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  1. I already have the FFIX piano arrangement album, and yet I still love and listen to this piece--what a testament to 'Vaffe's genius. Or maybe just a testament to how much of a piano junkie I am. Either one works, right?
  2. That was great! Absolutely beautiful. This is one of my favorite source tunes from the game (and possibly one of my favorite tunes from the series overall), so hearing it as a vocal piece that fits in wonderfully with the period aesthetic of the game is just marvelous.
  3. Having both Scottish and German in my ancestry, I was born with a predilection for both bagpipes of any nature and German marches. Therefore, this mix is officially the best thing in the world. Absolutely love it. And the end is just hilarious.
  4. Short but sweet, but over all very nice. It's great when arrangers can take such a minimal source and expand it into a whole new dimension of music.
  5. I'm beginning to think I really have this closet obsession with ska or something. This is a simple piece, but I like it.
  6. No problem! I appreciate the great music!

  7. Once again, another stellar arrangement from the Dream Team, the Two-o Duo, the Power Hour, the I-Can't-Think-of-Another-Flattering-Nickname-for-Derek-and-Jeremy! The Cantatas blew my mind--this did the trick quite nicely as well. I have to admit, the source tune was one of my favorites in the soundtrack because I felt like it had so much potential as a great orchestrated piece, and you two have just about hit the proverbial nail on the head with this one. Great job.
  8. Absolutely brilliant; excellent job. I have nothing but praise for this piece, but unfortunately breakfast has the tendency to adversely affect both my verbosity and my full appreciation for the subtle nuances of music arrangement, so I'll just leave it at this for now: great job!
  9. That. Was. Amazing. I mean, I don't even consider myself much of a jazz person, and this was brilliant. (Of course, I do have a bit of a soft spot for anything live.) Seriously...when I catch myself air saxophoning, you know it's hardcore. Excellent performance.
  10. Hehe, well, what can I say, looks like I'm a sucker for motivational pop electronica just as badly as solo piano. This is just a great piece all around, very upbeat. I like.
  11. A really great, solid mix. For some reason, it had a really relaxing effect on me; I attribute this to either: a) my brain having a really weird psychological reaction to trip-hop or the harpsichord sounding just enough like a sitar to kick in my hippie funk vibes Either way, loved it and will continue to love it as it does its time on my iPod.
  12. Very nice piece, I really like how it picks up toward the end and gets really emotional, it's great mood music for writing, haha.
  13. Well, what can I say, that was excellent. The second half of the piece really lends dynamics and a tighter structure to what might otherwise have been a peaceful, yet potentially repetitive piece, turning it into a veritable epic for the ages. I really love the work both of you guys do, keep on tranglin'.
  14. I absolutely love this piece--it's cinematic, epic, bombastic, and all those other good adjectives. The narrative angle you've taken here is completely brilliant, and I love it because I can sit back and clearly imagine the opening sequence in my head--it's also great for when I'm writing something that has the same tone. Anyway, I've actually had this track since I checked out VotL, and I was wondering when it would make its way onto the site. Mad props!
  15. That is some tasty synth--I believe I may be one of those synth addicts whom have been so aptly described by teh Pretzman. Great job, it's awesome to hear the source covered like this. I shall be jamming to this for a long time to come.
  16. Very nice piece--simple, yet expressive. This is one of my favorite tracks from the game (although with a soundtrack that good, I can legitimately say that most tracks from the game are my "favorites"), and it's great to see it get more coverage. Plus piano arrangements rock.
  17. SwordBreaker - The Wild Arms mix was actually arranged by a different individual and performed by a different orchestra.
  18. Very nice piece, really relaxing, and while parts of it did sound very SM64-y (I'm sure you're ready to throttle the next person who says that), it didn't detract from the piece at all.
  19. This is amazing--mad props to everyone who participated in this. It's no secret (well, maybe it is since I've never really said it), but I really dig these live orchestra arrangements--the Wild Arms one simply thrilled me, and once again you fine, fine people deliver. It's kinda funny, but just the other week a friend of mine had me listen to the original song (highly addictive), so it sort of added a new dimension of appreciation to listening to this mix--not that I don't enjoy good music regardless of whether I've even heard of the game it's from, but knowing the source tune does add that extra level of familiarity that made me crack a smile more than once while listening to this.
  20. I was converted to AnSo's Church of Jade Cocoon with his last mix, so this is just icing on the cake (and boy do I love icing). Another great job, excellent blended elements, I've never heard the original soundtrack nor played the game (don't shoot me), but one of the things I like about the site is how it allows me to broaden my game music horizons, and Jade Cocoon is certainly no exception, especially when it's being covered by such a masterful arranger as AnSo.
  21. Another great, solid work from DS. I was expecting the lack of substantial piano to bother me, being the rabid piano fan that I am, but I feel the minimal piano actually blended quite nicely with the other elements.
  22. While I'm not a huge fan of guitar, the floaty, ethereal piano work here is simply astounding and I love this piece for that fact alone. Despite the fact that the guitar seems antithesis to the piano, somehow I can't really imagine the piano standing alone without some sort of solid base like the guitar provides. Good job overall, it's an interesting piece that's not exactly easy listening, but I suppose that's what I like about it--it does require thought to appreciate.
  23. Yet another track I downloaded from the album before it showed up on the site. (I ought to make a game out of how many tracks I liked from the album will eventually end up on the site as well.) Anyway, admittedly, this piece didn't totally bowl me over the first time I listened to it, but when the epic fanfarish stuff came up, my mind immediately turned to thoughts of Vikings and Voyage of the Dawn Treader and high seas adventures and I knew I was hooked. ...Yes, I'm not a very pirate-minded person, I'm sorry.