make it to the site. Overall it's just a great, high-intensity mix that's perfect for drawing battle scenes and that sort of lovely thing.
  2. I must really be in a rock mood today, because while I'm not usually so keen on such heavy guitar work as this, this piece is amazing. Excellent job, I really love all of the energy put into this.
  3. Pretz (can I call you Pretz?), I don't know how you do it. Everything you do is sheer gold. And no, that's not just empty flattery. I'm always, always, ALWAYS completely blown away by your mixes on this site, no matter how old or simple or crazy they may be, and this is by far no exception. I can definitely hear the Kajiura influences in this one, and I am digging it. You did an amazing job of blending a repertoire of instruments, and I too was strongly tempted to start air taiko-ing, if it weren't for the fact that my roommate is currently present and it would give her even more of a reason to doubt my sanity. Beautiful, breathtaking, mind-blowing work here.
  4. This is a great piece, it's really packed with emotion and power. Nice work.
  5. I'm rather fond of this fun little 'mix, I didn't really have that much of of a problem with the chord progression not meshing perfectly with the melody (maybe because I can't actually remember the original chord progression anyway). Solid job.
  6. Gets a little choppy and loose in the arrangement at times, and does take a while to build up, but I like the overall atmosphere and mood that's set here. Nice work.
  7. I'll be frank, while listening to this I wasn't sure if it was something I'd want to listen to again or not, but after listening to it, I'm leaning more towards "yes". It's a little on the loud end as far as my guitar tastes run, but all in all it's very tasteful and I like the parts where it starts sounding like something out of a Megaman game. It did seem to be a bit longer than necessary...but it's a solid piece, good job.
  8. Now this is a jammin' tune. I absolutely love the crazy piano work, amazing job.
  9. This is a beautiful piece. (And yes, I am a rabid piano fanatic, but this would be a beautiful piece regardless.) I always liked the source tune and thought it would make an awesome piano piece, especially as a scherzo to capture the track's frantic intensity, and you've just really hit the nail on the head and delivered one of my dream ReMixes. May blessings fall abundantly on your head like so many cheese wheels!
  10. Suffice to say I totally rocked out on this one. I loved the overwhelming energy of this piece, you've managed to do some awesome guitar work without making it eardrum-blow-outingly or headache-inducingly loud or intense. Arrangement is wonderfully done as well.
  11. Awesome job, I really enjoyed this one (and will continue to). The vocals are smooth yet powerful, and the tone is at once soothing and unsettling. The lyrics are great too, and fit perfectly.
  12. Very nice, a classy, well-composed piece. I really dug the fancy stringwork in the last quarter. It does have a very LotR-ish feel to it--Samus goes to Middle-Earth! (Just kidding. If anyone from Nintendo is reading this, I did not mean that as a suggestion for the next Metroid game to be some sort of hideous cross-license marketing ploy.)
  13. Salzman is insane, but in a good way. Nothing says awesome quite like a total reinterpretation of a source track. I did find this a bit repetitive and somewhat strung-out, but overall it's a great piece.
  14. It's old, simple, and has all the sound quality of the GBA, and yet I can't help but like it. Even at this tender age the Pretzel was cranking out classy mixes.
  15. This is an awesome mix, it has a great beat but at the same time feels subdued and laid-back, like great music for working on a writing or drawing project. Great job!
  16. I like this, it's funky, eclectic, and has a great beat. Awesome job.
  17. Wow. I love this mix. It has such an amazing, otherworldly quality to it, and it sounds like it could be a track from the Prime games...err, if their soundtrack was trance, anyway. Love the use of the SFX, too. Awesome job.
  18. Yet another fine example of why I love Mazedude's work. The guy is a genius, and that is a term I toss around far too lightly, but he should feel complimented anyway. This piece is crazy, awesome, and crazy awesome all at the same time.
  19. I'll be frank: the aethereal-sounding break in the middle when the theme kicks in is what sealed the deal for me. I was listening along, you know, thinking about how this is another trance mix and whatnot, then BOOM. The break comes and blows my miiiiiiiiiiiiiiind. ...Sorry, I think college sort of destroyed what little sanity I used to have. Anyway, besides accidentally having my sound turned up a little too high and almost blowing out my eardrums with that first beat, it's all good!
  20. These guys are jazz geniuses. I wouldn't necessarily list jazz as one of my favorite genres, but when it's done right, it's amazing. I loved their CV3 ReMix as well, and this one is another gem in my collection. Loved the piano (I always love the piano). It's great to see something else from these guys.
  21. I know this is an old mix, but it's great. I am totally digging the guitar. It's raining, and this was some amazing atmospheric music to watch rain fall to. Another great job from djpretzel.
  22. I love to see songs with vocals on this site, especially when they're as well-done and polished as this one. It does have that awesome 90's pop vibe, and yes I am just saying that because I'm a child of the 80's-90's, but I love my nostalgia. I'm not usually too fond of rapping, but as presented here I don't actually mind it so much because I love the rest of the song.
  23. I'm such a sucker for piano arrangements... But I'm also a sucker for ReMixes that take a source soundtrack and completely turn it on its ear in terms of genre and composition. It's so nice to see a solo piano arrangement in the sea of electronica and the ilk that seems to flood the Sonic titles. And this one certainly does it justice! It's relaxing, yet powerful, simply lovely to listen to.
  24. This is a great atmospheric piece, really gets me in a desert-y mood. Love the percussion and the instrument choices, it's nice ambient music.
  25. You'd better have saved the receipt! Seemingly-non-sequiturial comments aside, I, for one, did not save the receipt for this little gem (figuratively speaking, of course). It's a good, solid mix, and loads of fun to dance to; sure, it gets a tiny bit repetitive after a while, but when it's this much fun, who cares? I guess this is another one of those pieces that proves that you don't have to enjoy a game to enjoy the ReMixes thereof.