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  1. Definitely my favorite take on the source material that I've heard on this site, and the unlikely pairing of Umaro's theme was pulled off with utter aplomb. There's so much in this mix, I never get tired of listening to it.
  2. I love this mix because of the innovation; it's great to see people branching out from more conventional instruments and creating things that aren't just meritable on the basis that they're an arrangement of a video game track, but are true works of creativity. Who knows, maybe someday we'll hear a theremin or a didgeridoo in a ReMix. (Er, if either of those {live} instruments already are in a ReMix, please let me know.)
  3. I came for the fake beach sounds, but stayed for the awesomely upbeat danceability. Well, anything that reminds me of my favorite place to be is automatically great.
  4. I remember seeing that first piece in your DA favorites...I should have favorited it as well, it's gorgeous. Anyway, this piece isn't just a ReMix, it's a story, and definitely not only keeps the Metroid vibe, but takes it to a whole new level; it seems to be speaking about Samus herself, not just her alien-blasting exploits, but about the person inside the power suit. Truly moving and beautiful.
  5. An awesome piano piece, very powerful and dynamic. It seems to get a bit repetitive in the middle and could probably have been made a bit shorter in those parts, but the rest is beautiful.
  6. I really love the first part, and although the transition into the techno was a bit abrupt, I can still appreciate it. It's the orchestral stuff that makes me really like this, though.
  7. Hah, I'm such a sucker for Eastern-influenced orchestra work... This one is great.
  8. Very cool piece, really innovative and fun to listen to. Great job.
  9. This is so awesome, totally sounds like music you'd hear at a Renaissance fair or even at Fantasyland at Disneyland (er, don't ask how I would know that). Nice to see a wide variety of stuff here expanding from techno/rock stuff.
  10. First off, I have to say, djpretzel's blurb about this one just about made me fall out of my seat laughing. Anyway, the mix itself is awesome, it's like a crazy ride through the wild world of Kirby and by the time it's over, you're just sitting there trying to's great.
  11. I love this piece. It's quiet, emotional, and human. I just completely relax when I hear it.
  12. This is definitely an epic mix, and really the only way I can picture the source any more (in my book, it's always a good thing for a piece to be able to oust its source). Also love the tiny bit of the battle theme thrown in, it fits perfectly and everything just sounds like it was made to come together in this piece. Beautiful work.
  13. Oh wow. This is one of the earliest ReMixes I downloaded, and it's still a favorite. It makes me laugh, dance, and sing along at the same time, and now I can't even imagine hearing the source. The lyrics are great, and I love to randomly sing them because nobody else I know even knows what Chrono Trigger is, and it stumps them.
  14. Oh think that this was recorded live, in one take... I love when pianists just go crazy like this. It's like they have a creativity spasm and explode all over the keys and the result is sheer magnificence. Now I just can't imagine it sounding any different, even in the game. I love when that happens.
  15. I love bagpipes, so this was a Thanksgiving feast for my partly-Scottish ears. It does get a bit repetitive, but who cares, it's bagpipes! Evokes strong highlands imagery and just makes me want to take a trip there even more than I already do. As if the accents and the plaid weren't awesome enough.
  16. The unusual electronic sounds throughout the mix sort of threw me off when I first listened to it, but they grew on me quickly and now I can't imagine the piece without them. A very relaxing mix.
  17. A very awesome mix, each element is handled so fluidly.
  18. I think the off-pitch adds a certain eclecticity (I'm going to pretend that's a word) to the piece that takes it beyond what could have just been a simple cover; Kraid is a creepy guy, he's not going to have a spick-and-span tidy little string arrangement, it's going to be out of wack, it's going to be demented, it's going to sound like this. It's unusual and I like it.
  19. Celtic instruments + live + one of my favorite video game themes from one of my favorite video games of all time = instant classic. If there's one beef I have, it's the fact that the flute at the beginning lasts a little too long for my tastes before the real meat of the piece starts in.
  20. Very interesting piece, the change of moods somehow isn't abrupt at all and pulled off nicely.
  21. I really love the first part, it sounds like something out of Megaman with somewhat of an 80's vibe. The transition to the more ballad-like second part is somewhat awkward, but things quickly pick up again. I think you could probably make an entire mix out of just the first part and make it like some kind of crazy 80's pop/rock thing. But that's just me.
  22. The source has been one of my favorite video game tunes since I first heard it in Dragon Warrior Monsters, and I always wanted to hear an epic symphonic rendition of it. With this arrangement, my wish has been granted. I don't think you could get better than this if you tried, it captures the essence of the source perfectly and is what it should have sounded like if the NES had somehow had CD-quality sound. Also, like djpretzel, I'm definitely getting the Trevor Jones/Dark Crystal vibe from this one, it is very similar to the work he did for that movie's score, which is just another reason for me to like this ReMix.