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  1. -Personal complain mode: ON How about Capcom stops messin' around, and finally delivers the long awaited remake of Bio Hazard 2 we're all (meaning only myself) craving for... Ah, sorry, my mistake. They've already done that with this upcoming pile of old-new rubbish called "Darkside Chronicles". For future reference, the insidiously poisoned trailer can be seen here: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/46617.html For Pete's sake, how could they manage to get that level of performance on a Wii, raising the expectations and anticipation so high, then ruin it all with a FPS that isn't even an FPS, but an animated cg movie with a couple of interactive cutscenes, and a lot of blinding eye candy. -Personal complain mode: OFF Anyway, a new CVS would rock, if they could ditch the horrid Morigan sprite. I'm a big Rockman fan. But I think the point of these HD remake is obviously the online contents and precisely the multi-player mode, thus the fighting game probability. But maybe they could make an HD version of "Megaman: the Power Fighters", arcade iteration from 1996, and quite enjoyable IMO... but not popular enough I guess.
  2. Think about it: when we'll be around 2021, and Capcom re-release a Okami XHDremix for the "Wii 3" virtual console, you'll be happy to know that you're already on the right website to be called for the making of the official remixed soundtrack. So I don't mean to pull your leg or anything, but can you please get it finished by then? Does 11 years seems a fair trade to you? Joke put apart, you really captured the essence of the game... game I hope you've played by now, because if not you're missing on a masterpiece. I never really thought someone could come so early at Masami Ueda's work on Okami... but man. Clearly i'm so amazed at what you did with soundfonts only, that I seriously consider throwing my VST to the bin... Only thing that pinch my ears a little, are those drums right at the start & near the end (when the begining part kind of repeat). It seem they saturate a little bit. Oh, and at 0:58... tribute to Final Fantasy, no? Just kidding. Great work. Awaiting the final release with anticipation.
  3. Choosing the correct DAW is kind of a personnal quest... no,no, I mean it! I've been using Cakewalk (& more recently Sonar) for at least 8 years now. The last time a friend of mine let me try his Cubase, I choked and almost litteraly puked on his MPC 5000! That doesn't mean Cubase is a bad program, far from it, that just means it's not for me. (at least for now) Choosing the right piece of software is a part of the whole process of becoming a proficient sound designer. It's more like you're building your "workstation" (should I say), and your style builds itself (or grows) along with it. Your creativity shouldn't be limited by a piece of hardware/software, but instead expanded by it. The subject here was :"Is Reaper worth switching to?". I can't really respond to that, having used it for a measly 15 minutes. But what I can affirm, is that whatever sequencer you choose, you are gonna have to make some concession. Whether it's midi sequencing or wave edit, or even handling VST. In fine, what's important for you is to define your priorities in terms of how do you approach the whole process of making music. What do you do first? What do you do most often? What is dispensable as of now? What couldn't you live without? When do we take lunch-break in this place? And so on...
  4. Luckily I know enough about computers to get me out of the most harsh situations. Still I've learned a few useful things thanks to this FAQ. Man I hope you realize you've just did one heck of a job! Gotta be some kind of one-men army or something!
  5. I started making music about 8 years ago, but I had already been writing lyrics and doing rap for 2 years. Back then I was so in need of instrmental productions, and so tired of waiting after some lazy self-proclamed Dj to align 2 pattern on his MPC2000, that I preferred to do it myself. I used some low-end, nasty piece of software, until I got (a bit late) Cakewalk in 2000. That's when I discovered both complex DAW, and my love for music composition. Since I've got no formal training, I kept learning stuff on my own, until I eventually got the hang of a few thing, and started kickin and making sounds for other people. I played the rap-game until 2005, when I realized that I was more up for making music than making local fiction & politics . From that time, I remember one thing: seeing FFVII Advent Children. My adolescence memories came back, and listening to Uematsu songs, I thought: "Man! He sure made those midi melodies sound like a hollywood movie score". That's when I knew that making music, just music, would be my thing. Since then I've been practicing, but not at all for remixing VG music. I just discovered OCR some time ago, and didn't even think it was possible before. So I'm here. And as Gario mentioned before, I realize the level of performance required to submit. I've been making music for almost half a decade now, and I do realize that I'm a complete newcomer here. Should I be afraid? Well I'm not afraid. I'm more excited by the challenge, by the prospect of learning and sharing knowledge about something we're all passionate about. I'm not that much of a gamer nowdays, but I still can hum some Rockman tunes like 1990 was yesteday!
  6. Got to say: the concept sounds awesome. Since it's my first time ever entering a competition, I humbly salute all the "veterans" remixers here, and I hope to learn from this. Much respect to the ones who came up with the idea for this event. Well now, I guess I can't ignore the famous "source" that almost everyone gave away, can I? Willrock, your song is great: good melody and much room for re-interpretation. I'll submit on ThaSauce as soon as I finish remixing it.
  7. Well I don't know your computer's specs, but i DO know that SFZ gets quite reluctant to work with dual-core processor, if that helps. Also, depending on the version of XP you're using, it can slightly impact the perfomance on some configs. That being said, I have to be honest: Having a computer optimised for audio editing, with strictly audio editing software, not connected to the net and free of all other generic programs (text writer, spreadsheet, anti-virus), is the best option. Not the cheapest for sure, but definitely worthwhile. Anyway, I don't think your issue is really memory related. It may come from the SFZ player you're using, or the fact that you've opened multiple instances of the program. Have you tried some other SoundFonts softs? Here's some links. http://www.kvraudio.com/get/977.html http://www.terrywest.110mb.com/take1.html http://www.project5.com/products/instruments/sfz_player/default.asp Good luck.
  8. Hi everyone, Got to be honest: this site rocks. I never expected to stumble upon such dedicated and talented people, all in favor of making (and often re-visiting) video game music. The work done by this community is just amazing, I just wish I had found this place earlier. Anyway, I'm Dj Mokram, I'm from W.Europe. I love doing music & listening to it too. Been working in various styles for some time, I've never really thought that I could do VG music... at least before I found OCR that is! I'm kind of an "old timer" I guess, since I started gaming during the NES era, but believe me, those 8bit tunes never really got out of my mind (Rockman or Castlevania songs sometimes haunt me at night you know. ). So, long story short, I'm a big game (& anime) music fan. I will be trying remixing a little bit, and in the meantime, I thought it was time I paid my due respect to fellow composers, here at OCremix. I'll try to modestly contribute in my own way. I'll listen, I'll learn, maybe I'll even evolve, but in the end I may be able to share some of my knowledge with other and help too. Hope to see you around.
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