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  1. What can I say, this is just a great, solid mix that really gets me dancing like a maniac, much to the chagrin of anyone who happens to be in the same room, car, or county.
  2. If I've listened to this before, how could I not have liked it? The organ work is simply marvelous.
  3. Simple, yes, but dated, I think not. Really a marvelous mix.
  4. A truly great mix, this had me grooving from the get-go.
  5. I'm gonna go ahead and use this opportunity to lavish praise on everyone who participated in this album. FFIV: EoB, LoD (there is no good way to abbreviate that, argh) is a masterwork, honestly. Everyone did an absolutely stellar job. I've always felt that the FFIV soundtrack has been vastly underappreciated and undervalued as a source of...source, but this album almost completely remedies this. I was able to hear new takes on the tracks I know and love, and in some cases was completely blown away as I was able to hear the source in a way very close to how I've always thought it could be if used to its full potential. Brilliant job here, many kudos to all involved in this project. Okay, now on to the track at hand. This was marvelous, and yes I am a total sucker for Latin chorus and intense orchestration (I blame Derek Oren and Jeremy Robson for that). You've taken the source and blown it up to massive, epic proportions. Just awesome.
  6. I absolutely love Alpha and Beta, and Gamma did not disappoint. Just as ambient, just as deep and powerful, with a wealth of elements that complement rather than muddle each other. And I, for one, was not bothered at all by the purportedly liberal handling of the sources...because I've never heard the sources .(Yes, I'm the only one in the world who hasn't played Halo. Go on and shun me.)
  7. I'm totally digging this piece. The arrangement is excellent, and it's just plain fun to listen to (and yes, I do have a great pair of headphones). Awesome job!
  8. Absolutely brilliant. The first half wasn't doing much for me, but as soon as the harpsichord got into full swing, I was like "Oh, MUSIC!" It reminded me a lot of Kefka, which got me to thinking about what would happen if Kefka and Bowser met up, teamed up, and staged a mass takeover of both their worlds with Goombas piloting Magitek Armors, and maybe like Mario finds out he's half-Esper... ...And then I realized I have a really, really weird imagination. But the piece is still awesome.
  9. Excellent job. This makes me think of a summer spent chilling with friends at the beach, not a care in the world, and most certainly not stuck at home in the oppressive desert heat, with all of my friends either on vacation or living in different states/countries. Er, not that I meant to turn this review into a vent.
  10. That was absolutely marvelous. There need to be way more piano arrangements of Metroid stuff than there currently are. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with a monopoly of technotronicadustrial stuff, of the main things I love about this site (besides, you know, great music) is that I get to hear people take a source tune I know and love and put an entirely different spin on it, lifting it from its original atmospheric context and bringing it to new dimensions of mood and form. And this is exactly what DrumUltimA has done here. djpretzel was right--this does evoke strong imagery of a melancholy walk through the countryside in autumn or winter, with the grey skies and chill air matching one's mood as one engages in bittersweet nostalgia... In a word (or three), this mix is powerful. This mix is transporting and transforming. This mix is beautiful.
  11. I have to admit, the first half wasn't really doing much for me (don't hit me), but as soon as those schizophrenic bells kicked in...yeah, I pretty much did melt all over the place and it was extremely messy and I had to replace the carpet. (Do you know how difficult it is to clean up melted self?) Strange tangents aside...who knew I had a thing for schizo bells? Kefka does marvelous things to a mind.
  12. Excellent job here! I've been waiting around for someone to cover this source track adequately...haha. (I'm such a jerk.) Anyway, this is beautiful, marvelously subtle, and evokes the atmosphere of the original perfectly.
  13. This is a great mix, very upbeat and quirky in a fun way (great use of the coin sound). It definitely reminded me of halc's Tetris Attack mix, which I also love. Also, I appreciate his tenacity in playing through the first few levels just to access the source tune--I, too, am woefully inadequate at platformers and I know how much of a hassle that must have been, all to deliver to us this fine, fine mix. Mad props.
  14. What, have I just been purposely skipping all of the good LttP mixes on this site or something? This is gorgeous.
  15. I really like this piece, it has a great cinematic feel to it. Well done.
  16. A solid mix all around--love everything you threw in here. Great job.
  17. Either I haven't listened to this before or I just didn't appreciate it the last time I did. Either way, I'm glad I corrected that mistake. The trumpet here is gorgeous; the source tune is one of my favorites from the game, and it hasn't lost any of its merit by being transformed into smooth jazz. Excellent job.
  18. I have to admit, it took a while for this song to grow on me, but by the end I knew I'd want to listen to it more. Great job, especially on taking such an underused source tune and expanding it so nicely.
  19. A very ambitious piece--yes, the string samples weren't perfect, but the arrangement is great, I love strings, and this is a wonderfully relaxing little number.
  20. A pleasant, cheery track that's great for just relaxing. Awesome job.
  21. This is quite good; I must admit I never would have thought of an orchestral interpretation of the source, but it turned out nicely.
  22. I really love the direction this piece takes; like the person above me stated, most of the other pieces based on the source tune tend to take a more mysterious or sombre tone, but this one seems more in line with how I always envisioned the mood of the peace: intense and almost energetic in a way. Great job.
  23. The beat here gives off a really reggae vibe, and if there are two non-mainstream genres I'm secretly into, it's ska and reggae. Love this one.
  24. I like this; I'm not sure why, but I like this. It's just trippy enough to make great music for either working or playing a racing game.